Easy Canvas Prints Review – From Online Order Placement to Shipped

Easy Canvas Prints Review – From Online Order Placement to Shipped

Hey, this is Justin and today I’m going to do a quick review on the Easy Canvas Prints .com service this company reached out to me the other day and wanted me to review their service, they offered me a free canvas, so I couldn’t turn it down. so, here we go. I’m checking the service out basically what it is, it’s a service that allows you to upload your own photos or you can take them straight from your own instagram album or Facebook album and then take a photo and order a canvas, kind of like an ‘art gallery’ canvas it will be interesting to see how this comes out so anyway, I’m going to go with this 16 x 20 inch canvas and I guess normal price is $89.41 going with the standard wrap which is 3/4 of an inch they got different options there’s my image there add to cart alright, so I’m going to stop here anyway so yeah i guess that’s pretty
straightforward and i’ll continue this once i receive the product in the mail alright, so I just received my canvas in the mail it’s not bad at all it’s pretty nice the only thing…let’s see the first thing i noticed here is that
it’s a little pixelated I can tell up around the sign area but that’s about it and i think the actual texture the texture of the canvas I think accentuates the pixelation a little bit the pros and cons…so i’ll say the pros are that the order process is fairly straight forward a let’s see, a con the photo is like a different color, it’s more washed I can tell that my blues are less of a vivid blue from the original and another con is the price …eighty two dollars for this size that’s a little pricey, I’d be more satisfied if it was $50 over all Easy Canvas Prints Good Product.

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  1. $82 is actually a good price lol… Most canvas pictures that size can run up to $400 depending on what you get. I ordered a 30×40 the other day. I photoshopped the dimension to fit a 30×40 frame though so hopefully it doesn't come out blurry. Thanks for the review.

  2. Did you make the image 16×20 before you uploaded it to the site? If not, that's where the pixelation comes in.

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