Easy DIY Room Decor | Home Decoration Center Piece Table Idea | Lotus Leaf Shilpkar Clay Craft

Amazing Center Piece Table Home Decoration Idea using ‘Clay’. This is a nice Home Decor clay craft that you can easily make at home. Things You Need… Styrofoam Sheet, Artificial Lotus, Shilpkar Clay Real Leaves, Cutter Blade, Colors, Color Brushes, Glue Gun Take Shilpkar clay, mix them properly and press it to make soft as shown here. Now flatten the clay as shown. Use a heavy object to roll on the surface of the flattened clay. Use a cutter and run it on the clay to give it the shape of a leaf. Now paste this clay leaf on a thermocol sheet by rolling a heavy object on it. Place a real leaf on the clay leaf to define the lines on the clay leaf like this. Now remove the clay leaf from the thermocol sheet and let it dry completely. Paint the dried clay leaf using different colors as shown to give it a realistic look. Take the artificial lotus and paste it at one end of the leaf as shown. Wow!! Your beautiful Lotus leaf tray is now ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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