Easy DIY holiday home decor, Adult Coloring

Easy DIY holiday home decor, Adult Coloring

Hello! I’m Smitha from the blog Smiling Colors
and today I am doing some easy and quick holiday crafting. I’m making a DIY holiday wall decor piece
two ways- One uses a simple coloring page and can be make easily by any beginner crafter. The other uses felt and is actually quicker
to make but you will need a steady hand for the faux stitching. Choose and make which ever style suits you-
I’ll show you how I made both of these projects today. To begin this project I am using this FREE
printable I just added to my blog- that has a colorable JOY word. I am using Tombow Dual brush pens today for
the coloring and here I have already colored and cut out the J and Y letters. I am quickly coloring the O with a red dual
brush pen. You can see that I am covering large circle
areas with just one color here- that’s because I plan to go back and layer darker shades
on top. So I was using the no 845 marker till now
and now I changed it up to no 847. With this color I am coloring in smaller areas
as you can see. The Free printable that I have on my blog
is sized 8 by 10 inches and I printed it on a semi glossy photo paper sheet. The dual brush pen colors appear really vivid
on this paper and the glossy photo paper will absorb the ink immediately. It’s a really cool way to up your coloring
game. I would highly recommend you try printing
and coloring on glossy photo paper for a much more colorful result. Now of course you can print this onto any
kind of paper you have at home- cardstock, matte photo paper or poster board. Feel free to use what you have to color these
in- gel pens, color pencils or any other medium. I am sure your colored page will turn out
beautiful. You can simply color in the page or like I
did today cut out the letters and create a home decor project out of it. So I went ahead and finished coloring this
letter and now I am ready to cut it out. You can see that I did some messy coloring
because it won’t matter after we cut out the letters. I am using a sharp pair of scissors to trim
out the outer edge carefully and then with a smaller pair of scissors I cut out the center
portion out. I have a two pack 8 by 10 canvas set here. These canvases are really inexpensive to buy
and I always have a few on hand. Now I am arranging my letters to be centered
on the canvas and then glueing them down using the broad tip of a Tombow Mono Multi Liquid
glue. And that’s it- it takes just a few simple
steps to turn your coloring pages into wall art. Now if you aren’t really a colorist- you can
make a similar wall art piece with felt too. You will need some scraps of felt. I am using all red today. You will also need the free printable with
the words JOY. Using the printable as a guide cut the felt
into alphabet shapes. To make this easier on you, you could pin
the template onto the felt with some push pins, but I have been doing this for years
now and I just go for it. Once I have all the letters cut out, I grab
another 8 by 10 inch canvas and simply glue the letters onto it using the same Mono Multi
liquid glue. I like to dab the glue all around and then
press down firmly once onto the canvas. Like I said before, this is a really easy
and simple project! You can glue these down on anything really-
a pillow cover, a wood pallet or add it to a frame. Once everything is glued down, to give it
a faux stitched look I am using some dimensional fabric paint. You can actually sew around each felt letter
before glueing it down if you choose too. But since I didn’t have that much time to
craft, I chose to use the dimensional paint with a nozzle. My biggest tip while doing this- always work
from the left to right, if you are right handed like me. In other words, always make sure that the
area your palm will rest on with the nozzle in hand doesn’t have wet paint beneath it. And that’s it- my Easy diy holiday wall
decor I ready! If you think this is a fun way to use your
coloring pages or felt scraps give this video a thumbs up please! This is an easy technique that you can use
to make any kind of decor- think nursery monograms, or making a wall art with your child’s name
on it or fun seasonal holiday decor. I will leave a link below to my blog post
about this wall art piece- and in it you will be able to find much more details, a supply
list and the free printable. Thank you so much for spending some crafty
time with me today! I hope you are having a great DIY holiday
season! Happy Crafting!

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  1. I love the Tombow marker color combo you used. Thanks for giving us the number of the reds. Will you give us the number for the greens? Thanks! I really love your work!

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