Edge Brownie Pan for edge lovers

Edge Brownie Pan for edge lovers

Introducing the
Edge brownie pan, the first and only brownie
pan designed for edge lovers. With an ordinary cooking
pan, only the corner pieces have two edges. But because of the unique
design of the Edge brownie pan, every single piece will have
at least two chewy edges. Some of the brownies will
even have three edges. With the typical
pan, the only way to get more edges
in a single piece is by making one
ginormous brownie. The Edge brownie pan’s interior
side walls evenly distribute heat across the pan, ensuring
that each brownie gets cooked steadily and thoroughly. This is different from
ordinary pans, which tend to leave brownies too gooey
in the center and too crispy on the edges. To quell your worry about
the side walls occupying valuable brownie real estate,
keep in mind that the Edge brownie pan is over
two inches deep. So not only does it hold 10
cups of delicious brownie mix, it makes thicker brownies,
with more edge per piece. The Edge brownie pan is made
of nonstick, heavy-gauge cast aluminum, which means it can
take heat up to 500 degrees. To compare the toughness
of the Edge brownie pan and a traditional
brownie pan, we got this guy
and a sledgehammer. A couple of stomps,
one, two, three. The pan didn’t have a prayer. How about his new
Edge brownie pan? Nope. Uh-uh. Not really. Just three little dents
after that intense barrage. That’s how you know you
got your money’s worth. The pan includes a
small serving spatula and is made right
here in the US of A. The Edge brownie pan,
available now at vat19.com. Vat19.com, creators
of award-winning DVDs and purveyors of curiously
awesome products.

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