hi, it’s OrenjiEnji right here and welcome back to my channel! maybe for some of you who came from Instagram knows that I am a big fan of and mostly my creations were face paints like, what I am using now now I am going to talk about Face Paint 101 because many of you have asked what do I use for my face paints requested to teach you about face painting so, I hope you could learn from this video! the first time you play with face paints? I have started playing face paints back in highschool it wasn’t face paint back then but I already started painting weird stuffs on my face and I also love face paint because I love to paint before using face paint I used eyeshadow and back then, there was Morphe 35B if I am not mistaken they have changed it to James Charles palette and 35B has colorful eyeshadows too so, I only used that eyeshadow palette and it was also cheap for me because one palette was only Rp. 300.000 and it was cheap back in highschool compared to face paints that could cost Rp. 100.000/pan what brand of face paint are you using? so, for now I am using this one and for me the color range is already complete so there’s red, there’s primary colors red, yellow, blue and there’s green and they also have gold and silver and before I am using makeup forever 12 flash color case I used this one this is snazaroo and for this one I only bought the white and black one because back then I wasn’t really using face paints but I used eyeshadow so I bought the white one then I layered it with colorful eyeshadow price of 12 flash color case? it’s price is around Rp. 1.400.000 I bought it Rp. 1.400.000 on e-commerce what’s the difference? the differences are from these 2 this one is oil based it has oil in it that made it not necessary to wet the brush first and you could use it immediately and because it is oil based, the formula won’t set by itself so, you have to use powder for setting it and this snazaroo it is water based and it should be activated with water (wet the brush) and this snazaroo is easier to erase because it is water based even with a bit of water, it could be melted down where to buy? this snazaroo has several colors also complete red, yellow, blue, green, purple the point is it has a lot and you could get it from paperclip on art stores so, it is easier because you could go to the store and see this in person and if the makeup forever one I don’t really know if they sell it on makeup forever stores in Indonesia because I never seen it but I bought this on e-commerce so, if you like to go to the physical store this is easier to find compared to this one beginner tips for saving money? for beginners I want to inform you, because one of this cost around Rp. 100.000 and they sell it separately so, you don’t have to buy every color there are available because you could mix the colors I think if you’re going to buy this around Rp. 100.000/pan x 12 pans, the price is almost the same with- this one like what I said before you buy this and buy a colorful eyeshadow palette swatch & impression of 12 flash color case? now, I am going to show you the swatches of the 12 flash color case it doesn’t need to be activated by water anymore and for me, the pigmentation is fine not like those sheer ones the white color pops bightly, I love it and this is the blue one the color is very intense, isn’t it? this is the one I used on my right eye can you see how pigmented the colors are? so, don’t worry to buy it I was worried at the first time but in the end it is good and I liked it and these are all the colors I have swatched it on my hand oops, there’s one I haven’t swatched the pink one how could you guys not want to buy? buy it, buy it, save money, save money and I am saying this, that it is really worth it and about the formula and so far, I used this on my face my skin isn’t purging not breaking out and it seems fine even though the face paint smells really good like a body lotion fragrant so, I am confident enough to recommend this to you what kind of brush do you need for face painting? so, as you can see I have several brush in my hands and these are necessary for face painting this was the one I used before it is like a flat brush it is good for coloring bigger space like the eyelids it is convenient to color this part with this brush second, I really need this the tip is very small this is not a makeup brush I usually use this to make lines and also dots for example if I want to draw stars and dots around it I usually use this it helps a lot the brand of this brush is makeup forever fine liner brush just search for a cheaper one because I know that makeup forever is expensive even this one was a gift from my mom it has the shaped of this one and this one is bigger it is from I Am Addicted there’s the big one medium the smallest one flat brushes are good for color blocking and this is for the smaller spaces like this one you need at least 2 at least 2 flat brushes this size so, you could take the lighter colors and the darker ones and it won’t be mixed up and for the bigger one this is for coloring your whole face I usually use this to color up to my neck, my hand and this helps a lot because it is really big only with few swipes and it is covered immediately and if you still have a lot of questions you could comment down below and then I will answer it don’t forget to like this video if this video is educating you about face painting and also subscribe turn on notifications so, you won’t miss my next videos

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