Fall 2018: Capitol Reef National Park (Day 3)

Fall 2018: Capitol Reef National Park (Day 3)

well it’s the morning of my third day here
in Capitol Reef National Park This morning while I was making coffee my water had a little bit of ice in it so my guess is it got every bit as cold as they were threatening last night on the forecast and the display in the 4Runner this
morning was showing 19 degrees so one degree warmer than yesterday Yay for that This morning brings me to the Capitol Gorge area I believe but at the moment I
am stopped off the side of the road on a little pull-off just watching the Sun come up and seeing how the light runs down the side of the big
buttes here that are the main feature of Capitol Reef I even saw a little bit of a
rainbow in the sky that was kind of an interesting phenomena There’s some really great grand Vista views here I just don’t know if it really makes for
a composition I’m sure you could it’s just not what I’m kind of going for but I am kinda scoping it out, and checking it out it’s a good place to stop
and stay warm in the truck too and drink some coffee there’s some high clouds in the sky I’m a little disappointed to see that cuz that wasn’t on the forecast but maybe by the time I find a composition and get set up they’ll start to burn off, that’s my hope but for now I’m gonna drink some coffee, stay warm and eat some breakfast those of you that are savvy may have
noticed that my low tire pressure indicator light’s on on my dash Well I’ll have you know that I had a dream last night that all four of my tires were flat (laughing) well I’m just kind of cruising Capitol
Gorge right now checking it out, looks.. you know it’s really pretty in some
spots. The light hasn’t quite got high enough to reach the spot that I
need it to hit in order to light up my composition I’m waiting for so I’m just
kind of cruising it checking it out and I’m gonna start heading back and watch
it see if it’s even.. see if it even looks like it’s likely to happen I don’t want
to sit on a composition all day if it’s never even gonna light up so.. but we’ll
see I’m gonna head back there and check it out with any luck it will within the
next couple hours. Yesterday it took me a couple hours to get that shot too so if it
takes me all morning to get this one that’s fine I often wonder though your
your friends and family always tell you when you go on these trips you know
take lots of photos.. I always wonder what they think when I go for four days and
come back with two photographs I definitely got some light reflecting in
my scene I’m trying to shoot so I’m walking up to get my tripod set up and
get this framed Looks like I got a little bit of time yet. This glow should last quite a while and it’s not quite at peak it looks like so it’s about the
perfect time to get set up and get in get in place You can probably see behind
me this light source wall I’m trying to use is almost in complete full sunlight
right now but I’m kind of getting thwarted by some high clouds still
basically they act like a big soft box and mute the direct sun rays that are
hitting this wall back here so when it reflects into my scene I’m trying to
shoot it looks a little dull and muted and not quite as strong the glow which
of course isn’t ideal but it’s nice and blue around it it’s just right where the
Sun is it’s a little bit of high cloud so I’m gonna sit on this and wait it out
I’m pretty hopeful that they might move out of the way and give me
direct sunlight to work with here but I settled on a composition a couple
challenges here but so far I mean I think it frames pretty well there’s this
big rock that I’m trying to use to anchor the foreground in my shot and I think
it works pretty well and then there’s some really nice soft delicate grasses in the
front that I got to try to make sure I get nice and sharp and then of course
there’s a little bit of distance between that and the wall in the background and
the tree that I’m using as my main subject so as per usual this will be
focus stacked to try to get everything nice and sharp I had to get the long
lens out, using a 70 to 200 right now just because there’s a there’s a few
things I’m trying to eliminate from the shot this big arc right here and just
get the back wall with the desert varnish stripes and then of course the tree that
I’m using as my main subject well we’re getting there but the high
clouds still just a little bit left and I’m waiting for to move out so I left my
camera in place got a little bit of time so I came back to the truck to get my
coffee and grab a snack and I’ll wait it out some more but it is improving, I’ve
shot it a couple times just test shots maybe they’re not the perfect shot just
yet but each time on my light meter I’ve got more and more light in the scene and I’ve had to turn my shutter speed up a little more from one over eight to one over ten
and so it’s it’s it’s getting there The rest of this canyons looking pretty good but I don’t have any other shots planned in this canyon for today so after this
one I’m gonna have to scope some more out and I might take that hike down to
the Pioneer Register and see what that looks like
there’s some petroglyphs in this park – that’d be cool to check out, I haven’t gotten a chance to do that yet but between today and tomorrow I think I’ll
have plenty opportunities to do that and a couple more hikes so well this is the frustrating bit about
landscape photography I can’t just ask my subject to move or you know change
the lighting or something like maybe a portrait photographer would all I can do
is sit here and wait now the Sun’s high enough and with the
canyon on the other side blocking the Sun a little bit I’ve lost my light source on
the wall back here so even if I get direct sunlight with no high clouds I’m
not so sure it’s gonna be the best light I sat on that composition for a
couple hours and the clouds just didn’t want to work with me so I shot it
a few times but now I packed it up and I guess I get another chance to do this
tomorrow if it doesn’t work out then at least I got something today but for now
I think I’m gonna wrap it up and go do a couple hikes hopefully they’re still
parking that’s one of the challenges I was dealing with too is it’s just kind
of on one of these main roads and I was actually shooting over the road into my
composition and now it’s getting late enough in a day even getting so much
traffic he’s just kicking dust up so yeah we’ll see see what happens in the
morning and see if you can either crack at this or not and or maybe I’ll find
something better but well I’ll make that decision in the morning so quite possibly just my opinion but Grand
Wash is great and all but I definitely think Capital Gorge is a lot more pretty
a little longer too Although it looks like it’s you know it’s
beautiful but it’s difficult to work it’s surprising how tough it’s been
so far coming up with compositions I think it’s interesting – I’m at the
Pioneer registry wall where all the pioneers that were trying to find their
way through the canyon here scratched their names and some of them put
dates up on the wall – I can see 1897 or 1887, 1883 I’m sure there’s even some that are
older than that that I can’t see crazy – these people are trying to cross
through this slot canyon basically on covered wagons ..yeah I wouldn’t want to be one
of them couple thousand-year-old graffiti or that’s what they’d call it today my guess? They climbed the back of that
rock rappelled down from there and the guy was right-handed well I ran up this hill it’s actually
just right up off the campground – that’s where I’m camping there’s a couple hikes
up here but I ran up here trying to get in place for sundown and try to get a
shot of the big buttes here But I’m a hair late so I probably have maybe a couple
minutes remaining light left on the buttes before its all gone it was
lit really well when I started but even in the amount of time I took me just to run
up here it’s already disappearing fast so rather than sit and wrestle with the tripod I think I’m just gonna enjoy the show it’s a good one too there’s the most ridiculously gorgeous earth shadow pink glow going on with the mountains in
the background and the Capitol Reef sign in the foreground, check this out.. it’s been a pretty good day I think that wraps up the day for me, kind
of same thing – Suns down it’s time to make some food and crawl in the sleeping bag, probably watch some silly videos on the phone again until I pass out so see you in the morning

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  1. Thank you Chris. Something resonates with me in each video you shoot. Love the music composition and how you blend it all together. Is that the real Wyatt Earp?

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