Hey everyone, I’m Lisa in case you’re new and today I am doing my fall home decor tour for 2017 I always love doing these decor videos especially for fall and Christmas today’s video is a collaboration with a bunch of other youtubers We’re all sharing our fall home decor tours everyone in this collaboration kind of has that farmhouse inspiration style I love the farmhouse style And I also use a lot of vintage elements in my decor mixed with some water and stuff So I hope you guys will enjoy this tour, and I’ll have everyone else’s channels linked below That is in this collaboration So be sure to go watch their videos blunt them know that I sent to you in their comments And I hope you guys enjoy their videos as well, and if you are new to this channel Again, I’m Lisa my husband, and I post all different kinds of videos we do home decor cleaning DIYs recipe videos Faith content Vlogs hauls you name it so be sure to hit that subscribe button if you want to stick around and see more of our videos And let’s go ahead and get into the tours starting off outside on my front porch I have this wreath that I actually made last year, and then this is another DIY this sign I made a couple years ago, and then down here. We have this welcome mat that we got from kirklands this year I think it’s so cute. It says gather on it and right next to the mat I have this little watering can that I bought at Target dollar spot I think a year ago and a bunch of floral stems that I got at the Dollar Tree So here is what my entryway looks like please ignore those boxes for now we couldn’t move them. They’re for my husband’s business But he threw his back out so we can’t move them right now so pretend like they’re not there But here’s this little corner over here. I just added this blanket scarf inside this basket to give it a fall touch I have these pussywillows which I don’t think are technically fall But I still thought they looked really pretty and then I just have a little Dollar Tree pumpkin as well as these little spindle sticks that I got from a local thrift store And then I have this welcome sign in the basket that I made I do have a tutorial on how Make all my painted wooden signs I’ll have that link below as well and then I have this little happy fall sign over here that I did make and I think I have a tutorial for that and Then moving on to my entry table. I just have this little tin canister from the Dollar Tree with a bunch of Dollar Tree Floral stems in it a Dollar Tree pumpkin, and then this little sign that I got last year at Kirkland And then I also laid this fabric down on my entry table across from my entry table I have this little area over here with the mirror in this basket. I just have this cow that was my Husband’s grandma’s I have this little thankful pillow that I made last year I believe another pillow that I made some wheat stalks on this stool We have this little sweet birdie that my husband picked out at Marshall’s this year, and then another pillow just like that thankful pillow that I made last year but says autumn and then another pillow that I’ve made moving out of the entryway into the living room We have this bookcase over here so on top here I have some candlesticks from kirklands these little pumpkins that I got from the Dollar Tree couple of them I have chalk painted as you can tell. I have some more wheat stems Most of this isn’t fall decor in here. I have a couple little pine cones and sprigs down there But that’s about it And then just give you an overlook of the rest of the living room right here on this little table I have this pumpkin and apple sign that I made a couple or a few years ago and this pumpkin I got last year at kirklands and it’s like all shimmery and metallicky and Then in these little vases I actually made these I don’t have a video on this, but I just put some Fall stems from the Dollar Tree and tied some ribbon around them and then over here on this little table I have some false stems in this bottle and a little pumpkin that I got in a set at Kirkland and on our TV stand I just have these tall candles and these candlesticks that I got from the thrift store I’m some dollar tree candles here and some dollar tree pumpkins and then for our couch and coffee table I kept it kind of simple. I just added a couple blankets and pillows that I made that pumpkin pillow I do have a tutorial on from last year some other pillows another blanket right here I have this bottle milk crate with these little Stems in it from the Dollar Tree and this little harvest sign that my mom Got me last year above our couch over here We actually have this painting up all year round, but it is a fall scene and we got it last year from Kirkland So I thought you guys would like to see that and then over in this little corner. We have a few fall decorations Here’s our pick picture. We shared in our Kirkland Hall This is where we decided to hang it in case case you guys were wondering, but I have this little tray over here That is from Walmart We bought it last year, and I just have some assorted fall findings like pumpkins and pinecones as well as a vanilla sandalwood Candle from Grob collaborative and over here on the rocking chair. I have the hydrangea wreath I made this year with supplies from the Dollar Tree, and this is like one of my most popular videos right now So I’ll have that linked below Thank you for all the love on that video And I know a bunch of you have also made this wreath and then moving on into the dining room so Here on my table. I kept it kind of simple I just have this runner that I got a target dollar spot a while ago And then just put little chalk painted pumpkins from the Dollar Tree and some other fall Dollar Tree findings And I’m moving on to my dining room hutch, which is one of my favorite areas to decorate I actually have a full video on how I Decorated this in tips for decorating shelves if you guys want to check that out as well up top Have a sign that I made with a little dollar tree leaf garland a basket of plate Then there’s this little happy harvest sign from kirklands from last year some little false stems Some pumpkins that I got at a craft store awhile ago this pumpkin from the Dollar Tree more those little berry stems that pumpkin plate my mom gave me and Then these little pumpkins from Kirkland’s and then some like pine cones and fall Stems, and then another one of those pumpkins that I got out of craft store some cinnamon sticks in these bottles I have some corn That I bought at a grocery store a couple years ago It’s like dried out corn, and then I have more of these Kirkland’s Pumpkins and right next to my hutch. I have this chalkboard, so I like to change it out seasonally right now I have this design, which I got the inspiration for this off of Pinterest over here in our little water dispenser I just have this Grove collaborative tray with a couple of Dollar Tree pumpkins, and I’m moving on to our kitchen I just have a few things to share with you guys I have some tea cups some pumpkin spiced tea some pumpkin spice and cinnamon sticks all in this basket And then I have this little chalkboard that I made that says pumpkin spice latte I’m really proud of how this turned out on the other side of my sink. I have this little corner over here I have this little wood paddle from Walmart a little greenery tree that I bought at t.j.maxx a long time ago a Dollar Tree pumpkin on top of a book a little butter churner that I always have out, and then I have these little happy fall ya’ll Oven mitts that I got from Walmart last year And then we have a little pumpkin over here from the Dollar Tree on the other side of the stove. I have this give thanks miniature bread loaf pan and I thought this was really cute. I got this out life way a couple years ago All right guys, thank you for checking out my fall home decor tour I hope you enjoyed it if you did Please give it a thumbs up and leave a comment below telling me what other fall related videos you want to see us do on this channel Be sure to go check out the other ladies in this collaboration again their channels will be linked below so go watch their home tours as well because I know you’ll get Totally inspired by all their decor I love you all so much from your TV everything in love because you are lovely Bye


  1. Everything looks so beautiful!! I love your kitchen and dining area. I'm in a season of life right now where I can't really decorate because Ezra runs his cars and trucks through everything – I've already had to move all my pretty things off of my console table..now it's turned into a block building, paw patrol figure stacking, car and truck race course lol. Xx

  2. I love where you placed the pig picture! your home looks so beautiful, cozy and definitely farmhouse! your home is almost shaped like a farmhouse! ๐Ÿ’•

  3. I've been looking forward to your fall home tour! So excited to see you posted it today! โค๏ธ everything looks beautiful! You're so talented!

  4. Your home is so cozy and I love seeing all your DIY's! I love the color palette you chose and the hitch is my favorite too! I need to make some pillows! So glad you joined us!

  5. Loving your fall decor, it's all so beautiful. Totally in love with your hutch – you have it decorated perfectly and I just love how everything pops against the black. I am going to have to copy your "thankful" pillow idea. Love it's simplicity! Thanks for the beautiful tour!

  6. Love all of the fall decor and videos! You could do your favorite pumpkin and apple recipes? Or favorite activities to do in the fall?

  7. Your decorations flow so well with each other and are just simple enough to not be overwhelming but you can really tell they are decorations. I love it!

  8. Everything looks so lovely. I adore your hutch! What a beautiful piece! You have it styled just perfect. Thanks so much for sharing : )

  9. Hi Lisa! Your how looks so lovely! I love your hutch! I like how you did your dinner table, great idea! Nan ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€โค

  10. Your fall decor looks so beautiful Lisa! I especially love your hutch and the cute little chalkboard in your kitchen! I'm inspired to try to make one for my kitchen! Thank you so much for sharing! Blessings! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. You are extremely crafty. Wish I was๐Ÿ˜ž love all of your attention to details ๐Ÿ‘Œ I especially love your hutch.๐Ÿ’œ Warm and cozy๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ

  12. Love your decor ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn't realize u did so many diy's! All of your stuff u made looks like it came from a shop ๐Ÿ™‚ beautiful.

  13. Could you do a fall outing like a pumpkin patch or something? That would be fun! ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚ ~Elizabeth

  14. So cute!! I love Fall, and Adah has been begging me to get the decor out!! I always start with buying candles and Hand soap. Haha!! Wired, but I can't start decorating until that's done. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  15. First, your eyes are stunning! And, of course, your home is beautiful! I love how you everything placed. So homey and comfy!

  16. Came over from Keri's channel…beautiful fall dรฉcor…I love your hutch!!! I wish I had room for one in my kitchen. TFS

  17. I may be only nineteen, but you make me so excited to have a home one day! I absolutely adore your videos. God bless you both!

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