Easy DIY Room Decoration: Wall Art! Simple and Cheap Idea

Easy DIY Room Decoration: Wall Art! Simple and Cheap Idea

hi guys I’m too late and today we’ll be showing you how decorate you are in an easy and cheap way I know that lately I can be doing makeup review some beauty treatment videos but my channel is not gonna be only about that because I think I have many things to show you I don’t want to put my channel in a specific category I just do whatever I want for this reason I create a new category in my channel I’m going to be doing the egg whites every friday so no the videos are going to be shorter orders are going to be a little bit longer but no more than eight minutes you will love this DIY because fine its fancy to do we are going to be working with a small budget are environmentally friendly I will show you how recycled products and transform it in beautiful things are organic and healthy I will teach you how to make healthy food and beauty treatment in a clean and our organic way avoiding preservatives and additives are easy to do you don’t have to be a master or expert to do this DIY everyone everyone can do it I hope you will enjoy this project and now we’re going to start first start you should change the color of your photos to sepia after that you can use a photo editor to either fill each frame and now it’s time to transport us to the best for this retro project you will need a struggler and a lot of photos I printed 27 photos night per column but you can prick whatever you want depending of the side of the mural that you would like to create first place the pictures in the order that will be on the one after that all you have to do is establish the pictures creating a new space in the middle of approximately three milliliters it’s super easy to do and it will take you only a few minutes I had a huge empty and south wall e mail room which needed a new life I put tape on the first picture of the column and I attached it into the one also I created some old Hollywood style images to give to the project android touch I really enjoy to this project I am very far from my family and friends which I’m is early but now every time I wake up or I go to sleep I see the pictures and I remember how many wonderful people I have in my life I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you want to watch more easy cheap and fabulous DIYs just subscribe to my channel every friday i will be posting a new videos for you guys have a great day and I will see you soon bye I feel I look like a flower I still don’t open the box I am sweat

8 thoughts on “Easy DIY Room Decoration: Wall Art! Simple and Cheap Idea

  1. That looks really good, very clever 🙂 Your channel is awesome and adding DIY's is a great idea, I love it when people share creativity and art…have a beautiful day! 🙂

  2. so creative. I also love your style of editing! Im part of a youtube group in Miami and I teach them about editing and some technical stuff. I love this.

  3. hey!!! Great video!!!! Juliette!! just spreading love!! i subbed and commented for you check out my latest video sub and comment please thanks!!!

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