Hello everyone this is Nick and wecome back
to another video! Now today I’m going to show you how to paint
this super easy, awesome looking galaxy with acrylics, so stay tuned! Right, so to do this awesome painting, what
you are going to want to do is you want to get three colours. White is the main colour you’re going to
need which we will be using for the stars and any highlights, and then the other two
colours you can choose depending on what kind of feel or nebula or galaxy you’d like. I chose to do a red and a blue, making the
red more pinky when I put it down, but you could substitute these colours to whatever
you like. I just suggest doing a Google search of different
nebulas and galaxies so you can look at the different colours and textures that you might
want to convey. Then what you want to do is to start layering
on your colours, like I said I am using acrylic paint, however you could use oil paints as
well. What you want to do also is use a soft brush
at this point because you want these coloured sections, which are actually gas in space,
to look quite soft rather than quite thick and covered in paint. So you want to use less paint and kind of
smooth it out to make it look more soft and cloud like. You then want to start off with a base colour
and just go round putting in this colour, you can then lighten and darken that colour
to then add dimension to these gas clouds. I’m alternating between the two colours, the
pink and the blue, however you could just use more of one and less of the other depending
on the kind of feel you want to go for. I also experimented with adding some water
to the paint to see what kind of look that would give, and I think the blue worked quite
well with the water as it gave quite a cool texture, however the red just failed to show
up once added with water. Because of this, you had to layer up the red
quite a bit or the pink to make it stand out and be vibrant. As you can see I’m actually painting on a
sketchbook, now you want ot start with a black background, for example this sketchbook came
already black, however if it is not black (the surface you are working on) I’d suggest
you paint it with just plain black acrylic paint first, to make your canvas that you are going to paint on. I then decided that I’d actually get some
black acrylic paint to darken the black of the sketchbook, this is because I didn’t think
the sketchbook was actually dark enough, so I decided to go in with the black to add in
more depth and contrast. As you can see I’ve just been carrying on
adding on all the different gas clouds, which look really cool if you layer them up. You then just want to keep on layering and
adding your different values within each cloud and the different colours within it. Then when you get to a point where you are happy, let
it all dry. Bear in mind that galaxies aren’t these symmetrical, very set shaped things – they are very organinc and natural, what you can do
is be as creative, you can make up your own galaxy if you want! Just keep the shapes not symmetric and just go with the flow, if you do that then you will see the results are a lot
better and it looks really effective once it’s done. And actually once you have finshed doing the
clouds you may think it doesn’t look great at the moment, like I thought when I was doing
it, however once you do the final step it really looks awesome and it really brings
everything together! So this is how I decided to leave my painting
before moving onto the final step. Like I said just make sure it is dry before
you carry on! Now for the final step what you are going
to want to do is to get some white acrylic paint and add a bit of water to it. You then want ot get a hard bristled brush,
I’m using this one that I used to use glue with, but the kind of bristles dried which
is actually perfect for what you want to do here. you then want to dip the paintbrush in the
paint and just flick it around on your clouds that you painted earlier. Bear in mind you want to put something around
your area so you don’t get white paint everywhere because this can be quite messy. Just add as many stars as you want, the closer
you are the larger the stars, the further away the smaller and the less amount there
are. So this is this really super cool looking
galaxy painting. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you did
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see you next Sunday with another video! Goodbye!


  1. I've been scouring YouTube for a good galaxy tutorial and other galaxy videos I can learn from so I can make something I promised for a friend and this is by far the best video I've come across for beginners. Thank you soo much, this was a great video and very helpful! Your step-by-step narration was on par! Top notch, friend! I have yet to look at other videos of yours and if you haven't could you do a tutorial of the Messier 66 galaxy in the Leo Triplet in acrylic? Or any actual galaxy for that matter, not just a space print? I look forward to watching your other videos.

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