Easy Canvas Prints Review 2019| Why I Choose Them Everytime!!

are you into photography and really want
to share your art or do you have personal pictures that you want to
display in your house in a very unique way I’ve got a deal for you guys TJ here
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so months ago where I showcase some of my art and I’m gonna be showcasing that
again I also I have a special deal from you
this video is sponsored by easy canvas prints.com and there is a link in the
description section below also the first post that’s gonna give you a real
special deal that I will tell you about at the very end the video so stay tuned so I like to think of myself as a
artiste if you will I do do photography and I also draw and paint different
things and I made this photo or this drawing a few months ago and I was able
to I really want to display it in my movie room but I didn’t really know how
if I could print it off or if I could get it printed so that put me on a
journey to find canvas prints and the ones that I found online was super
expensive I’m talking two or three hundred dollars you know for something
like this and I ran across easy campus prints so what the canvas print does it
allows you to upload photos that you’ve taken or pictures that you’ve drawn or
anything any kind of photograph that you have and you can actually get it printed
on a canvas so I’m gonna talk about a couple different of the sizes so this
right here is the 3/4 inch wrapped it wraps all the way around and it does
come with like a little handy hook right there so you can hook it onto a
until wall or somebody on my last video said that you can use like double stick
tape put it on there and stick it to your wall and you don’t have to put a
hole in your wall so that’s pretty cool but the image quality on this is very
very superb so this is a picture like I said I drew on my iPad and you can see
like you can really see the clarity on this photo so this is the other drawing
that I made this is hello and this goes back into my Marvel nerd board the
anyway this one actually came out really well also and like I said I got these
for a really good deal this is the 3/4 inch and it is 11 by 14 both of these
are 11 by 14 I think for the – 11 by 14 it was under $100
when I got my deal but I actually have a really special deal for you all so with
the link in the description section below
easy camera Sprint’s has given me a deal for you all to take and it is gonna be
more to 16 by 20 canvas on the 3/4 inch wrap and this is gonna be this is very
special to me this is something very special to my heart I didn’t really know
if I want to share this on my channel or not but I’m going to so if any of you
follow me on social media you know that I recently had a very devastating loss
to my family my dad passed away in 2017 from cancer and my mom actually passed
away in at the end of 2018 also with cancer and so this was something very
special to my heart that I was able to get it is just some photos that we had
kind of laying around and the the picture quality on this is like super
super awesome especially since the a lot of these photos were taken this photo
right here was taken the night 1988 this right here is taking like early 90s this
right here was probably from early nineties as well and these are more
recent photos but this this is what you’ll be able to create something like
this but I’m gonna show you on the computer how you can create something
like this and actually upload it to easy campus prints calm but it was really
cool to send this to me and also allow you
all to have a deal so you’ll be able to get two of these sizes the sixteen by
twenty for $44.99 with the link in the description section below now you do
have to purchase two of them you can’t just purchase one and get like half off
or anything you have to purchase two four four two four ninety nine and I
would like I said put that in the description section below so let’s jump
to the computer and we’re just going to I’m going to show you how to do this
real quick alright so we’re gonna start at the link that is in the description
section below this is going to be the sixteen by twenty inch size now of
course you want to order a larger size or smaller size as you can from here but
these are going to be the prices that you’re going to get with the link that I
am providing you so you click right here on upgrade image you can get images from
your Facebook or from your computer I’m going to choose something for my
computer no measures want to choose something I’ve already created so let’s
do this because it has some awesome kind of colors all right and there you go so as you can
see this photo the size of it is a little bit different so you can actually
zoom in or zoom out and I’m going to show you we’re gonna prop it so that the
name is in the future and you can say that so now that’s actually what the
photo is gonna look like and you can actually rotate this to a different
orientation if you want it to of course I don’t want to so rotate that back like
it is and we’ll drag this we’ll drag this back over and it’s literally that
simple so once you do that you click continue all right so it’s gonna ask you
a couple of questions you can do the standard rap that’s the ones I showed
you on the video is the three-quarter inch depth but you can get the inch and
a half depth for a little bit more you can also get frames the ones I’ll show
you didn’t have a frame on it and you can so as you can see the the picture
wraps all the way around so especially like if you have them going up some
stairs or something like that you know it won’t just be like white or
something on the side of the picture so you can add that one to cart I didn’t
add these you can if you want to the wall hanging system like I said they
come with this little hook and it comes with a hook on the back of the canvas or
you can do the dynastic paint or the nonstick tape so if you or one of those
going to show you immediately that it is 43 73 just go ahead and add another one
yes all right we’ll go here we’ll go to
canvas prints will do another sixteen by twenty will upload image will go to your
photos and I’ll choose this other one I made here and will click on it so we can
move it something like that okay then we’ll
continue all right like I said it’s the same it’ll be wrapped on all sides and
we will add that one two carts and we’ll say anything all right so
right now you can see that you get the first one for four to 373 and the second
one for a dollar and 25 cents that’s going to bring your total to 44 98 4 –
that’s awesome deal take advantage of that in the description section below
alright that’s gonna be for today guys I really appreciate you guys for watching
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