Easy DIY DECOR! OVERSIZED Farmhouse Christmas Signs!

Coming up on this episode of designed to
the nines if you want to see how I put together this oversized DIY farmhouse
Christmas art say that five times fast then you’re gonna want to stay tuned welcome to designed to the nines I’m
NataLee Callahan and I have a really fun episode planned for you today if you
really enjoyed my 10 cent farmhouse DIY Christmas ornaments from a few weeks
back then you’re really going to love this episode as well because it’s kind
of a play off of that because it’s very similar to that but on a much larger
scale so I’m so excited to share with you what I’ve got today is I’ve got some
printables which I’ll share …technical difficulties! I have this printable that
I’m gonna be giving away for free I actually had four different options on
it so you can make a set of four instead of three set up to whatever you want or
just one this one’s “joy the world” and I have
a couple of other Christmas songs that I’ve put some of the lyrics on the
background very subtly and then the title right there just for kind of a fun
art project now I’ve printed this out just on an engineer print and the reason
why I did that is because it’s very cost effective so I printed this out as a
color blueprint and if you actually go into your staples store and that’s where
I had mine done it this is not sponsored I just use staples because they’re very
convenient and they’re so helpful to me always I have this printed out as a
color blueprint and they kind of discouraged me from doing it at first
because I think they have less color options so this is not true to the
printable color on the printable the color is a little bit more intense the
Reds more red the greens a little bit more green this is definitely more muted
and it actually works out just fine and the reason why I went with the engineer
print versus a poster is simply cost doing this engineer print in color was
five dollars versus if you do in a poster they quoted me like $25 so some of
the differences will be the paperweight this is pretty lightweight paper if you
want to do in the engineer print but you want it to be a little bit thicker then
maybe you could do some spray mount and adhesive and put it on a poster board
and that would give you a little bit more thickness and it will be a little
bit more durable and so I would recommend doing that I’m not doing that
today but you that would be something that would make it a little thicker and
then obviously the color intensity is going to vary from that to the poster so
if you want to splurge and have something that’s a little bit more
durable with more saturated color then go for it I didn’t want to spend $25 on
mine so we would they worked with me and we did it like this now if you remember
from my DIY Christmas ornament episode I used some tumbling blocks from the
Dollar Tree so today I’m going to be using some crafting sticks that they
have from the Home Depot these have been cut down to 22 inches I think they
originally are 36 inches apiece so you will have some excess cut off but there
are a $1.74 (US) for a piece and then you’ll have a little extra to do another
project with down the road and this is going to be kind of the top and the
bottom so I just cut these down on my miter saw because I have it it makes it
go a lot faster now if you don’t have a miter saw to cut the crafting wood do
not worry because all you need is a dollar hacksaw from the Dollar Tree and
you can cut it down super easy and it’s a buck once you print out your printable
now it’s time to kind of make it into a piece of art and this is going to be
really easy anybody can do this project I promise you this is something a
beginner can do and I’m going to show you a couple of variations that you can
do if you don’t have some of the tools that I’m using because I do have some
power tools because I like them we use power tools over here on designed to the
nines. I think more girls should use power tools and christmas is coming up
ladies get your power tools on your Christmas wish list because I have so
many fun projects that we can do when you use power tools and they’re not that
scary I’ll show you how to do it if I can use power tools I promise
you you can use power tools just start with something small and go from there okay so off my soapbox because I really want my rope to be very secure what I’m gonna
do is drill two holes on either side of our top piece I’m gonna be using a half
inch drill bit and that will be enough to get some rope through that we’re
gonna hang these off of… after you drill your holes you’re gonna want to do a
quick sanding because it is gonna be a little bit rough you could leave this
wood raw and it would be perfectly fine and it would kind it just kind of
depends on the look you want to go for but I want mine a little bit more rich a
little bit deeper so of course I have my endless bottomless pit of gel stain by
Varathane this is in Kona I cannot believe that this thing is still around
with all of the projects that I’ve done with this and it’s not even half gone
yet so we’re gonna be using it again and that’s the awesome thing about this gel
stain is a little goes a long way it’s a very saturated color it’s awesome so I
decided I’m probably never gonna have to buy another can of gel stain because
this one won’t run out despite how much I use it we’re going to go ahead and gel
stain all of our bottom pieces and our top pieces we’ll let it dry I found hot glue to be more than sufficient for this project but feel
free to use your favorite adhesive I just glued the wood piece with the holes
to the top and the solid piece to the bottom then I strung through some rope
that I had left over from another project I didn’t do any kind of special
knot I just simply tied it on each end I used enough rope to leave an 8 inch
give from the point where it will be hanging off up to the top of the wood
now if you don’t have a drill just simply make a loop and do a slip knot on
either end of the wood piece or at least that’s what I would do also for a
different look you could definitely get away with using ribbon instead of rope if you liked this episode I know you’re
gonna love my 10-cent DIY farmhouse Christmas ornaments you can check it out
right here thank you so much for watching we’ll see you soon bye

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