Easy Garden Crafts : Decorating Garden Walls

Easy Garden Crafts : Decorating Garden Walls

I’m Cooie Grey-Lavin, and in this clip I’m
going to show you how to decorate a bare wall or fence in your yard. In my yard I had an
old shed that the side needed painting, it was weathered. And before I painted it, I
realized I also had a collection of bird baths just, or bird houses, I’m sorry, just sitting
around. A lot of times, when there’s just one of things, one of things sitting there,
it’s not as eye catching as if there’s a collection. So, rather than paint the wall, I decided
to hang all of my bird houses on the one wall and give it more of a dramatic effect. So,
I’ve sort of placed the nails where I want them, playing around with the different colors
and the different shaped of the bird houses. A friend of mine makes the bird houses and
ends up putting spoons and old pieces of molding, and old roofing on it. Put on there. I like some with a little color
just to add a little something different. There are some great little shapes. A simple wood one with old nails in the side
of it, old square nails.
Door knobs.
Another painted one. And some of them are harder to hang, so I just added a little chain
to the back, makes it easier.
Another guy right here; one more little one. And now my old, unpainted side of the shed
has, is interesting and houses all my bird houses. I used bird houses in this particular
instance, but you can use stained glass, ceramic, pieces of old plates or pot lids anything
that you have a collection of.

3 thoughts on “Easy Garden Crafts : Decorating Garden Walls

  1. Love the old rustic look and feel of the garden wall with birdhouses! I love feeding birds anyways, so this will be one of my future projects.

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