[ENG/신기한 미술나라] 현대 미술에 영감받은 지원! 석촌호수 러버덕 다음은 큰 오리털? | 금요일 금요일 밤에 Friday Joy Package EP.9

[ENG/신기한 미술나라] 현대 미술에 영감받은 지원! 석촌호수 러버덕 다음은 큰 오리털? | 금요일 금요일 밤에 Friday Joy Package EP.9

In Mother Nature of California, he made a fence with the cloth. Like the Great Wall? Yes, like the Great Wall. For 2 or 3 weeks for a short time. After this project, he removed it. It’s recorded in the picture. – A big line in Mother Nature.
– It’s really big. – In the desert like that.
– Yes. The more important thing is the artwork and nature
remain in people’s minds. These people kept doing this since the late 50s. Many people kept trying to
put meaning for this work. What does it mean? (Let’s see) Don’t cross the line? – It could be possible.
– Christo said this. See it, feel it, and enjoy it. Keep that in your heart. The fence is not the work of art. The work of art
is all togetherness. Hills, one panel fence, two, three
or two thousands panels is not a work of art. They are designed to go through this very ordinary landscape. It’s making you realize
the earth is energizing. That is art. He made us realize about nature
once again. It’s the nature we see. But he made us see it differently. It’s a new sensitivity. He’s the artist like a magician. (Magician Christo) On an isolated island, we can see the miracle of
a man walking on water. How? Put an artificial floating matter and made a path over it. It’s only accessible
by boat usually. But now people can walk there. We can still walk there? Yes, we can. Gosh. – That many?
– It’s really big. We don’t have to pay an entry fee. Wow, it’s awesome. He must be rich. He earned a reputation
with this one and earned a lot of money
with other drawings. They put all the money he earned
on the project. – On one project.
– He’s really cool. He kept his philosophy. I use my money. I get permission. I recycle. And I please people. To build this big structure, he must need permission
from the country. This is one
of the famous projects of his. Wrapping the silver cloth over the
Houses of Parliament in Berlin. He kept asking for 20 or 30 years. – To get permission?
– Yes. He kept writing letters. He kept writing until the
prime minister changed 5 times. I think it’s more artistic. When the project is finished, people think it’s like a festival. We don’t usually go to
the Houses of Parliament. His recent project is to wrapping the Arc de Triomphe
in April. Packing is his thing. He would think of
wrapping the earth. A Korean artist once tried this big scale. – Who?
– Jeon Sucheon. He was first awarded
in Venice Biennale. He’s was a historic figure. But he passed away 2 years ago. It’s a Moving Drawing. Wrapping the train
with a white cloth. It’s traversing the American
continent for 8 days and 7 nights. It was that project. Were there passengers as usual? To talk about this project, there were critics, theorists,
and philosophers. They traversed together
for 8 days and 7 nights. Why a white cloth? On a white thing
without anything on it, we can draw or write.
It’s an infinite space. When the sun sets,
it’s filled with red. When it’s going through
the forest, it’s green. The changing color means
embracing. The train becomes a brush. It’s the tool that draws
moving a line. The big fence could draw a line. But the Korean artist used
the American continent as a canvas to draw it more dynamically. I like to remember that one of us tried this. That’s why I chose this
as the last artwork. – Jeon Sucheon.
– Yes. (The earth is the canvas) Is that art too? Floating
the duck on Seokchon lake. It’s modern art. (The Rubber Duck floating
on Seokchon lake) Turning over the daily thing
into something fun and wonderful. It’d be the biggest issue
in Songpa-gu. What will be next? Should it be floating in the sky? – The duck flying in the sky.
– What about this? – What?
– A really big duck feather. Oh, a giant duck feather? Put only the feather
like a sailing ship. – We can imagine it flew away.
– Oh, did the duck leave? Oh, it’s sad. Or it turned out to be
the ugly duckling. It was crying to look for its mom. But it was a swan. – It’s persuasive with a story.
– It’s a really simple story. (Hmpf) You know since I told you
it was the ugly duckling. You wouldn’t know
if I didn’t tell you. Don’t fight. – It’s difficult.
– It is. – It’s harder than we thought.
– There’s a limit. – It’s homework.
– Do I have to do it? Autonomy homework.

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