Extra Large Vinyl Wall Project

Extra Large Vinyl Wall Project

(light music) – Hey, guys, it’s Jessica
with Expressions Vinyl and today, I’m going to show you how to weed out a piece
of vinyl that is huge. So this whole sign that
we’re going to apply is four by four. This one section is 12 by four, about 40 inches. So I have cut a weeding
box around my design and I’m going to show
you how I weed that out and then we’re also going to
apply some transfer tape to it and I’ll show you how I get that started. So I’m just using my utility knife and I’m going to go slow and you can see I have
a lot of blank space but that is because we are
lining this up with other pieces and I want to keep my
spacing so they’re all even. So I’m just going to
keep this ball in my hand so it doesn’t fall back down on my letters that I’ve already weeded and just go slow all
the way down the design and then when I get to a point, I’m going to take this end and roll it up and then keep going. So just go nice and slow making sure your vinyl
doesn’t fall back on itself and if it does, just
slowly peel it back off. It’s not a big deal. This is removable vinyl so it’s great for walls. So now I’ve got that all weeded out. I’m going to take my knife and I’m just going to trim around where that weeding box was so I have nice straight edges. That’s going to help me
when I apply it to the wall to keep everything nice
and straight and evened up. So I’m just going to
take a section at a time and trim off those edges
right along that line there and roll it down when I get
to the end of my cutting mat. Now, we’ve got it weeded out
and our edges all trimmed off. I am going to start the transfer tape. So I’ve got my one end rolled up down here so it doesn’t get in the way and I’ve got my edge here and I’m just going to pull out a little bit of transfer tape from my roll and lay it across probably about eight inches or so and make sure it’s nice and straight and then I’m going to rub it down and we’re going to take
our application tool and make sure we get it
nice and rubbed down there and then I’m going to take
another section and go down again about eight inches and just lightly press
it down with my hand and use your application
tool and rub it down. Now we’ve got this section. We’re running out of cutting mat so I’m going to trim my tape off as far as I can so we can take it and do another section. So I’m just using my utility knife and cutting off the edges
of the transfer tape and I’m going to lift this
up and roll it back down and keep doing the same
thing all the way down. Just roll out a little
bit of the transfer tape, rub it down with your hands so you don’t have any bubbles or crinkles and then rub it down with
your application tool and just keep going as far as you can. What we’ve done here is we’ve
already kind of got it set up. I took my measuring tape and
I measured from the ceiling, got it right up in the corner there and measured to about 40 inches and then I’m going to go over to this side and make sure that matches
and it’s nice and even and then we’ve taped it
to the wall to hold it and now, I am going to hinge it and take off the paper backing and apply it to the wall. So I just need to grab
a piece of transfer tape and I am going to hinge
it from the top here. So we’ve got it nice and level and we’re just going to make sure this is nice and adhered to the wall. So I’m going to peel off this edge here and I’m going to peel off my paper backing and I’m just going to
do half of it right now and then I’m going to
cut my paper backing off so we can adhere this part to the wall and it is a beast so it’s
kind of difficult to work with but make sure it’s nice and straight and just put it back on the wall and push it down so you
don’t get any bubbles in it. I’m going to take my application tool and I’m going to rub this section down and I am using Oracal 631. It’s got the removable adhesive and it works really great for walls. Now, I’m going to go over to this side and I’m going to peel it off and I’m going to do the same thing. Peel off my paper backing
so it exposes the vinyl and as I go, I’m going to rub it down
with my application tool and just go nice and slow and make sure all your vinyl’s coming up off that paper backing. And rub it down as you go so you don’t get any bubbles in it. Alright. We’ve got that on there nice and straight. I’m just going to go back over it, make sure we’ve got it on there good and then I’m going to
peel off my transfer tape. And you’ll notice I have
a little stripe over here. It’s actually not part of the design but it is part of helping me keep all my different sections straight so I will show you more
about that in a minute. So as you go and peel
off your transfer tape, just make sure your vinyl’s
sticking to the wall. You can rub it down if you need to. You can also take your knife and peel off the transfer tape as you go if it’s getting in your way. And I am just going to take
this a section at a time because it’s having a hard time sticking. Just pull it down like that and then go back over and
make sure it’s all stuck down. Move over and do the next section. Same thing and if a
part like that comes off onto your transfer tape, just rub it back down and then push on your
transfer tape as you go so you’re pushing that back to the wall. (light music) So now we have this section on. It was really kind of tedious because it’s such a big
piece, a big solid piece, so we took our time and went really slow and now we’re going to add the next piece onto the top of it. So I got to go refer to my cheat sheet. And the next one is, says To Love so that one is right here. So I’m going to line
up my lines right here with each other on either side. So I’m going to grab some
transfer tape and do my hinges like I did before. So this time, I don’t need
to measure on the ceiling because I’m going to just
line up these guys right here. Adhere that to the wall and
then come over to this side and make sure they line up
right on top of each other. So they’re kind of my cheat marks. Adjust this one down just a little bit. Okay and now we’re going to do the same thing as we did
with this bottom one. We’re going to put our hinges on and keep applying it to the wall. (light music) So that was a beast to put up but we’ve got it all up. It looks awesome. And now, I’m going to show you right here we had to go
over our electrical box so I’m just going to take my knife and I’m going to trim
right on the edge of that and I’m going to trim on the other side and we are going to peel that
off so we can still use it. Like it was never even there. Okay and now we’re going to take off, peel off our little guide lines here because that wasn’t part of the design. It was just to help us
line up all our pieces so that is how you install
a ginormous piece of vinyl. Leave us a comment if
you have any questions. Thanks, guys. (light music)

48 thoughts on “Extra Large Vinyl Wall Project

  1. Hey Jessica! GREAT tutorial! 🙂 Is there any way to do such a large mural without trashin so much vinyl?

  2. great video but looks like lots of bubbles on the last two groups of wording. not sure if it is just the video but how would you work out the bubbles especially on that big piece. thanks. love the project. also curious where in your offices it was put?

  3. That was great 😃 thank you. I do have a question though. How do you set the lines in your design so that they are in the same spot on each piece?

  4. Looks like there are still lots of bubbles. How can you fix that once the vinyl is on the wall and the transfer tape is removed?

  5. I just hung a large piece but I did it in 3 canvas cause I couldn't figure out how to do it on the wall. Now that I have seen it done directly on the wall I would definite give it a try next time. Thanks for the video

  6. I would love to see a video on cutting and hanging vinyl that is multi color so you can use registration marks or something to line it up. But the real question is how not to waste so much vinyl.

  7. Always weed into the letters!
    Application tool? your mean Squeegee!
    WOW after watching the video That looks horrible!
    1 you never cleaned the wall. Always use alcohol to wipe down the wall, as you can see in the end the vinyl did not adhere to the wall.
    2 never use your hand to squeegee the vinyl down
    Views you can learn from the mistakes in this video!
    Good try tho

  8. Great video for a newbie. I hate when ppl just comment the negative…if you have nothing beneficial to add then leave no comment.

  9. Excellent! I too have done some very large projects where I had to figure out away to place some sort of guide , but love your idea of the side bars. Very simple, and works great!

  10. So, will those wrinkles in the "What you do" line disappear eventually, or do we need to completely work those out at application??

  11. What transfer tape are you using in this video. I looked on your website and the 12"x30" clear does not have a paper backing but the one you are using does. Thank you.

  12. I am addicted to your videos. The hints to help keep things lined up like on this one the lines on the sides and then on HTV the weed boxes.

  13. So Well Done! Thank you. Very straight forward. Thanks too for not putting annoying abnoxious music! LOL. Was wondering where you get the transfer tape? oops, I read down a bit further and saw you answered that! Anyway-loved it, thanks!

  14. I would love to see how you CUT that big of a piece of vinyl. (Newbie here) but this totally inspires me

  15. shoot I wish this video had been from the beginning in other words how you designed it on the silhouette, to the end of applying it.
    but a very good video.

  16. Wrest job I'm learning fast from u thank u. So to do a iron on we have to use transfer paper as well

  17. Your hands-on approach to teaching is excellent. I feel more confident seeing the project being created, adhered, and completed instead of someone just talking about it. Great job!

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