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you forget go ahead and subscribe good morning good morning everybody we
are going to the new house today we are officially the people living in the
house as of today it’s the first time that we see this house empty so we can
really figure out where the stuff is going because in two days zonie will be
here hopefully the transportation company maybe like right behind in but
I’m super excited have like little butterfly little flutters feelings on
the inside we knew we knew mom and aunt are coming with us because afterwards
we’re gonna go to home goods Home Depot I don’t even know which stores are up
there we’re just gonna go look around you need to find a playhouse for her
long story short the playground in our backyard in California did not make it
you guys it did not thank you but my mom and aunt
are waiting for us so we need to go downstairs hey I’m wearing that dress at
cj I’m ready oh my goodness
it’s crazy yeah we don’t want to put it around your neck all right let’s let
them go we’ll be back balloons one more time come on we got go hey PC hey alright
just picked up mom going to the boat yeah he’s down at the Boat Club we’re
gonna park my car I hope I brought my stuff up right here on this side Oh
somebody’s getting towed you he’s only had two overnight stops so
last night he stopped in Oklahoma and then the night before last he stopped in
New Mexico mmm yes so he’s rolling always you guys better get on the subway keep
left hey guys welcome to our empty hub store
are you supposed to be the intro with me as soon as you walk in this is what you
see the window right here with the little seating area and then we have a
rug and stairs it’s pretty small but I think everything else makes up for that
take you right down here in the basement utility closet utility closet half bath walk out the half bath and to your right
is the backyard we’ll show you guys that from the deck because there’s nothing
down here but the backyard and off the basement is the two-car garage so from the basement you go back up the
stairs there’s the front door again short flight of stairs and here is what
sold me on this place right this is the living room right here and as Mary she
came back no my grandma and Aunt Linda go explore alright we have to show them
the house oh yeah you’re gonna put your bed you can put your bed right here like
right here right here right there okay I’ll make sure I tell it daddy let me
show you guys the other side here’s the fireplace and right here is a half bath
and then that feature wall is right behind me
just you guys can get a feel of the layout so right off the living space we
have the massive kitchen oh my goodness I cannot believe how big this island is
this is a 9-foot island has storage so here’s a better view of the kitchen but
we need to get four barstools for this part right here and I was hoping this
was one big thing this thing is so annoying so right off the kitchen we have the
dining area with this beautiful light fixture this thing is so big right off
of the dining room is a pantry this does not have stairs it’s just a deck up here
and it’s super hot and I don’t have shoes on so we’re gonna have to take you
guys out a little bit later before I go upstairs just wanted to show
you the coat closet it’s really big this house has tons of storage explore is the
master suite let’s go through the left first and then
over here is the sitting area right by the window and besides that we have the
bathroom you have your separate toilet space and you have dual sinks shower
door head and pretty cool okay welcome back out of that area showed you the
closet another little cubby and this is the
master bedroom you have a his-and-hers closet no this one’s daddy’s house only
it’s gonna be so happy to have his own closet again by his own separate Closet
in the bedroom yeah I have the bigger one these little are so cool so after you leave the bed area we showed you that area the
seating and then you’re back out here in the main area so you have the washer and
dryer some storage space up here and then a little bit over here in this
corner me up so we’re going up another flight of stairs I love the shape of it okay you’re close it yep it’s really big
lots of space I think we’re gonna turn into maybe like a little reading nook or
something cute little little space alright and then through here we have
her bathroom and then this is a jack-and-jill bathroom so through the
other side we have another bedroom and you can see the deck from all the way up
here so that is our official empty house tour we are so thankful because this is
more space you know then our previous home and we really needed some more
space she’s super happy and I can’t wait for Papa Bear to see the place he’ll be
here in two days two to three days ok 2 to 3 days right now I am going to take
my excitement head off and put my serious hat on because I’m gonna walk
through the house and spot things that know like flaws so that when we leave we
can show them hey this was like this before we arrived so you know they don’t
think that we damaged it it was already damaged when we got here so I’m gonna
take lots of pictures and actually I think I’m gonna do a video I’m gonna do
either/or that’s really important and a quick little tip if you are renting out
there take pictures of videos of the place before you move into it before
your stuff arrives so that you can cover your rear see why
sorry why do you want the doors closed again I don’t know I don’t know who
child she belongs to because I’m dramatic but she’s on all another level
like me times two this is why we have to get some
barstools so sorry didn’t turn their Clubhouse
you have your own Clubhouse upstairs yoga poses what about this the dog pose she’s so excited we just stuffed our bellies at Chipotle
I stopped at the dance studio and picked up the calendar session for dance and
all of that summer classes dance policies and all of that so that we can
get very in there eight staff let’s cross the street oh Lord
mmm right that was a curve and not a body I was just a front of the car all
right guys we are about to go hit up home it is super lady sorry we have to register you I don’t
even know if you’re gonna be able to go and we know you’re old enough but you
just need to make sure everything else checks out okay so we have world markets
TJ Maxx and home goods which ones are we going in for somebody’s much trouble
today that’s not me we’re going in first I’m good yeah let’s
just do home good all right guys okay looking for the
goods whoa check this out it’s like a massive Island clearly I don’t need one
but it’s on wheels oh yeah we definitely need to come back in here once we set up
the house and then find all the little missing pieces some dining room chairs I like they look
at this as we get dirty sofas it’s so fluffy no I’m sure something tall like
this will come in handy somewhere just making mental note yes yeah you like that looking just like you okay
dining room chairs office chairs but I don’t see any our stores anywhere I only
had this one a little short back and then they have another one over there
but it’s blue well the studs gonna be easy to clean but I don’t like the color
well these are so cute everything’s so pink and magical looking oh these will
be nice with that little reading nook area oh okay that’s the only area of the
house that I’m really excited about decorating her space come over here and
look at the girls section see if you like anything is that comfortable oh my goodness you
guys he could give her a little dance back look at these little tote bags when
she goes to dance practice or rehearsal oh we should put all her stuff in one of
these okay I’m getting way too excited this one’s too much like this that’s
just doing the most for laying over just I think you get on
your bank just okay leave it alone alright guys you
just love home good I didn’t buy anything I’m so tired
yes now we’re gonna go in the world markets if they’re open oh well let me
save those few steps and we could go back to my car cuz my legs hurt that’s it would be to use in 1.3 miles
oh it’s time to i-95 south wanna see more click to the left and the right and
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