Elegant, Dollar Tree DIY Glue Gun Container / Candle Holder Home Decor

Elegant, Dollar Tree DIY Glue Gun Container / Candle Holder  Home Decor

what’s up glue dots
I mean laying the midnight crafter tonight’s craft is a quick easy one
wanted to get it up there really quick for those of you I know I’ve been doing
some of my DIYs lately I’ve been a little more elaborate a little more
complicated so I wanted to do a real quick and easy one
in case you need a quick gift which could probably you came to have it done
within I’d say half an hour so if you need a quick little project that looks
great and has a multipurpose use this is the one for you so stick around become a
glue dot hit the subscribe button below and the little Bell next to it so you
can be informed every time I upload a new video and I think that’s about it um
let’s get to it okay so the very first thing we’re gonna
be doing is taking whatever glass jar you decide to use and we’re gonna be
spraying that with I just happen to have this one for with an oil spray if you
don’t have a spray it’s not a problem you can put a little oil in your hands
and rub it all over I’d be a generous amount and you’ll see that in a second
but first I want to make sure is that whatever jar you choose that it does not
get smaller towards the top otherwise you will not be able to remove the glue
afterwards so it either needs to be directly straight up and down or
something that comes slightly larger towards the outside so if you do use a
rounded jar or some type of another container that does get smaller make
sure you only go to the biggest point so another item which I’m actually not
going to be using this one but these are new at the Dollar Tree and I struggled
to find this one but I did find it and you could do this one all the way up or
you could just do half way if you want to get sort of the same effect that
we’re going to get with that one so that being said let’s get started
put your spray or your oil whatever you want however you want to use and spray
it onto your container this is gonna end up all over my office then spread it
around and you can see there’s a generous amount on there you can see
that on my hands and make sure that it covers the entire container just on the
outside you don’t need it to be on the inside okay once you’ve got that on by
the way it’s good to have some kind of a towel or paper towels or something on
him because you’ll be very very oily we’ll
be taking our glue gun and make sure you have plenty of glue sticks on hand it’s
probably gonna use six or seven of them so have them ready to go and what you’re
gonna do is start on the bottom while I’m starting on the bottom you can start
wherever you want it just seems the bottom is the easiest and until you get
the hang of it that’s the part that will be hidden and just start drawing on your
squigglies and whatever manner you would like make sure that all of your
squigglies are attached to each other at some point or another so that once the
glass is removed it will have some kind of form and stability I suppose you
could try and do a pattern with this but not sure how much control you will have
with the olive oil or whatever oil you use on there because of the fact that
sometimes it can get a little slippery and sometimes the glue moves from where
you intended it to be also try not to leave too many little
thin glue strips or glue strings I should say because those don’t look very
good once their spray painted they tend to look like spider webs or like just I
don’t know not good so do your best to not get too many of those little strings
going along take note that when you get to the top
of your container you want to avoid going over the edge of the container
because then it’s gonna be really hard to peel that away so go up to the edge
but not over you don’t need a whole lot of creative ability on this one if you
can squeeze a glue gun you got this I will tell you though boy it is a workout
for the forearm and for the hands and you can make this as dense or as spaced
as you want it to be both of them look great which I’ll show you in the end an
example of one that is not quite so densely glued which does save you on
glue sticks but it just has a slightly different look to it
and just make sure as I said that everything is connected somewhere to
each other so your sides need to be connected to the back everything needs
to be connected to something else loading glue stick number six in there
and this is not a very large container so be prepared to go through a lot of
glue anybody else use your chin to push the glue sticks in I just don’t have a
free hand and my chin always seems to be available so I would say it takes about
obviously depending on how densely you put this on or not it will take about
seven glue sticks okay once you have it all covered take a look around make sure
that there are no pieces that are just floating by themselves like here for
example I’m going to attach those two so that nothing is too fragile on its
own has some support of something else okay we’re gonna let that cool
completely and you will see that once everything I mean it the jar may still
feel warm to the touch but you’ll see that once the glue no
longer looks transparent and starts to get a little more of a translucent look
like here that means that it is ready to be removed so I’m going to give it a
minute or two to solidify and then we’ll go ahead and peel it off so now that
it’s cooled off and you can see that the glue is no longer clear which means that
it is hardened you want to slowly peel it away from the container and be a
little bit gentle you don’t have to be too too terribly careful but a little
bit all right and there we have it
completely removed so before we can spray paint this we’re gonna have to
wash off all of that lovely oil that kept it from sticking on there so I’ll
do that you’re gonna want to wash it with soap and water to really make sure
all the residue is off of there and I use my kitchen sponge and some soap as
if I’m washing a dish and really wash it thoroughly but not with hot water
obviously because it’s gonna melt the glue I mean that’s a pretty obvious one
but anyway Captain Obvious just wanted to say that I’ll be back as soon as I
get this washed and then we’ll get it spray-painted okay then a spray paint
using my rust-oleum metallic paint and make sure after you wash this and get
all that oil off that you thoroughly dry it too and we’re gonna let that dry
and then we’ll finish it off such an easy project so here this is painted and
all finished and I want to just show you one that I had made before and that
every pattern is going to be totally different this one I don’t have it quite
as close together you can see it’s probably used quite a bit less glue on
this one but just really depends on your whatever or whatever you’re doing that
day I guess I’m gonna actually try embellishing one of these a little bit
just to change it up and see the differences between the two now also
this doesn’t have to be spray-painted silver you can spray it any color you
want to go with any style you want so let me put some things in here decorate
them up and show you the final outcome you

81 thoughts on “Elegant, Dollar Tree DIY Glue Gun Container / Candle Holder Home Decor

  1. This idea is Really pretty Elaine. I'm going to try it myself. ;0 Thanks for sharing.
    Have a blessed Mommy's day!

  2. AWWWWWW How clever is that.!!!!!!! I love this and I am going to be doing this. Elaine YOU

  3. Love both designs..my kind of craft..easy & uncomplicated..I think of trying other colors..so versitile..You get me inspired..Happy Mothers Day Elaine & TYFS..😘😘🌷

  4. I love it! Great job 💕 the glue sticks also come in colors. You don’t have to spray paint. Dollar tree carries them 😉 love your channel. 👍

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  6. Your so sweet. Thank you for the kind words. I want to make those baskets. We're having a family reunion I need center pieces those baskets are perfect. I will tell everyone I got the idea from you. So you might get some new subscribers. Its in August.

  7. I'm so glad you liked it Lynn! It's super fun, easy, and fast to make which makes it even better! Happy crafting!! Have a fabulous day!

  8. Beautiful… for more interest or height, you could glue a clear flat marble on the bottom in each corner as feet !

  9. Does the paint make the glue sturdier? I made one and haven't painted it yet, but it seems a little flimsy.

  10. I really like this. You might think it is boring for your audience, but I really wish when you do one of these glue gun projects that you would show the part of exactly how you wash it. I would be concerned that I would destroy it, you know, maybe get a little over zealous… I know it seems like a no brainer 🤷‍♀️ I LOVE this, though.

  11. Πολυ πολυ ωραια Elaine (Very very nice Elaine).Φιλια απο την Ελλαδα (Kisses from Greece).😘💋

  12. That is REALLY cute.
    Even though I doubt if I would ever do it myself, I watched all the way to the end because I found the whole process totally fascinating. 👍🏻

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