Fall Home Decor Ideas | JCPenney

Fall Home Decor Ideas | JCPenney

– Hey guys, welcome back. My name is Sharrah Stevens
and my YouTube channel’s called Live Your Style. We did part one of this video
where I went to JCPenney and I got all kinds of fall decor. I did a haul on my channel
so if you wanna see my shopping experience
and all the things I got, go over there and check that video out. But today is part two. I’m gonna show you how I
took the things that I got at JCPenney and I’m gonna
show you how I decorated my home with fall decor, how I styled my own little fall outfit, and we’re gonna just have some fun today. So let’s go check out inside. The first thing I got
was this beautiful reef. I love this reef. It actually has all of the
colors that are already inside my home so it kind of sets
the tone for our house and what to expect when you’re
about to walk into our home. So, let’s go check it out. Here are my bookshelves
when you walk into my home in the living room this is
the first thing that you see. I really wanted to make sure
that I had a lot of cozy fall elements in my bookshelves. Here’s why I love JCPenney. Not only do they have
awesome private brand, label brands that they carry,
they also carry national level brands and they have a
variety of different styles. Things from trucks to trays,
to really cute garlands. They really just have everything. You’re always gonna have
something fun to find whenever you go shopping
which is always a good thing. Starting here with my favorite piece that I found at JCPenney. My husband has a thing for trucks. Last year for Christmas at
JCPenney they had a red truck with Christmas trees in the back. – Ooh, this looks pretty
sweet, love me some trucks. I might have to keep
my eye on this bad boy. – Now for fall they’ve got a
white truck with some pumpkins. I wanted to make it
look like it was falling out of the truck so I actually
threw in a couple real pumpkins that I found at a pumpkin patch. It kind of made it look
like it was cascading out of the truck which
I think is kind of cute. I got this awesome tray,
it says hello autumn. So you can use a tray on a
coffee table or on a flat surface as an actual tray. You can put it upright in
a bookshelf like I did. Or this guy specifically has
an actual rope on the top part of it so you can use it
in a gallery wall setting. I love the color of the wood
and it just kind of gives you those rustic fall vibes,
which is kind of fun. This is problem my second favorite item that I got at JCPenney and here’s why. I can use this all year long. It’s a wood garland of beads. I could use this for fall,
I could use this for winter, and you can use them in a
variety of different ways. You can hang them. You can also do what I
did and just find a basket or some sort of bowl, put a
pumpkin on top, call it a day. But I also have another
one over on this side. Let’s go take a look. Again, I used my wood
bead garland on this side in another little bowl. And then I got this. Do you recognize something? It’s the same exact florals
that are on the reef outside so when you come in you’ll see
it and it’s kind of similar but it goes with my color palette so well and I just love it. An again, I got this cute little pumpkin that says hello fall. It has a little white on
white argyle sweater on. What’s not to love? And that’s it. I added a few awesome
things to my bookshelves to really transform my space for fall to make it feel like I got
some cozy fall vibes in here. Now I’m officially ready for the holidays so it’s pretty exciting. When it comes to
decorating for the holidays usually they’re pretty
short periods of time. You don’t want to spend
a whole bunch of money just decorating for each
of those small holidays so that’s why I love going to JCPenney. They have so many great options
that have such great value, they always have great deals
going on and it just makes it really easy to have your home
feel special for the holidays without breaking the bank
which is kind of nice. If you guys wanna see
part one of this video, make sure you go over to my channel. You can see the shopping
experience and the haul that I did on my channel. And also if you wanna check
out any of the awesome decor pieces that I found here today, I’m gonna link ’em below. You can going to JCPenney
and shop them online or go to your nearest JCPenney store. Thanks for having me on this channel and I’ll see you back over
on Live Your Style, bye. (upbeat music)

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