Easy Water Well Cover Ideas – How To Use Decorative Well Head Covers

the no hey folks this is David here with
rocksfast.com where we only sell products made in the
USA and gonna go over quickly we’ve had a
lot of people asking us how to go about doing this and actually really easy how to cover the a water well how to measure properly for for a year for enclosure to go over your
water well and this is just going to be a real
quick video this is rated s E by the way which stands for super exciting because learning how to
cover your water well in your yard is some
pretty exciting stuff so fasten your seatbelt and hold on cuz this is getting our this is probably
gonna rock your world anyways here we go alright what you want
to do first here’s a picture of our our target here this is a standard wellhead I am Taryn out in the yard out back here and this is pretty much standard what a lot
of people have who have water wells in their yard this
is just covering a well had a Mac and go into
covering a I can pressure Kane setup ago it going to that another video
this is just a standard wellhead and what you wanna do is walk up to it
with your trustee tape measure and the first thing
you want to do is is a measure the height and you wanna go
from the ground all the way up from to to the tap here and make sure that you measure it
carefully this basically that the the closer that you
measure the better off you going to be when it
comes to choosing enclosure a decorative enclosures for
your well because that the the smaller the did the dimensions and being the better the
chance that you’ll be able to run away with a smaller rack collar which can be a good thing
because the smaller ones tend to be less money and most people are big fans
of spending less money so it’s important that you that you
measure exactly don’t you know don’t and incher to win
the highest in the Western one that you don’t want to add anything
when exact measurements here alright see rate down the high from the from the bottom here from ground agreed
with everyone I call on all the way up to the top and then you slap the the tape measure across the top can use a ruler or what not and you
wanna measure the diameter and what you wanna do
here’s get the get get the day and there at the
longest point RA which which here you can see is about just under 10 inches by nine in three-quarter inches we want to make
sure we can call a listed the diameter of the well cap so yeah I
rate on your diameter already and next we want to do and this is where it gets
tricky so your thinking caps on here this is the interior dimension chaired this is a
dick or a rack as the model 101 which is one of the
more popular rack models of a crack models for for hiding these these well risers these
are the interior dimensions of the model 101 this is really
important because we list the exterior dimensions of each heavy track man model on our website but the exterior dimensions are taking it
very bottom the very base in Iraq show you here
here’s the model one on one and those those exterior dimensions are
taking raided the basic the Lang nowhere and it in make it seem like the iraqis huge
and you know a lot of people though the read the exterior dimensions and I can show you those here and there and
the specification here okay Langkow 31 inches in a with them 26
inches okay so that’s huge rate is stepping in
to cover practically any well wet at the base show up at the happy as
you can see how this how this Rakhi shaped there’s a lot less
room up high okay so this is why hefty use these
interior dimension charts otherwise there’s a good chance you
gonna buy iraq cover that way too small as you
look at this at the height it’s a it’s 16 inches hi you’ve only got a max blank up
ten-inches’ Animax with 10 inches to play with that’s how that’s how much interior room
is lost up with that 16-inch hi marker see really have to use is these interior charts to get a good
reading love which rack model you wanna go alright and next uses the picture above this is the model 107 actually being
flipped over the well this is Canada and the chat as you can
see of sick he sings realistic really durable and here my that my think that’s my song can’t
really tell the person’s tom is is over the flange
in this is the flange that actually can see how to mold in the other side this is with the state goes through this
is a real nice this is actually a patented set up here in Israel durable repins
these rocks down to the ground and then he just you can put mulch around this order to
cover that up and last but not least we ever finish
Pradesh at this is before we put the most on me that look all real nice in D&D but as you can see
it looks a lot better than the only rusty hideous wellhead and that’s about it I mean hi measure the I exactly measure the
diameter exactly at the lawn this point consult
the interior dimension church and then find Iraq it’s gonna work and
flip it over and pin it down those steaks as far as some rock miles that are popular for wellheads we have
the 101 which I mentioned before system model
101 here decorum 0101 all these rocks are available in four
different colors sandstone River red riverbed fieldstone
on a bluff these are all manufactured with the core
is patented real rock more than process what that does it molds the collar in
the UV inhibitors texture as actual little lakes organic
material in these it molded all into the exterior size of
Iraq in it just looks incredible I mean these look like real racks and
its really slick molding process that doesn’t chip doesn’t flake doesn’t require any maintenance you can
you can ya just attack on the sings with the a
weedeater you string trimmer few laps and that doesn’t
even phase in these are just really durable really nice and they
don’t feed at all but this is the model 101 this
once popular with water wells I am the 102 is another fake rock that’s very popular
with with water wells in covering water wells
this one the 102 is kind of unique beak was it also can be used as a house address rack what that means is that we can we can sell it within the a
address plaque customized personalized address plaque cream mounted to the face I love the mile one or two so if you
have a water weller Venter something it out you know in your
front yard where our it would be a great place to
showcase your dress you can order this model 102 pre fitted
with this customized address plaque in this is really nice
high-quality dick or actually in graves these plaques
as well they’ve got it really nice
three-dimensional look tomb they’re available in copper collars
silver and gold and other fully personalised in the
order you you input what you want plaque sayin
it’s mounted with stainless steel hardware so you get a real nice package right out
of the box and it’s all done and ready to go you know
just flipped over whatever it is you want to hide and that’s the model 102 which is like a
set also available as the address rack and then that the 107 is another real
popular one that this is the 107 was a actually the rock that we have here
that’s the 107 that’s a real popular rock for hiding
now water wells and then the model 113 which is for real high water wells also
for telephone pedestals things like that but
this is another another one over the course fee cracks
that can be used as in addressed display and as we we
ship these with with the address plaque remanded to
these as well that about does it further for your
standard size water well risers if you’re if you’re
looking at if you’re looking at laiki a well home
with a pressure tank sort have sorta set up when you’re
probably looking at iraq like the model one of for the 114 we have here in Canada see in this
picture here we have the blue pressure tank in the pomp in most cases the pompous sitting out
next to it first for that you need a large much
larger iraq to cover that taint and will cover that another video
but we we do care we do carry those products as well at our website
here racks fast-track Kadam and I hope you
enjoyed yourself I’m again this is a video on how to
cover your water well if you have any questions or anything zip on over to our website and there
will be glad to help you out rocks fast that can thank you very much
and have a great day

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