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  1. Then get out the tape and put 4 pieces on all overlapping mind you and rub them all together as smooth as possible and the continue.Not a whole lot simpler on the finishing end+++Bob

  2. Hi. Thanks for your video. It's awesome.

    Can you explain what you and the other fellow said about tracing and squaring the patch, please? I don't understand.

  3. I believe what he is saying is simply make your patch first ,a little larger than your hole, then trace patch over hole and cut.This way it eliminates having to cut an exact patch to fit hole+++Bob

  4. This was the first video I made.I hope you have seen some improvement in video and audio since. This video has a pretty good search results and alot of people can find it. If I remake it it would be two years or more before as many people can find it like they can today.+++Bob

  5. Yes,control your temper, DEFINITLY!+++Bob p,s. There are studs in that wall that could cause a trip to the hospital,far more expensive than a drywall patch.

  6. As long as the sheet is still solidly anchored it can be patched. Sorry to hear about your bad luck.+++Bob

  7. If you spot me making a serious mess-up do not hesitate to let me know! I am trying to make these as useful as possible. Thanks+++Bob

  8. this method seems so easy! is this as strong as using fiberglass tape method? cant wait for a hole in sheetrock so i can try this!


    i have a hole in wall(dont know if its even a dry wall).
    after i final sand and paint, how would i put a texture onto the wall?

    the surrounding wall have a texture.

  10. If you have a textured wall don't paint untill after texturing! And only if surrounding wall is painted. That being said there are many different types of textures and techniques to achieve them. You need to be much more specific with description before I can begin to advise.+++Bob

  11. Are you O.K? Sorry about that,was new to editing program,at the time, this was the first video I ever made much less edited. Hopefully I have improved a bit since then!+++Bob

  12. I have a few holes in my walls but I'm not sure if it's dry wall. One is on a corner and is now showing metal. The other is under a window, but looks like wood behind it. Any ideas? do you have an email I could send pictures to for further advice?

  13. If I'm painting over wallpaper and there is a rip in the wallpaper how would i patch over the rip easily?

  14. They sell a spray for that. I bought one at Home Depot. Use it, wait 2-3 minutes before it dries then use the putty knife to smear it in patterns.

  15. I punched a hole in the drywall and the piece that I punched in remains inside the wall. It is still however fairly intact, do I discard this piece or will it be useful as a "scrap" piece of drywood? And if so, is there a need for a patch at all?

  16. Thank you so much for the idea! I just moved into a new house where the previous owner had "repaired" a couple of holes from what looked like a towel rod being ripped out of the wall by smearing copious amounts of spackle in the holes. With your help, my repair will look much better. Thanks!

  17. The hole that I have in my wall is 15x bigger than that hole. Where do I get peice of drywall that big to fix my wall? If I were to follow these directions from this video, wouldn't it look obvious that the whole was there because I have little bumps on my wall rather than a smoothe surface

  18. A building supply store should have large sheets of drywall. If you have a textured wall, I would suggest you do a search for "how to do a knockdown patch"

  19. like the idea but this way is to much time, if you go to home depot get 5 mins, smooth set and a roll of fiber glass mesh tape and in 45 mins. you are ready, you just have to do similar steps, (exept. the drywall and the 24 hrs time) ha ha ha

  20. I understand what you are saying ,however drywall compound shrinks and the joint between the patch and the wall may loosen during drying process+++Bob Shrinking behind paper surface would actually pull paper tighter to surface.

  21. After many years in the construction industry , I have never seen this way of repair.
    It saves srcews and timber or metal being used as a grounding.

  22. The old Hot patch! nice< but for a hole that size I would have just used a piece of tape (w/ quickset) this is a great way to patch a hole 1 or 2 foot wide,also to get a smoother finish use a 10 inch knife.

  23. Excellent video – would never have thought of leaving the paper on! genius!

    Has anyone noticed the hilarious subtitles for this video???

  24. Are you using some speach-to-text software? It's the best part of the video! Or did you outsource to transcription to engrish?

    Gently place your passion in the hall.

  25. I wasnt really sure on what to do or how to do it,,,,but after reading those subtitles,,,I know excatly what to do! Thanks!

  26. nice vid,seen this before but it remind me that for small holes no need to buy those 8" square mesh patches ,this is better alternative…but what would be the biggest hole you can patch with this technique?

  27. Excellent Video – I would have never thought of leaving the paper on the front of the wallpaper patch to secure it. Makes alot of sense! Going to view your other videos.

  28. This vid is really useful, especially since I put like 5 holes like the one in the vid in the walls of my house.

  29. @HANAMICHYTensai10 I looked that guy up and NO!!!!! I do not look or sound like him! At least I hope not+++Bob

  30. I have little holes (more like dents)that Don't go to deep ( like an 8th of an inch) made by plastic bbs, can I just sand the m and the area and fill with drywall Compound?

  31. How much would this all be and where can I find the materials??
    I got pissed and kicked a hole in my wall >.> . . .

  32. Hey Bob, We call that the Tic-Tac-Toe Method down here in Texas.

    Just make sure the inner Square is slightly smaller than your Hole.

    As your cutting just think Tic- Tac-Toe.

    Great Video My Friend !

  33. Wouldn't work on large size hole drywall mud has enough strength for small patches but for a hole 1' or greater it's best to support back of patch

  34. Intro and end are super loud, but the content was great info. I'd have never thought to make a patch that way, using the paper. I just slapped copius mud in my hole.

  35. As you can tell from my question, I know nothing about drywall but at one point you say use "mud" and another you say smear "drywall compound," is there a difference in the two?

  36. Hey Bob 🙂
    Thanks for this video 🙂
    I accidently distroyed my wall in my apart ment today, and I'm working as electrician so it was very easy to get a good big piece of dry wall 🙂 and ofcourse, when I need to learn something about something I dont know much about, then your videos is great 🙂
    You are always welcome if you are in Denmark 🙂 then I think I owe you a Tuborg 🙂

  37. Thanks for this video. It's helped me a lot.

    Do you have a video to repair the ceiling using the same method? I removed 2 walls and I need to close the wall space in the ceiling.


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