Fabrication d’un décapsuleur mural

Hi ! Welcome for a new video, today I will show you how I made This bottle opener from pallet wood Well, all is said (Tout est DIY) I started by collecting a few planks on a pallet using a hammer and a crowbar Then I cut the planks in both length and width with a table saw I mesured the plexiglas and then cut it, still on the table saw I made grooves on some of the planks that way the plexiglas will fit I glued together the planks that will make the back of the bottle opener, then put it in clamps and let it dry for a night I applied a dark wood stain in order to give it a more ‘rustic’ look Before gluing, I sanded the edges to get a better adherence I applied glue on the part to assemble and then nailed them I drilled the upper part and added dowel that way I can take it away and collect the caps I screwed the bottle opener I finished by putting the stickers on Using a credit card to remove most of the bubbles That’s it, you can now enjoy your drink 😉

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