Let’s check mmm is he in there good is Abel and his car seat good? Okay These are sandals, let’s wear oh My god, we only have one of each shoe here Where’s the rest of your shoes? We can’t wear we can’t wear sandals when it’s cold Thank yo. Oh there’s the fire whistle All right You check up Hi guys, huh, so today, um I was gonna turn the radio off. I was going to do kind of like a fall-like decorating video like I’m gonna show you guys what I did with my house to decorate for fall and it’s not that much stuff because I don’t get like too crazy with it but I wanted to go to Walmart and See what they had For their fall decorations I’ve been seeing it in passing And I haven’t really like gone and actually look for anything that I’d want to buy to decorate the house with I already have some stuff up in the house So I was gonna go and look at Walmart Maybe possibly get some stuff in this show you guys what I did for decorating for fall and I look like a big toe The level of Disaster that I’m willing to go out in public looking like now is like Astronomically high was good. So what shall we? And the plane that saw me She counted down Sorry car and I didn’t really get that much stuff when I got like three things Because I already have stuff out like I said a second ago So like I kind of felt like if I bought a lot of stuff would be a little bit overkill from my personal tastes Nothing wrong with going all out for for fall Halloween. I personally Love decorating for Christmas more. So like it gets a little bit more serious for Christmas, but you know I’m so I’m gonna go inside and set up the stuff that I did buy and then yes, I’ll show you guys some What someone’s going on in there, oh guy Oh God look though Alright guys, so I’m back in the house now and I was gonna show you Like more up close what I got, you know the three things. Whoa three things so It one was this little boy I Just thought that was so cute. If you can see it without a glare, that would be great He says give thanks with a grateful heart And it’s like a tin like mason jar looking thing and That was I want to seems like doesn’t even have a tag on it. Yeah. It was 688 Warm done alright Him. The other thing was this pumpkin. I mainly actually it looks gross I mainly got this one for Heidi cuz she like wanted to play with something while we were in the Lake while she was in the cart But I’m gonna put it somewhere it was only like 98 cents, but and it’s like a really funky shaped pumpkin. So Yeah, I don’t know why it’s not focusing what the heck hmm All right, and the last thing was this pumpkin is? this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life and Heidi like popped some of the pieces off while she was in the cart So like then I like 100% had to buy it because she basically broke it, but I want to be anyway so yeah, and then this was only ten dollars, I think uh 998 I’m gonna put this where I usually have my wreath in the living room. I Wasn’t gonna buy anything to put in that place? Like I was just gonna leave that wreath up there and it’s like a summery spring wreath but then I saw that little pumpkin thing and I was like, oh, yeah, like definitely most definitely getting that so I’m gonna show you After I stick these three items in the house Just like the few things that I have out for fall and If you love me if you care about me as a person You’re gonna pretend that you don’t see how am I seeing? My house is okay. All right All right, so I just put everything away that I got from Walmart And so now I’ll show you guys all that stuff and then all the stuff that I had before I went to Walmart put out and I was gonna buy pumpkins at Walmart and When I got there, I forgot cuz they’re like outside They’re like out front of the store And when I got there, I forgot to go ahead and grab them and then when I was checking out I thought oh wait oh, it’s gonna buy pumpkins and By then I didn’t want to check out and then go out and get the pumpkins and then come back in If that makes sense, so I’m just gonna get pumpkins next time. I was gonna put pumpkins outside like by the door okay, so first thing is This little feller so I actually made this and It is in my Etsy store shameless plug. Hi, how are ya? I’m gonna leave my Etsy store down below if you guys wanted to look at any of the stuff that I have because I actually have a lot of my stuff that I made out because I made it all for fall and You know I liked it Which is why I made it in the first place because it was something that I would have liked to buy So I have some of my stuff out and this tablecloth I got from Walmart not this time, but I got this from Walmart in The in like the regular table cloth Curtains section like it wasn’t I don’t really think it’s like specifically fall Themed I don’t know but I thought it would look good for fall cuz it’s not like boom fall pattern Hell a bit like in your face. It’s kind of just like a subtle like fall colors and stuff So and I think it was only like four dollars so that’s pretty good we have my coffee Section here. I got these flowers From Joanne’s they’re burgundy hide Rania’s and I also got this cute little pumpkin from Joanne’s both of those were on sale so These were originally $10 and I got them for Like three and then this was on sale for like a doll or something. It was virtually like $4, so Yeah, that’s that and then Amongst this tragedy my poor Ravens I Have these little fellas also in my store so next is this candle which a family friend made this and Then this cute little pumpkin that is also in my Etsy store And this little area is just like right by my front door and then this is my dining room table here’s another one of the pumpkins and then this lovely little feller, which I’m Also on my Etsy store and this is where I put the little pumpkin. I don’t know it Kind of a random spot. I guess just like randomly right here, but Yeah, a cute little pumpkin and this is where my refused to be. It’s like here’s You come into the living room from this area. This is the upstairs door. So it’s kind of just chilling there and this was the not this but This was the wreath that was up there that I got from Joanne’s and it’s really pretty and full and I was gonna keep it but I don’t know. I kind of like the pumpkin there now for fall Last but not least I guess is more of the flowers that I got from Joanne’s and then I got this this was also in another one of my videos. I got it at a yard sale for free because we went like at the end of the yard sale and they were just Trying to get rid of their stuff so they wouldn’t have to take it like to Salvation Army or anything So I got that for free you could probably get it anywhere really it looks like it might have come from like a place like Joanne’s or something like a fabric place or Like, um, Hobby Lobby or something like that Oh, I almost forgot to show you guys where I put that little mason jar thing in the bathroom So this is really embarrassing Abel’s almost 7 months old and I mentioned this in another video that like my bathroom. It’s all taped up because About a couple weeks after he was born. I was gonna paint my bathroom and I never did and I just left the tape up because every once in a while, I really feel like I’m going to and then I don’t so like Here’s where I put the Gift thanks sign. It’s like right across from the mirror in the bathroom um I think it looks really good there. I don’t know with that blue tape dang girl. I should be an interior designer Alright, well, that’s all for today’s video. Just a quick video to show you guys what I did for fall decorating If you liked it, please the like button and subscribe if you’re not subscribed already and make sure to follow me on Instagram It’s linked below I’m also gonna link some of the stuff that I got and Some of the stuff that I already had if I can still find it Down below in case you guys want to take a look at that and my sister will be linked below if you want to look At the stuff that I had out that I made myself and That’s all Thanks for watching. Bye Please just have in mind he will only last for okay


  1. I love decorating for fall but find that it passes me by before I get to it and all of a sudden it's winter! This was a fun way for me to vicariously decorate through you 😁

  2. People are gong to “fall” in love with those decorations, Abby! Good luck getting guests to “leaf” your house. 😀

  3. So cool you have an etsy store ♡
    Will have to check it out.
    You got some super cute finds though.
    Loving the fall decor sweet. You did a great jon. Thank you for sharing xx

  4. Hello Abby, I came here to say that I'm subscribed to you! Also, it would be very appreciative of you if you please checkout the music covers on my channel.

  5. Small Haul 👍👍but everything were Wonderful for the Fall Decor👍😊
    Yes New Subbie 👍😊

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