Ep.2: Traveling Home | A Morocco Inspired Bedroom

– We’re the Bucket List Family. – [Garrett] Garrett, Jessica, Dorothy, Manilla, and Calihan. – [Jessica] A few years ago, we sold everything to travel the world. – [Garrett] And now we’re setting out on our biggest adventure yet. – [Jessica] Home. – [Garrett] While we’re
out gathering inspiration in amazing countries each week, – [Jessica] Our at home
experts, Andy and Candice, – Hi.
– Will remodel our new home. – It’s not our house, yet. In real time. – [Jessica] Room by room. – [Garrett] We’ll need your help, too. – [Jessica] You decide what
we experience in each country. – [Dorothy] Wow! – [Jessica] We’re asking you
to help us plot our course, live. – [Garrett] This is your invitation to join us on this journey, – [Jessica] In Traveling Home. (Garrett chuckling)
I feel like you’re offkey. – We’re not singing it. (birds chirping) – Marker (claps). (claps) It hurts if you do it right. (Garrett tongue pops) – Let’s give Candice a show. I’m just kidding (laughing). Welcome to the master bedroom episode. – What? (upbeat music) – And we are still in Hawaii, obviously. Had to do it to ’em.
– Andy is going a little nuts here with
the Hawaiian prints. In this room, when we first started, it was really low ceilings, kind of dark, you know, just not very open, and we wanted to make it brighter. That was our number one thing. – Yeah, we wanted this to feel like an escape, a calm, cool, relaxing place. – But I will say this, we can’t do anything
about the ceiling height. That ceiling height
downstairs is seven feet tall. You touch the ceiling. Garrett, you jump too high,
you’re gonna hit your head, so we had to really work
within those constraints. They’re small bedrooms, and I think they’re cozy and beautiful, and we need to embrace that and make them as bright
and airy as we can. – [Andy] When we first started
demolition in this room, we knew we were gonna run into some issues with the aged wood being on the beach and being old.
– Termites. – But we didn’t count on bees. – Guys, we had a massive
bee colony in this bedroom and it was beautiful and crazy. – [Andy] We really care about bees. I mean, they’re important, we
need them in the environment. – I mean, I’m afraid of them
but I do care about them. So we called the
professional bee hive mover, this person exists,
– Right. He’s like the opposite of a beekeeper. – Yeah.
– He’s a bee freer. – [Candice] He came and got
all the bees and got the queen, I guess, and then you transport it and all the bees come too. – [Andy] They all tag along
because that’s what they do. – So that’s step one. – No bees.
– Done. The rest of demo was
super straightforward. – [Andy] Yeah, it was pretty
much a repair and replace, as needed, so some of the thinner wood and paneling and stuff
had to go, it was rotten. – And now we’ve got the plaster going in, and you know how we feel
about plaster walls. They’re just so good. We went with the tile in the downstairs so that it’s completely waterproof. One of Garrett and Jess’s main thing is that this house is
somewhat maintenance free. They’re traveling all
the time, as you know, and so we want the house to feel like, okay, say a giant wave comes
in and gets the floor wet, that’s gonna be okay. – We’ll know that happens
because our Vivint flood sensors will tell them that there’s
water on the floors. But just in case they’re not
around to do anything about it, we wanted tile, we wanted plaster, we can seal, and things that
can be hearty and weatherproof. – Yeah. – Hi, my name is Dorothy. This week, we’re in Morocco. Look at my henna tattoo. Is it his turn?
– Hi, I’m Manilla and I’m three years old. How you do three? (Dorothy snickering) – Andy, Candice, we made it to Morocco. Welcome to this beautiful place. For reals, for reals, we
wish you could be here. How many times this
week have we been like– – [Jessica] Oh my gosh, especially walking around the market. – [Garrett] The textiles and smells and antiques and decor.
– Yeah. – [Garrett] It is incredible here. – This was actually really easy. ‘Cause as soon as we got here, the first thing you see is mosaics– – Everywhere.
– It was like, ah! Let me help you with beautiful art. – Mosaics are little pieces
that make a big design. – [Garrett] For me, I usually like to keep things more simple when it comes to design.
– I think even here in Morocco a lot of stuff is simple,
and then all of a sudden, you’ll have this beautiful mosaic corner.
– Right. – It’s the combination of simple beauty, but then beautiful elaborate mosaic. – Attention to detail kind of thing, yeah. So, Candice and Andy, I
hope that you can find some really cool mosaics to
put in our bedroom bathroom. – We learned that it’s a combination of a really cool pattern and
really beautiful colors. – Besides the mosaics, I mean, there’s just textures and
beautiful patterns, and, I mean, those cool lamps that are at the market that are really cool. – Oh, those are so cool.
– I wonder if you could find any of those really cool
orbs, what are they called? – Moroccan glowing magical light orbs.
– Light fixtures, we’re totally ruining this.
– Lamps. – There’s a name for ’em, I’m sure. – [Garrett] There’s a couple
things that we bought, smaller things that we’ll
be able to pack away and bring home with us that
we found in the market. – We were excited when we
saw these little towel hooks that were really pretty
and they had palm trees, so we were like, ah, perfect for Hawaii. – [Garrett] We also found, I
think Dorothy picked it out, but we found a little, I think it would be a toothbrush holder? – Yeah.
– For the bathroom. – It’s really fun to
start picking up stuff. Usually we travel with– – It’s weird for us.
– Nothing. But it is fun to find things that we find in one country and can bring and put in our eclectic
world traveling home. One time we had a TV in the bedroom. No good, no bueno. You spend way too much–
– Oh, for reals, for reals. I would say that’s even a must have. Andy, Candice, please,
no TV in our bedroom. (gentle waves crashing) – Guys, sit with me a moment. The master bathroom is gonna get done for
Garrett and Jess, it is– – For the finale. – There is just no way
it’s happening this week. It’s fine. The bathroom right now is
just in construction zone. – [Andy] Yeah, but it’s gonna be done. – [Candice] It’s gonna be done. – [Andy] But what this does allow us to do is focus all our efforts
on that master bedroom, which is gonna be awesome. – Yeah, so it’s fine. We’ll still show you all
the good, the bad, the ugly. The inspiration for this room definitely stems from
all the Moroccan mosaics, but then mixing that
with a minimalist style that fits more in their personality. So I’m gonna mosaic the bathroom, like over-the-top blue-black-white and a hint of warm orangey-yellow. And then the bedroom is more
beautiful whitish-gray plaster. – [Andy] With some things
in place in the room to add that flavor–
– Yeah, that texture. – [Andy] Yeah yeah. – One of the best features of this room is the fact that we were able to reuse the old closet doors from upstairs, – So cool.
– Down here as pocket doors into the bathroom and into the hallway. – Doors are such a cool part of houses that sometimes get overlooked
and even thrown out, so we will do everything we
can to find a place for doors, even if we’re not gonna
use ’em in the same space. – In this room, we were able
to add this structural beam, and the guys were starting
to drywall over it, and I was like, oh, no, no, I love it! – [Andy] People add fake
structural beams all the time– – [Jessica] This is a
real structural beam. – But we had a real one so you bet we’re leaving that thing exposed. – It looks great against
the Moroccan lights, do you call ’em Morovian? – I don’t, I’m not sure.
– I don’t really know. – The stars.
– I don’t know what to say. The stars. These are acting as their
bedside table lamps, so they can–
(slapping) – Sandfly.
– Okay. – It bit me. And no TV, guys. – Oh yeah.
– Do not worry, we are not putting a TV.
– Garrett, Jess, promise. No TV, there’s no space for a TV. – There’s nowhere to put it.
– So you’re good. Found the best rug ever on Wayfair. Did you guys know that Wayfair sells one of a kind vintage rugs? Because I didn’t know that until– – I did not know that.
– Five months ago. – We have spent so many hours of our lives trying to win online auctions, search for these antique rugs, going to sales, estate sales. I didn’t know that you can
just go on Wayfair and buy ’em. – Yeah, I found this beautiful
authentic Moroccan rug, and it’s an amazing size for the bedroom, it’s gonna look good forever. Honestly, it’s probably
a hundred years old. – [Andy] Yeah. – I feel a little nervous decorating a bedroom for two people with, they say they don’t have strong opinions, they have opinions. – Very experienced, very knowledgeable. – Yeah, and they’re
like, oh, we trust you. It’s like, okay. But there is one giant problem. – The debate? – The great debate. – So there’s a dilemma… I don’t know if we wanna call it a dilemma because there’s clearly a
bad choice and a good choice. – There is a heated debate. – There’s clearly a right
choice and a wrong choice. So we’re gonna let you
weigh in on this decision. Basically, we’re trying to decide between a king size bed and a queen size bed. We’re trying to choose between not cuddling and cuddling. – I love to cuddle, it’s just– – Happiness and no happiness.
– When I go to sleep, I want some space. And, plus, when the kids come in the bed, if there’s a queen, there is no more room. – What’s a king or a queen bed? – Andy, Candice,
– Who do you like better? – And I will take it personally. I do feel like I’m
hopeless, I’m gonna lose it. – Yeah, you’re for sure gonna lose. (Garrett chuckling)
– Well they left it up to you. – Yeah, guess who I’m picking? – The king, or the queen. Did you pick the king? – I picked Jessica’s king. I would feel so bad if she came home and she’s like, I really love everything, but I wanted the king. So we got this really great hybrid king mattress from Wayfair, and it is super duper comfortable. – You spent a lot of time looking at mattresses and reading– – No, I did, I did. I am using a beautiful $400
sheet to make the bed canopy. It has this amazing fringe at the end, so it’s gonna sit on the ceiling, kind of like a magic carpet
with fringe hanging down, and then that will go back on the wall. – Beautiful.
– It’s a super easy DIY that you can make any sheet really. You can add fringe to
the end and tack it up on the wall in the four corners. It’s like a makeshift four poster bed when you have seven foot ceilings. (peaceful guitar music) Who’s house is this? – My house!
– No. (little girl laughing)
Whose house is this? – Dorothy’s house. – Yeah, are we gonna make
it pretty for Dorothy? – No, we’re gonna make it
pretty for me and Dorothy. – Oh, this is how this works. What about Manilla, and Cali? – Yeah. – Okay, it’s our favorite
time in the show, where we find out what
you guys have chosen for Garrett and Jess to experience and to share with us on Traveling Home. We had two choices this week. They were– – Basically, they were gonna do a tour through the desert on camels, – Yes.
– Or they were gonna go through the markets on a carriage. – Okay, let’s find out. It was neck and neck. But you’ve chosen camel ride. – Nice. Andy says hi. – [Garrett] Guys, guys, come here. Candice is on the phone. – It’s camels.
– Yay! – Gonna be fun, huh?
– I can’t wait to see. – That’s a tall animal,
you gotta be careful. – Oh, they’ll be careful. Those guys know how to navigate adventure. – I’m sure they already have camel riding knowledge and experience.
– Yeah, sure. (peaceful guitar music) – We’re gonna ride camels. – We’re going to ride camels. ♪ Whoa oh ♪ ♪ Whoa oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Whoa ♪ ♪ Whoa whoa ♪ – We went to the desert and we went to the animals and we ride camels and
it was really bumpy. Bumpy bumpy bumpy. – Bumpy bumpy bumpy. ♪ Whoo oo ♪ ♪ Whoo oo ♪ ♪ Whoo oo ♪ ♪ Whoo oo ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh ♪ (peaceful guitar music) – [Dorothy] On my camel, it was just me and my
little brother, Manilla. And on mommy’s camel,
it was Cali and mommy. ♪ Oh whoa oh oh ♪ ♪ Oooh ♪ ♪ Oooh ♪ – [Dorothy] But at the end, we had dinner, and there was songs. (peaceful guitar music) We love you, Morocco! – [Candice] I have a
pretty short bucket list when it comes to travel but
guess what’s on the top of it? – What?
– Morocco. I just think it’s so beautiful, and the colors and the textures
and the lights that’s there. – Oh yeah, for design and eye candy. – So I’m so feeling the fomo right now. – It’s okay, but again, I
hate to be the one to say it, but we can’t–
– We’re in Hawaii! – We can’t complain.
– Oh my gosh, I’m back. I’m back.
– Okay, alright. – Don’t worry about me, guys. – We’ll be–
– I am a grateful human being. – We’ll be doing this house on the beach. – We just want to say thank you so much for this opportunity. It’s so unique and we’re
having so much fun. A really special way to
design our future home. – This has allowed us to
actually make it happen, and that our home is gonna
be extra extra extra special with extra meaning. – It’s like you’re our home
fairy godparents, basically. – When we started this bedroom, I knew it was gonna be good,
I knew it would be cool, but I had no idea how amazing
it would feel in that room. – Yeah, it’s so beautiful. Despite the seven foot tall ceilings, it still feels bright and airy and open. It feels clean and it
feels modern, yet antique. – [Andy] The cool thing that it does is it adds a sense of comfort and privacy and warmth to this house, which otherwise, is really open. With the ocean, that’s what you want. But this bedroom is like
an oasis in the desert. It’s like a– – Oasis in Hawaii?
– Whole different world, I guess, yeah.
– I mean, it’s okay here. – It’s a whole new world. (Candice laughing)
I can’t, yeah, nope. Let’s not.
(Candice laughing) – Garrett, I hope you like it even though I put a king size bed. – I think he’ll be okay. – [Candice] I hope you like the canopy. Maybe the canopy makes
up for it, I don’t know. I know what can make up for it, though. Garrett says in his room, he just wants to know
where the light switch is, and Garrett–
– We did that. – I can promise you I put an amazing light switch in this room. – Your bedroom and your bathroom, you’ll be able to walk in, slap the wall, you’ll know right where
your light switch is. – Or you can turn it on with your phones. – Or you can just use the
app, lay in bed and do it. – Sorry we’re laying on top of your bed, but we wanted to show you how fun it is to control your whole Vivint
Smart Home from your app. So I’m gonna turn off our lights. – What? – And lock our door. And arm the system. Wait wait, let me give you
a little mood lighting. Ready? Just a little. I really love this bedroom, even though it is a lot of white, it still feels layered, it still feels a little
bit old world for me, and it feels like them. I know they’re gonna love that rug. If you don’t love that rug, I can take it off your hands. I got it.
– I think they’ll like it. They’re gonna love having those
lamps above their bed, too. Taking the place of a desk lamp, or something that takes
up a lot more room, having it come down from the ceiling and illuminate that same
bedside area is really cool. Good call.
– Thank you. – Good call.
I’m obsessed with, I don’t wanna say this very often because I only wanna
say it when I mean it, I am obsessed with that inlaid mirror. The fact that that can
even be made by hand is insane to me. We got it on Wayfair, it is so beautiful, and it really adds
something to this space. Mixed with the antique chair
that was in the house before, I think it looks amazing. It’s better over there
than the beehive was, that’s all I’m gonna say.
– Yeah, yeah. We do miss the bees but we did
bring in a lot of cool stuff. The color, those little pops
of color and the textiles, the handmaid things that we
brought back into this space really make it feel warm and homey. Even though the space
itself has been made new, we don’t want it to feel like a new house, we want it to feel historic, lived in, and we want it to feel
like it’s comfortable, and I think we did it.
– Everything about this room really says to me, Garrett and Jess, their trip to Morocco,
and their new life here. That’s really what we’re trying to make. – Yeah.
– King size bed and all. – [Andy] I think we made a good balance of having an inspired room
that was inspired by Morocco, but didn’t feel themed, and the room still feels like
it’s part of this old house. It doesn’t feel too out of place, but just enough to be refreshing. – I’m gonna tell you right now the bathroom is straight Morocco-themed. – Stay tuned. Season finale.
– Season finale, guys. It’s gonna be the most epic
season finale of all time. This has been so fun doing this for them while they’re traveling the world. It’s been great to have things
from Wayfair in the space, it’s been amazing to have
the Vivint Smart Home stuff, ready and waiting for us. This house is seriously gonna be so ready for Garrett and
Jess when they come back. – [Andy] That’s what
I’m most excited about, is they’ll be able to walk
in with their suitcases, unpack them, and be home. – [Candice] I might share a sneak peek with Garrett and Jess
on their little camera. – Don’t. – Just one sneak peek. – If these guys can keep it a secret, these guys can keep it a secret. – Alright, guys, I’ll keep it a secret. Thank you, guys, so much for watching. This has been so much fun, interacting with you on social media, hearing your opinions about wall color, there’s some heated opinions, and just helping choose the adventure. Everything has been so much fun, so thank you guys for watching. – And let’s do it again this next week. – Yeah, don’t forget to
subscribe, comment, share. And a very special thanks
to Vivint Smart Home for making this all possible. We appreciate you, we hope
that you’ll give them a call and get a free quote
if you haven’t already. It’s so much more
affordable than you think, and everyone should have
a smart and safe home. – And it’s given us some peace of mind because while we’re here in Hawaii, we’ve been checking on
our house constantly. Maybe too much? I like
just looking at our yard. – He’s Old Man Meredith over here. – I like checking the
front yard to make sure the grass looks good.
– Who’s coming up to my porch? Thank you, guys, we’ll see you next week in Tanzania for the guest room. Bye.

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