Hi everyone I hope you are all doing well today’s video is different and new on my channel Today I will make an extreme makeover for my room my room is very tiny and you usually see this very small part behind me till this part of my wardrobe you never see the rest of the room my room is very tinny and the decoration and color affected my YouTube quality drastically so I decided to make an extreme makeover for my room i prepared some sketches and stuff if you are curious to see the result, keep on watching I will do it all step by step with you color choices, painting the walls and everything else so keep watching Don’t forget to LIKE, share and subscribe Also follow my Instagram( link in description box) lets start working 😉 First let me take you to behind the scenes and see my room I will turn around now and show you I am sorry it is a bit messy now as i started moving things already before shooting usually it is tidy i just want you to see the room in current state then we will see the after results this is the part you usually see in my videos I Just close the curtains to the edges to cover the wardrobe also this part usually appeared in the videos now this is my mirror and this part is where i keep my shoes was an old set of book shelves we will change all of that here i keep my head scarves and other stuff and this is a make up organizer lets turn around a bit … there goes my window some messy items here and there and this part behind me is my desk where i sit to work and my laptop is buried there under the stuff we will remove all that now some more make up sets as you can see my desk is a space saving one so i will lock it now i made it espcailly for my small room and also we will paint it again and there is my pin board where i hang my sticky notes with all my YouTube ideas and so .. some messy item here on the floor there is my full tinny small room but i am sure the after result will look amazing because i already made some sketches with ideas now i will empty all the room then we will start working 😉 two hours later.. this is how this side looks when being empty first half of the room is done will move to the other half i need to apply more than a coat may be two or three to cover the dark color my arms are killing me already 😀 but i am sure it is worth it at the end keep on watching 🙂 3 days later this is after 3 days and done with painting all room is now done still some messy items here 🙂 now its the desk turn i will use a diffrent type of painting for the wood unlike the walls so lets start first i will show the desk to you it is a space saving one here we have a drawer and a second drawer and a third drawer and here this part is a chair then this part we unfold it to be a desk my carpenter made it for me with the dimensions i wanted here a small shelf for my laptop great for space saving it needs to be painted its color got stainned so I will paint it now a week later.. the room is extremely messy now as I moved the items back in again for now till the carpenter make the new sets I need for this area let me show you something .. see this purple set hanged .. this is the one i showed you earlier where i kept my shoes i wanted to hang it there for decoration now i will paint it white to match the room’s new color then here above the pin board .. i will hang a set of shelves for decoration this wall should be my main YouTube backdrop and this is the design I imagined for it here will have a mirror and set of drawers and will have this bench storage and frames two weeks later….. i have the frames nails installed in place an issue popped up!! those sets the carpenter made for me are unpainted!! so I have to paint them :S i finished the first part of its painting process yet some more steps are needed the room looks now … :S super messy and the floor is stained with painting hopefully i finish the sets today and we clean this mess up hopefully by tomorrow and we start furnishing everything in place i won’t be able to shoot while painting the sets i have to take off my headscarf it needs lots of work… so i need to take off my veil and work freely unlike the wall painting was way easier i will finish and get back to you … to finish this mess a week later.. i finished painting the sets and the bench too it is out side the room now now comes the hardest part .. cleaning up ! i already stared this early morning I have all my make up and stuff installed in the drawer set there now the rest of the room .. i will shoot now the process i hope i finish soon i think i might take 5 hours to finish it a week later .. shelves installed in place floor cleaned up shelves installed and this S letter decoration as well all decorative accessories are DIY on budget 😉 you can check their videos in the play list above .. thumb the video up 😉

10 thoughts on “EXTREME ROOM MAKEOVER | ON BUDGET | CHANEL inspired

  1. تحفه ما شاء الله تسلم ايدك انا ناويه اعمل اوضتى ف الاجازة و اغير كل ديكورها بنفسى و الوانها

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  4. ماشاءالله حلوة قوى 😍😍، بس عندي سؤال نوع دهان المكتب ايه ونوع دهان الحيطان ؟!

  5. اللهم بارك ف الاول خالص افتكرت ان ديه صوره من علي النت زي م بعض اليوتيوبر بيعملوا بس فيه صدق ف الموضوع ماشاء الله اللهم بارك💜💛

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