Expanding Replenishment of California’s Precious Groundwater

On an average day in Orange County
California, it may not look like there’s the worst drought on record. Crops are
growing, flowers are blooming, fountains are flowing, beaches are crowded. How can this
be? Because of Orange County Water District has been planning and investing
to bring water reliability to the region since its founding in 1933. Because their
Groundwater Replenishment System has made them the largest advanced water
purification system for drinking water in the world. What we’re doing here is
we’re creating a new water supply we’re tanking wastewater that otherwise would
be wasted to the ocean so we don’t consider it a waste we consider it a
resource and we’re recycling it we’re running it through this advanced
purification system that consists of micro filtration, reverse osmosis, and UV light with hydrogen peroxide Once the water has gone through the
purification process it’s of near distilled quality water. We then pump that water up to our recharge basins where we then let it percolate into the ground and then it’ll
be pumped out put directly into the potable distribution system. The expanded Groundwater Replenishment System produces a hundred million gallons per
day or a hundred and three thousand acre feet of water per year which is enough
water for nearly eight hundred and fifty thousand people. With the need for water in this area increasing because of population growth we rely heavily on the ground waters to supply drinking water needs, and the only way that groundwater table gets replenished
is by adding water back in. It’s essentially drought proof. It’s always here people come from all over the world to visit this facility and to talk the water district about how they did it and what they can do in
their home countries to be able to do a similar thing. Black & Veatch brought a lot of creativity to the project. When we were looking to expand the project they came up with
some big ideas that we implemented that made the expansion of much better project. As water becomes more precious than at
any time in the past planning continues at Orange County Water District to protect and replenish it well into the future. Black & Veatch is building more than just the infrastructure brings water resources to people everywhere. We are building a
world of difference.

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