Fairy Tale Christmas Romantic Christmas decorating Ideas 2018 Decorate My Tree DIY Gold Decorations

Fairy Tale Christmas Romantic Christmas decorating Ideas 2018 Decorate My Tree DIY Gold Decorations

100 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Christmas Romantic Christmas decorating Ideas 2018 Decorate My Tree DIY Gold Decorations

  1. Where did you purchase that Christmas wrap that you have on your tree is beautiful, you do not have it on your list

  2. Sweetie!!??.. Stumbled upon your videos, and of course, am a subscriber!! U r amazingly, talented! A joy to listen to, as well as viewing your talent of decorating❤️🙋👍🙏!! Wishing u, the moon and stars!! Lots of love, from a Jersey girl, in Athens, Greece!! 💞🇬🇷😉😁

  3. Beautiful where did you find the wrap for the tree I'm going to try this my tree. Once again beautiful. I always look for your projects please keep them coming.

  4. Wow, Just Absolutely Stunning… what is holding the wrap of material around your tree? Is that curtain holders? I am asking about the gold ones.. I would really love to know…

  5. God has truly blessed u with creating and decorating. A touch from heaven. Absolutely beautiful! God bless!💕

  6. This space is absolutely gorgeous!!! I have so many questions..lol. what did you wrap the tree with and what are the gold things holding them in place?

  7. Gurrtl! BEAUTIFUL!! Uh but uh I’m going to need the ‘undecorate’ video so I can figure out where to put all this stuff-should see my storage area-it’s crazy only in July—hubby is like ‘OK are we doing Christmas now what’s up?’ I’m getting ready for 2019 lol!

  8. This so breathtaking…I wanted something different for 2019…you've gave me an idea. ..embrace the peaceful single life the Lord knows what we need.

  9. Your house looks absolutely amazing. I love to decorate at xmas as well but omg you have such beautiful things. You are a true artist. Thanks you so much for sharing.

  10. Wow, this decor is gorgeous! 😍 I will have to keep this in mind for Christmas 2020! Haha

    Looking forward to your decor this year; I hope you’ll also share that with us! 😁

  11. Oh my goodness! Your decorations are gorgeous! Love the wooden designs on the tree! The clear nutcracker! So many things!! A video showing how you did this. The wrap especially would be nice. Maybe lower the background music just a bit. It was a bit hard to hear you. 💖

  12. Traduzcanlo x favor. Q hermoso árbol navideño jamás había visto uno con tela y con clase es espectacular felicidades c conjuga la elegancia y el buen gusto

  13. Very nice could l be able to see the video to see how l put the tree wiith cloth and all the ornaments please thank you

  14. Hello,
    I'm Laila, I write from Italy and I know or subscribed to your channel, I also follow your store on Amazon.

    I was enchanted by your setup for Christmas, I love Christmas too …

    I looked in the links in the infobox to see if I had inserted the links to buy the baroque decorations that you scattered on the tree to hold the drapes and that you positioned as a tree topper, I have an ancient family dining room with the same decorations and I would love to find them so I can buy them, tell me you can help me … I hope they don't cost a lot.
    Can you tell me what materials are made?

    I remain anxiously waiting and I thank you very much in advance.

    A hug from Italy


  15. I have seen a lot of 🎄Christmas trees over the years and there were a lot of your yearly rituals trees and amazing I have lol even seen Christmas trees upside down and hanging from the ceilings or decorating trees that are still rooted in to the ground 😊👍even different colored Christmas trees but as soon as I seen your video I just thought WOOW WHAT A OUTSTANDING Beautiful Christmas tree.i have never seen a tree like it 😁 plus I appsaloutley love 😍the reat of your gorgeous decor thank you for sharing I really do appreciate it very much I wish 🌠 I could do something like that lol but my husband has a problem with change which I wholeheartedly welcome that change I hope that you have a wonderful day/ evening and take care from me here in Ontario 🇨🇦🙋‍♀️💗🌻🌤🌈🦋/🌜🌠✨🎇🌟🌟🌟 God bless

  16. Ms. Summer your fairy tale tree and decorations are Absolutely Stunning! Where did you find the two large gold balls hanging from the ceiling PLEASE?

  17. Glamorous Elegance, you are truly special and thank you for the education…..I Love your vision…Stay Kind Cheers from Las Vegas

  18. Hey girl my word U have out don ur self now I love it😍😍😍💯✨💯💯✨🎄🎼🎄🎼🎄 everything now peaceful blessing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😁😄😃💯✨💯✨💯✨please do tell now I want do this to now ok thanks girl now🎄🎼🎄🎼where did the rap come from 4tree &do they have blue or other colors now😃😄😁💯✨✨💯😃😄😁😍🤔🤔💯✨

  19. Me encanta pero la grabación no porque no dejas disfrutar mueves mucho y rápido la cámara hazlo más suave y deja apreciar que hay

  20. Omgoodness!! Ab so lutely bu t ful!!! I just lovvvvvve ur tree u r awesome. Can't wait for the tree deco information

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