hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel so today’s video is going to be a fall decorate and clean with me so I
hope that you guys enjoy so today I’m just going to be decorating with the
fall decorations that I already have on hand I didn’t buy anything new yet but I
do have a few things coming in the mail I’m buying two new wreaths for my doors
I’m getting a new front rug for the door and I also have some new fake outdoor
plants that are coming for the door and then I also want to buy some actual real
pumpkins to put at my door because I haven’t put real pumpkins at the front
door in quite a few years so I want to do that this year but I won’t be sharing
all that new decor until my fall house tour video which hopefully should be up
about a week and a half after this decorate with me video goes up so for
today’s fall decorate with me we’re just going to be using the decorations that I
already have on hand and then in a week and a half when I film my fall house
tour I will be sharing with you those new decorations that I have coming in so
make sure that you’re subscribed with the notification bell turned on so that
you don’t miss out when I do upload that fall house tour so here is all the fall
decor that I got out of storage to decorate with today I think almost all
of this is either from Target or Hobby Lobby I got most of this last year and I
had these flowers from Hobby Lobby and storage and I thought well pull them out
and see if I could use them because they have some nice fall colors in them I
love all these little pumpkins that I got from the target dollar spot last
year but unfortunately the target dollar spot has not put out any of their fall
decor yet as of right now I don’t know why I was hoping to get a few little
things from there I am an affiliate with antique candle company so they recently
sent me a bunch of their fall candles these all smell amazing so we’re gonna
get some of these put out today and get them burning and get it feeling and
smelling like fall in here so we’ve got apple pickin pumpkin spice and then
fall harvest and I love all of these scents it’s gonna be hard to decide
which one I want to get started burning today the first room that I wanted to add some
fall touches to is the living room so before I got started with the decorating
I wanted to tidy up in here a little bit and then do some dusting and vacuum the
floors usually before I start decorating for a holiday or redecorating or
whatever I usually like to dust everything down first and have the room
nice and clean before I start decorating I feel like I am still in summer mode
like it just doesn’t feel like fall yet probably because it’s still so hot it
just feels like summertime I just haven’t been really getting in the mood
for fall or pumpkins or cooler weather all that kind of stuff like it seems
like everybody else is it usually doesn’t really start feeling like fall
here where we live until about middle of October when they’re harvesting the corn
and then you can just kind of just feel fall in the air but right now it’s like
the first week of September when I’m filming this it just doesn’t feel like
fall yet so I’m hoping that by decorating for fall and getting out some
fall candles and stuff maybe it will start to feel like fall a little bit
more here in the house so here’s how I decorated this entryway table I got this
little grateful sign at I think it was the target dollar spot last year was
probably only like a dollar or something they always have the greatest little
decorations in there for fall and Christmas time and then I also added
just a few small touches of fall over here in the living room nothing crazy I
don’t decorate a ton for fall just because I like to buy decorations that I
can use year-round so when it comes to holiday decorations or fall decorations
I don’t like to spend a ton of money on them since they’ll only be out for about
two or three months after I finished all of the decorating
and cleaning that I wanted to do here in the living room and entryway area then I
grabbed my vacuum to vacuum all the carpet and the floor in the entryway now I’m going to add a few touches of
fall to the kitchen I switched out those bright yellow summery flowers for these
more fall colored flowers both of these flowers I think we’re from Hobby Lobby
they just have a great selection of fake flowers like this all of their flowers
always look real and are really good quality so I highly recommend getting
some there so I arranged those flowers in that vase added another one of those
candles from antique candle company and then just one of those little pumpkins
from the target dollar spot and this candle smells amazing all of the fall
candles smell amazing like I said and I am an affiliate so I do have a link down
below that you can use to go and check out their website and all the candles
that they have I hope that you enjoyed this fall
decorate and clean with me video give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it don’t
forget to subscribe and stay tuned for that fall house tour video where I will
be sharing some more fall decor with you guys and thank you so much for watching
and liking and commenting on my videos and subscribing it means so much to me
and I will see you in a few days with a brand new video bye you

34 thoughts on “FALL CLEAN & DECORATE WITH ME 2019 | CLEANING MOTIVATION | Hannah’s Happy Home

  1. Cute! I think you should get a larger canvas print family photo for your kitchen. It would be so cute and you have plenty of wall space for it!

  2. So happy you are back, but I hope you had a wonderful vacation! Thanks for the cleaning motivation. I love what you did with the decor!

  3. Hope you had a wonderful vacation! Loved your instagram videos and pics from Hawaii! Glad your back though I need some motivation

  4. The only thing I suggest from a designers stand point is pull furniture off the walls and put on top
    Of rug and maybe choose a larger coffee table

  5. Hannah, totally enjoy your video love your fall decorations. I to love your hair I grow mine like that I have to many headaches.

  6. If you don't celebrate Halloween don't have the pumpkins outside of your house around that time bc it invites the demons of that holiday into your home I know most people will say that's crazy but I learned it from this guys testimony John Ramirez he is a Christian now but he was a satanist and his testimony is so powerful that I never celebrated Halloween again after I heard it I'm not trying to force my beliefs on anyone just a warning in love no judgment or anything

  7. Love the fall decor!! Super cute white pumpkins 🙂 eeekkkkkkk dusting always seems like it’s that one chore that’s easy to skip but so important if that makes sense lol love your house it’s super cozy looking. Great routine, tfs ❤️ ps yeah for cotton wood 🙂 I’m super ready for fall here 🎃 🌲 🔥 🍁

  8. Olá irmã gosto muito dos seus vídeos oque temos em comum temos cabelos longos e gastamos de saias e de organização bjs para sua família 😘😘😘

  9. Hi Hannah! I'm a new subscriber and I love your channel! Was just curious if you could do a hair tutorial video sometime? I love your "hair" buns (LOL), they're always so cute! My hair is very long, like yours, and I could use some inspiration on styles. Thanks!

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