Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

>>Interviewer: So what does being
an upstairs neighbor mean to you?>>David: It means we make sound.>>Julia: People think of
neighborly noise as a nuisance but we think of it as an art form.>>We want the sounds to be different
but completely unrecognizable.>>It just sounds like bowling balls. That can’t be what it is
but that’s what it sounds like, sounds like bowling balls.>>Is it a bowling ball,
is it a metal barrel, you never know because
sometimes we get metal barrels.>>You knew we were twisted though. Julia is a fountain of creativity. She’s a genius. She is so creative. Their ceiling is our stage
and we’re dancing across it.>>Yes.>>It is work, but, you know,
we often take shifts to create the illusion
that nobody here sleeps.>>Mm-hmm.>>I just want them to stop and I want to know
what the hell they’re doing.>>I love to feel your body
all around me.>>Oh, God.>>See, she thinks
that we’re having sex but things aren’t always
what they appear to be.>>Oh, yeah. When we do have sex,
it’s actually very quiet.>>It sounds like a baby the size of
a giant is learning how to walk.>>A floor is but a movie screen
to project the mind’s eye.>>And all of that hard work really
pays off when get to meet our fans.>>There’s lot of noise going on
up here kind of sounds like–>>Sounds tough.>>Yeah. Thank you so much.>>Yep, yep be well.>>Thank you.>>You know, some people might say
what we do is passive-aggressive.>>Thank you.>>Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

  1. Prepare for many broomstick holes in the ceiling. I broke 3 metatarsal bones in my foot from drop kicking a stud in the wall because I was (once again) awoken to a ukulele jam session at 2am.

  2. They are the perfectly paired couple matched only in hell, where they are from and where they belong, for all eternity. Hahaha, hilarious.

  3. My upstairs neighbor likes to talk on speakerphone and drag furniture across her apartment at 3am. I'm not saying anything yet because I'm about to enact my revenge when I have my baby in two months πŸ™‚ if I can't get no sleep cuz of y'all, then y'all won't get no sleep cuz of me

  4. I live in a basement house with a family of four: a husband, wife and two kids right above me. Everyday I hear footsteps stomping in the kitchen, moving heavy furniture without lifting them giving that grinding sound, yelling between wife and kids, running back and forth like a herd of elephants, and worst one yet talking on speaker at 8am after falling asleep at 2am the previous night from work.

    Since I was a kid I was yelled at by my parents for being loud if it happened so since then I became less tolerant of loud noise. I'm not saying of course you have to be dead quiet but there are times when you have to think of the people below or next to you if you live in a house/condo. I calmly explained to my neighbors that their stomping is loud because it's right above us and it's affecting our sleep, and I don't know why I did that because I feel that I'm getting retaliation in return. The wife started vacuuming two times a day for a whole week. Just better to live in your own house away from suburban life.

  5. Don't forget the half-hour sprees of opening and closing drawers… and vacuuming for 15 seconds every now and then

  6. Experiencing this right now…Some new tenants moved into the apartment above mine and they have been dragging furniture all night for 3 days now.

    What's wrong with people? They don't even answer their door so I can't complain about it…

  7. We are the quietest upstairs neighbors you could have, both of us work long hours away, hardly watch TV, never play music except over headphones. I've had my neighbors say they never hear me, they don't know when we are home.

  8. I love this video, but I notice everyone seems to think upstairs neighbors stomp, run around, and constantly move furniture in the middle of the night. That couldn’t possibly be true for most people. The buildings are shitty and what you hear may sound like something completely different from what’s actually happening. I used to live above a woman who spent most of her time trying to make my life a living hell. She called the police on us and was trying to have us kicked out of our building. It got to the point where we would strap our 3 year old son into a stroller for hours. Because if anyone walked at all, she would pound on the ceiling and come knock on the door. We learned to try to move around as little as possible. Now we live in a different building, and we chose the bottom floor, because we can never go through that again. Sometimes my upstairs neighbor is very loud, but I know that he’s just living his life. There are certain things that come with living in a communal building.

  9. My neighbours aren't this bad but they literally do not stay still and just. shut the fuck up for a while. They're constantly up, walking around slamming doors from one room to the next and yelling.. like just sit and play playstation for a while or take a nap or something lmao. ugh only one more month to go

  10. Whoever thought hardwood floors were a good idea for multi-story apartment buildings is the devil.
    This sketch is clever and all but would result in eviction or a bomb being thrown through their window.

  11. Her upstairs used to walk around like it's coming though the celling . Had a word with her that stoped it now sounds she is constantly moving furniture around . I dread it when she comes home at at night at 7pm and when she gets up at 6.30am. The weekends are the worst knowing she comes in at 7pm and have to put put up with it for the 48 hours waring for it to do one ar 7am Monday morning 😠

  12. I had some loud upstairs neighbors that I wanted to MURDER with my bare hands. BUT This had me ROFLMAO! LOL! This is funny as hell! I love it

  13. My upstairs neighbours have obviously watched this – the bowling balls and the rolling of the barrel were deployed today, this video should me to identify the rest of the sounds endlessly informing every hour of every day…..i hope to move back into my smaller first floor flat soon (no-one above) its going to be bliss….true bliss

  14. Due to cheap construction materials, we have a problem with stomping neighbors from downstairs! Yeah, right below us! Strange you say, well think again!

    We confronted them and they actually came in our apartment and tested our claims.
    One of them was in our apartment (on the phone with the other) and the other in theirs and just walking around – "normal walking" as they say.
    It turned out, even though they were 100% sure that we won't hear anything during the test, that their "normal walking" was actually a big banging noise like hammering noise.

    But at the end, they still continued to do this from 22pm to 1am (sometimes 2am) and from 5 am to 6 am. Freaking schedule, right!? However during the day and in the afternoon right up until 22pm everything is very quite forcing us to change our schedule and sleep for few hours during the night and for few hours in the afternoon which for us is impossible!
    So, we are moving out as soon as the rental agreement is done (hopefully earlier)!

  15. Or the neighbor who is an artist and stands in certain spots that have very loud and squeaky boards and rocks in one place while they contemplate their next brush stroke… at 3am!

  16. "It takes alot of work…We often take shifts to create the illusion that nobody here sleeps" πŸ‘

  17. I honestly wish I could plant a camera in their apartment for just one day. My upstairs neighbour seems to have a few squatters and none of them ever stops walking. I imagine their furniture must be in the most pristine condition smh

  18. I used to live above a young woman who slept on a pull out sofa-bed that had that unmistakeable screechy, hard wooden sound and she would moan in a monotone manner wile her bf pounded the shit outta that sofa. But my favourite was the mentally ill older man living next to her, he had waged a war on her with long letters that he posted in the stair house for everyone's' amusement.
    One night he got into a psychosis or something and screamed with a shrill, high pitched voice and threw bottles out the window but I forgave him since we were common enemies of the girl with the pullout sofa.
    Little did she know the apartment was cursed, an elderly alcoholic woman had died in there prior to her moving in. She got kicked out when one of her boyfriends broke the balcony door in the middle of the night.

    Life in the ghetto is never boring

  19. i have some of those neighbours, their noises have been going on for a few years now. Recently, the flat above them was rented by even louder people. The noises still piss me off, but its a nice feeling to know that my upstairs neighbours got their own upstairs neighbours now : )

  20. Omg this could not be more true. Im in 15 yrs of renting i only once made the mistake of living underneath someone. The first 3 weeks no joke, i thought they were remodeling the apartment above me. Turns out NO, i just had the fattest, loudest neihhbors of all time, T ALL TIMES OF THE NIGHT AND DAY. I just wanted to know what they possibly were doing tjat made me think it was actual construction work!!!


  22. I live in Germany. A German guy upstairs is always listening to music extremely loud until the middle of night. Sometimes, he wakes up at 3 AM and turns on music. Once I went upstairs and ringed the doorbell but he did not show himself. Then I started to bang the door hard. Then other neighbors came out. How would you deal with a man like this German guy?

  23. One of my new favorites from the people upstairs is WTF are you constantly opening an closing the cabinet doors over and over again for over an hour straight.

  24. DO NOT FUCKING RUN INDOORS. Unless there's a fire of some sort, which is statistically unlikely to occur seven or eight times during a day.

  25. Are you kidding me?!?!? Is this their full time job!?!?!?? To be obnoxious asses!?!?!!! I would be calling the cops every few minutes until they are thrown out. This is why when I did live in apt. I was at the top floor always. I was respectful and quiet. Hell I was always at work or asleep. Be respectful of those around you.

  26. Apartment living was not this bad until more children moved in because parents can't afford a house. Now more and more people with children are moving in….smh πŸ˜’

  27. My downstairs neighbours love to bang heavy objects around in the morning in the room directly below where I sleep.

  28. I'm SO GOOPED RIGHT NOWWWWW!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what the fuck are my upstairs neighbors DOINGGGGGGG!!!!!??!?!!??!?!!? at 4 fucking AM they're stomping furniture across the floor, and dropping beachballs FULL OF LIQUIDS repeatedly! for an hour! and then DRILLING holes into STONE with a low battery on a power drill and then hammering oranges into shoes!

  29. Had an upstairs neighbor for two years never saw the person. But I became convinced he was building a Viking Longboat in his apartment. Only at night though.

  30. pretty accurate except mine throws up in the toilet all the time then fills up the bathtub really full, gets in and splashes water everywhere so that it drips down thru the floor into my bathtub. for a really long time. ANd she stomps everywhere.

  31. My upstairs neighbor loved to vacuum at 5AM and use there super special fruit blender 2 then move furniture … and hang up pictures!!! I mean what the actual fuck !!

  32. To those of you who llike to blast your stereo at ungodly hours…don't be dumb enough do that when you're on a bottom floor. You will have shit dropped on your ceiling.

  33. I have new neighbors and now I have a mysterious tapping sound on my ceiling 24/7 in 20-50second intervals… wtf

  34. my bullets are your cellings nightmare
    untill my bullets penetrate through to your flesh till you don't make your talented noises anymore.πŸ‘Œ

  35. I'd rather have normal families around me …
    then these vulgar drunk idiots.
    ever hear someone listening to you?
    one below me..one beside me.
    crackpots…their new ..again. they knock for no reason. to tell me stories that are lies….I'm 54 I'm not agreeing with that…always .begging for everything .πŸ˜’as I'm leaving and returning it's them and now many guest asking me , you got a cigarette ?…I didn't check my mail for 4 months…not scared but I just can't be bothered with their every lunatic moment…1 accused me of wanting him sexually…said I was sitting in his lap just rubbing his head.πŸ€’. ..he tried to hug me once, twice..I said , 'DON'T EVER TOUCH ME!!! πŸ”ͺ" he tells me what he heard me do..😷.he said I rub my feet across the floor when I walk.😫uhmm that would be me sweeping the floor..shit like that !!
    the 1 beside me says, " you ever notice when I go to the bathroom you go to the bathroom.πŸ€’..? she says I know cause I can hear you πŸ€•. once she knocked on my door and says, "I want to thank you for beating up my sister…" 1 problem here .I have no idea who your sister is..wtf !!! 😬…you haven't lived till you go into the bathroom and you can hear listening from the other side..I'm sitting in my living room..I can hear this old drunk MF…listening to me…I tip toe to the bathroom..try not to breath..pee really quiet😌 then tip toe back to my spot where I try not to move..😌

  36. Spot on, it's incredible. I've got a disorganized red-head who can't seem to start the day before 10pm.

  37. i actually live on the top floor, but the neighbors we share a wall with has a toddler who runs/jumps/stomps constantly and IT VIBRATES MY SOFA!!!! Like…vibrates. WTF??? Does anyone know anything that I can put under our sofa to make the infernal vibrating stop??!! Help

  38. I moved in less than a month ago. My upstairs neighbors are constantly stomping. I think they have a toddler and this kid runs around as well. I would hit the ceiling with a stick if it gets too unbearable and they would slow down, then bam! I feel like they are waiting for me to hit the ceiling to stop? They would usually start around 10am, stops for about 30 mins every 2 to 3 hours until…. midnight or like 3am. I actually woke up from my sleep at 2am and had to slam the wall. I have a white noise machine…. well, that helps but I still hear them. I really don't want to file a complaint, but damn!!! why am I paying rent if I can't even enjoy taking a nap or SLEEPING at night!

  39. I've been a downstairs neighbor to a very inconsiderate and rude couple of 12 months. Noises like in this video. Both polite requests and official warnings were always met with opposition and childish retaliation. This afternoon I signed the paperwork to move into my new top floor apartment which became available ABOVE this couple. The time for revenge is at hand!

  40. I once lived in a building with section 8 housing (i was market value)…so basically the worst possible noise you could get. The key was to fire back with a heavy subwoofer and surround sound system pumping out anything from heavy trap music to straight up hardcore porn. Thank god I moved out!

  41. a baby the size of a giant is learning to walkπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚dead asa

  42. my upstairs neighbor are annoying and fuck like bunnies. one day I hope they get stuck on eachother like dogs.
    fucking asssholes

  43. Fucking hate my upstairs neighbor, such a skank, with a different guy every week and have to deal with bed shaking and horrible moaning every night at 3-5 am

  44. I mean they do know that somebody might be trying to concentrate on doing things right? And the noises they are making are causing commotion

  45. Everyone who has problems with upstairs neigbours let me tell ya this, i have very loud upstairs neigbours which are a mother her son and the mothers boyfriend (the parents are divorced) and the kid just keeps jumping all the time so i told her if he wants to jump take him outside he wont disturb anyone there and she never listens (im 16 and i know this) so i started vaccuming the ceiling and suddenly they stopped jumping up and down and changing their furniture positioning

  46. I just assume my upstairs neighbors have kids or they fuck like savages because I can't explain the loud erratic noise at night.

  47. My upstairs neighbours are the f-ing mice scurrying around in my attic, but now one of them seems to have migrated into the same room and keeps rustling my carrier bags.

  48. In real life, after a few hours, your donwstair neighbor knocking your door with a rifle and you and your wife you are under the ground and your neighbor in the jail. Major crimes had happened for less noisy neighbors!

  49. This video only pissed me off even more than I already am. Seriously my neighbor upstairs is a stalker! He stomps on the floor, follows me from room to room. How the heck does he know where I am in my apt????? The creep actually put a fiber optic camera down the f**king Wall and into my bathroom!! who does this crap? I've called the police on him for stomping in the shower with shoes on, while I'm taking a shower!! I reported the camera incident to the police and to the apt manager. It went on deaf ears. I've reported him to the manager over 25 times…. they do Nothing. Mysterious holes have appeared in my ceiling, for no reason at all. I didn't put them there, my husband didn't put them there. I called mgmt Again and they just sent maintenance to cover the holes. Just the other day I found more mysterious holes in my wall and ceiling in the living room, they were not there an hour before. I walk around once or twice a week with a broom to clean up any spider webs.
    It's really clean, so I notice things out of place or things that were not there before. I tried to brush it all off as coincidence that he was following me from room to room, but my husband and tested him. I was at my dining table putting a puzzle together and literally the Second I turned around, there was a reaction upstairs and he ran down the hall to the bathroom, he didn't use the toilet, sink or shower. We went back to the kitchen and did it over and over. We think he is crazy. He doesn't work, he barely sleeps, he doesn't leave his apt. How do I know? I work from home, so I am home all the time. If one of us turns over in bed for comfort, the jerk upstairs jumps out of bed and runs to the bathroom, doesn't use the sink toilet or shower and just goes back to bed. He does this about 20 times a night. I could write a book on how much of a creep he is. I'm moving out and Never Ever will I have upstairs neighbors Ever again. I know this video was meant to be a satire but it really hit home.

  50. If I was your downstairs neighbor I would have my 1000 watt home theater system cranked until you are going to have a nervous breakdown I don't think you would like to meet me you stupid fucks

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