Easy Canvas Painting Idea | Canvas Painting For Beginners

Easy Canvas Painting Idea | Canvas Painting For Beginners

hello my creative tribe welcome back I
am Disha and I am here to help you transform your
house into a home. Today’s video is all about easy canvas painting idea and this
video is especially for those who can not even draw a line and all the details
about the products and supplies I am going to use in this video are given in
the description box below so make sure to check out. A lot of you have already
seen Rashmi Chandra’s home tour on my channel if not then here is the link. So
many of you requested me to post a video tutorial on the artwork which is
a highlight of her living room so I am going to share that too so without
further ado let’s begin. Here are the supplies you will need canvas – 6×6
stencils, I got them from a local store you can find them online I have added
the link in the description, stencil brush of two, four and six number, a piece
of cloth or paper towel, water and acrylic colors. I’ll suggest you to first
practice it on a drawing or a watercolour sheet just to gain some
confidence. For this place the sheet on your table and position the stencil of
your choice on the sheet and press it gently so that it doesn’t move while
coloring. take out a small amount of two three colours in a similar shade and
please do not mix water. Now load the colours on the stencil brush like so. The
idea is not to mix the colours but remove the excess paint from the brush
as stencilling is a dry brush technique. Now start tapping on the stencil gently.
Dab when you are painting in the middle of the stencil and make light and quick
strokes while painting the edges to prevent the bleeding. Remove the stencil slowly and
gently. see the effect how lovely the play of
lighter and darker shade looks. let’s do it once again in a different shade. In some patterns fill lighter shades and in some fill darker shades. There is no set rule what to fil where. Pretty awesome right!! Now let me show you what happens when you wash the brush but don’t wipe it. Well, the paint will bleed
and it will spoil your painting. So no water in the paint and brush please
always wipe the brush after washing it. Now that I have shared tips and tricks
and do’s and don’ts let’s start painting the canvas To recreate this artwork I needed a
stencil in the Arabic pattern which I couldn’t find
so I DIYed the stencil. First, I googled geometric pattern, selected the image and printed it on paper then I placed a transparency sheet or OHP sheet and then using a knife I cut out the pattern and the stencil was ready. I am using
watercolor paper you can do it on canvas First, I painted the background in flesh tint
acrylic color then I placed the stencil and taped it on the edges to fix it. Now
start filling each pattern in a different color using stroke technique that I have
already showed you in the previous painting. In some patterns I did
stencilling and in the other I made motives I intentionally added some flaws because flaws make this painting perfect.
Actually, this painting celebrates flaws so just don’t worry or don’t care if you
make any mistake because the end result will be pretty awesome and that’s for
sure. Keep cleaning and wiping the brush nicely after every use and don’t skip
the wiping part and do not mix water in colors. Now please don’t panic or get
disappointed after I remove this stencil because the painting is gonna look messy
but don’t worry now I will give some finishing touches to it and then the
painting will be one of its kind. Now I’m making red outlines like this then I’ll fill gold color on either side of the red outline and here the painting
is ready and let me tell you the video doesn’t do it justice. In person, it looks
extremely pretty. I will just get it framed and then I’ll update you on my
Instagram. So don’t forget to check out I have added the link to my Instagram in
the description box. So if you like this video then leave me a comment and don’t
forget to Like, share and subscribe I’ll see you soon in my next video till then
wish you all Love, Luck & sunshine!!

85 thoughts on “Easy Canvas Painting Idea | Canvas Painting For Beginners

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