English Pronunciation Training | Improve Your Accent & Speak Clearly

English Pronunciation Training | Improve Your Accent & Speak Clearly

hey guys I know you’re super keen to improve your English pronunciation and to do that you need two things a native English speaker and a super amazing tool called the IPA the international phonetic alphabet huh don’t worry I’m going to tell you all about it in just a minute in lots of languages each letter represents only one sound so it’s easy to try and pronounce words just by looking at how the word is spelled but English isn’t like this no no no no no no nope nope nope when you see letters in an English word they won’t always be pronounced the same way take the letter C for example in the word cup it’s pronounced cut but that’s different to the word place and when a c is next to a hey CH it’s often chip like in chocolate but in the word ake it’s pronounced like a cut again here this is why the International phonetic alphabet is such a great tool for English students to practice their pronunciation with and I use it all the time when I’m teaching pronunciation lessons in the IPA every sound has a unique symbol so when you read it you know exactly how to pronounce the English word for example the words though thought and cough all have the same Oh ugh spelling but actually they’re pronounced very differently though thought and cough now these symbols might seem a little scary to you especially if you haven’t seen the IPA before but actually they’re so helpful for you when you’re learning English pronunciation because it tells you exactly how to say the word Oh Koff so even if you’ve never heard of these symbols before don’t freak out in today’s lesson we’re going to go through the International phonetic alphabet together now there’s 26 letters in the English alphabet right but there are 44 different sounds way more than there are letters that’s why I use the IPA to help my students when they’re studying English pronunciation let’s look at vowels first there are five English vowels aren’t there a oh I oh and you but there are way more English vowel sounds some of them are long some of them are short and some of them are just lazy let’s go through them e e o o err oh all ah ah are oh there’s another group of vowel sounds called diphthongs now don’t worry about remembering that crazy name all you need to do is remember the sounds diphthongs are sounds that change from one vowel sound to another but in the same syllable so watch my mouth position change as I make each of these sounds ear air or al Oh a I we so we’ve been through valves and diphthongs now we’ll move on to consonants the top row are unvoiced consonant sounds which means that the sound is made by air moving from the back of your mouth through and out your lips there is one extra letter that is unvoiced down the bottom then all the rest of the consonant sounds are voiced which means that the sound is made here with your vocal cords are you can feel it here and unvoiced sounds use just air you can’t feel anything here huh tip shit Shh but mmm mmm Jim this is good what you well that’s it for this lesson make sure you go to my website and download the free worksheet to help you practice the IPA sounds the link is in the comments box below or right here make sure you subscribe by clicking the red button so that you get my next video lesson which is all about English vowels now see you then

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  1. Honestly, IPA is sooooooo key to understand when you're looking to improve pronunciation. Studying phonetics & the IPA opened up a lot of doors language learning wise

  2. i watched this video just for see her , she's beautiful 😍😍 if i had a teacher like her, i would be a fucking best speaker English in the world 😢😢

  3. it is a great video but there is a little mistake the sound theta θ, like in think, both
    is voiceless and the other sound ð like in this, mother, is voiced .

  4. Wow. This is incredible. I'm a 25 year old native English speaker and I have understood a few of these concepts since a young age but have never heard of a few of the useful terms in this video. Every English speaker should see this video. The singer the better. Great job and I like the pace of your speech lady. It sounds a little force but probably for the sake of clarity. In definitely going to check out more of your vids.

  5. Well, today in class our teacher projected your video of this lesson about IPA. I was too happy because I already watched your video during the holiday before to know that the teacher is gonna teacher us the phonetic alphabet.
    And I was the only one in class to know and answer every question about the subject. I owe you a thank for your helpful lesson ❤Emma.

  6. I'm japanese,and I wanted to know this in my first lesson.Why they didn't do that…
    I think every Japanese should watch this!!!!!

  7. Good lesson. Love your Aussie accent, or is that regionalism? I teach speech and voice-over in SF, CA and always remind my students that ALL speech is learned and that we speak the way we do and sound the way we do because that's how we learned it either by direct teaching but usually by association. I mean, we aren't born with a Scottish or Boston accent, now are we?

  8. if you're hurting for time speed the video up to 1.5 times and the video is still very much understandable

  9. 3:11 ah yes I remember the letter b being in the alphabet twice. what is this letter suppost to be though? "i" it's not in there guess I should just forget about it.

  10. I'm a non-native speaker and although I've been speaking English for most of my life, I never really cared about my accent. I never really liked it, but as long as people could understand me, I was okay with it. Until I started working on the phone… You wouldn't believe how many people get triggered and impolite just by hearing a foreign accent. I work with other non-native speakers and I notice they get more impolite clients than native speakers. Some clients even tell me straight away that my English isn't very good and want to speak to someone else. Excuse me, I graduated from university in the UK, my English has to be good! I also noticed non-native speaking clients are more polite and understanding. After that, I decided to work on my pronunciation to get clients like me a bit more. So it's a bit sad that I'm motivated by racist and rude people, but honestly, I feel that if it's going to make my life and work easier then why not? I'm not planning to go back to my country so speaking proper English can be a part of assimilation. And I actually have fun learning since I always liked languages! Your videos are really good! Thank you for making them.

  11. My teacher was explaining this to me for an year and I couldn't understand , but I watched your 7 minutes video and now I can do it even better than my English teacher, thanks 🙏🙏

  12. I can pretty much have an American accent when it's a really, really short sentence. But, if it's more than 4 words at once, my Spanish accent will suddenly destroy everything, being very heavy. Thanks for the tips!

  13. Hello ma'am very good morning and I appreciate your job. I'm from India and I am asking to you about accent improvement so please tel me right suggestion and I want to know your country also.JAI BHEEM JAI BHARAT

  14. thanks very much dear beautiful/pretty teacher cheers. me and my homie GONZAGA thank a lot. we are from Angola and we are dealling with this subject

  15. Great vid! Another way you can work on your English pronunciation is with my super fun app, Naked English. Please search for it in the iOS App Store, give it a try and let me know what you think😀👍

  16. Lovely but I'll remain on my far-far-east understandable "working site" English!😁
    I mean understandable like the drawings, is good enough!
    Thank you for the lesson!
    Hope I'll see you in Ibiza! 😂

  17. You're Just a great teacher of english, i'm from morocco and my native language is arabic, also i speak french very well but i'm interested in learning english, every Day i learn from your Chanel, it's very useful, thank you my favourite teacher !!

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