Easy geometric wall art | DIY wall art ideas + tips | Diarytale

Easy geometric wall art | DIY wall art ideas + tips | Diarytale

If you are bored of being surrounded by dull or empty walls? If you think, it is time to decorate the wall, and bring some colours into life, then “WALL ART” is the best way!! Vannakam and welcome to Diarytale!! In this video, I am going to share a simple wall art, which is very easy to recreate! Take a look at this wall! Here is where I am going to do some wall art!! I usually start with the plan, after measuring the wall or space, where I am going to paint. Because, it always helps me to get back in track.. if I am lost in the midway! It takes so many attempts, to bring down the image, you have in your mind to paper. Be patient till you get it right! I too had so many attempts, in bringing down, my idea in paper. But then, I got a right plan! After planning, now its time for an outline! Take a cardboard and cut it into a triangle. Now this cardboard triangle will acts a template for our outlines. Now what I actually do is, i will draw a rough margin, on all four sides, to get an even look of my art. And when the rough margin work is done, I will start outlining with a pencil. After completing the outlines, my wall look like this. Hope you can see the pencil lines. I think this will be the most useful tip! Do use, “PAINTER’S TAPE”. It helps you to get a clean or a sharp look, effortlessly! And now… Its “COLORS!” Probably, this is my first wall art, that involves, a huge range of colors. Preparing the color palette with a large set of options, is so fun! You may not need a huge collections of paint bottles or tubes. You can get a wide variety of colors, by just mixing the base. You can reuse the “painter’s tape”, until the sticky side dries. For the detailed tips and measurements, Please check out the recent blog post at “diarytale.com” Link is given in the description below. when the first coat is done, allow the paint to dry. Before applying the second coat. So be patient. “Paint!!” “Paint!!”…… and “Paint!!!!” Once the paint is completely dry, slowly remove the tape. And this is my favorite part, to just “peel it off.” Before peeling off the tape, Check whether the paint is dry! If the paint is dry, You could “peel”…. “Peel” and “Peel it off”. Dont forget to check the recent blog post at diarytale.com. To sign up for the new updated newsletters, the link is given below.

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