[Music] hey guys welcome to my 2019 fall home tour [Music] so starting out here we went pretty simple I got this hello pumpkin Matt from jo-ann’s the welcome sign from Kirkland and everything else I had last year and I just repurposed it all and just put it on these pretty succulents right here for a pop of color I was going for the neutral yet pops of color this year with orange and blue [Music] this wreath I got last year from home goods and it has held up so well so in here these are some pillows I got last year and these are also in my Amazon favorites they’re just pillow covers this was from home goods and I love the colors of it that I made on my DIY channel I will link that above or in the description box it is just a pizza pan that I just kind of spruced up those three stacked pumpkins were from Marshall they were actually a gift for my mom and they still have them so I think they’re really cute and they have a little gold stem over here I kept it pretty clean I put a little tray here from the target dollar spot and these are some of the pumpkins I did decoupage on and I also did that with my own my DIY channel with the other little Dollar Tree crafts but I left it pretty simple over here same for over here the pumpkin is from t.j.maxx it lights up but I have not put a battery in it this lights up I will get it to light up and it is from it looks like mercury glass which I am loving so much this year [Music] so in here I’m going to show you guys I got this from jo-ann’s this year and I also got that thankful sign from Joanne’s if you guys remember the Home Tour you know where I got everything in here so I won’t go through it but I will link that above so if you want details on all of this type of stuff as well as the big reveal that’s where you’ll go I have this pillow here this is my Big Lots pillow from last year if you guys remember and I’m just trying to not go out and buy a whole bunch of new stuff so I am just reusing the 1/2 over this way I left it pretty simple I just did the regular colors and my blush pillows are right there I’m not worried about it this room is very soft and feminine so I’m fine with that sitting there this is pretty much just the sitting room anyway then over here this I spray-painted gold it was just regular old light brown I made this gold and then I got this pumpkin I actually got it for Isabella and I thought it matched the flowers over there so I thought it was so pretty but I really was having a hard time figuring out where it should go so I’ve just put it in here I have this right here the basket this pumpkin I love this is from Marshalls this is the pumpkin from Hobby Lobby it’s usually just cream and it has like different sizes I tried to give it the mercury class look so I sprayed it a couple times you can kind of see under there and then I just stressed it and then put a little bit of a sparkle to it I’m gonna try to pick it up if I can so I actually made that one and this tall glass was from home goods and it went with my blue theme if you remember this used to be in my dining room area right above the bench seating this pumpkin here was from Marshalls and then actually got this book which I thought was so appropriate because if you’ve been with me for a while you know I am definitely a homebody but I just like the way it look and I just love Joanna Gaines so I put that there this was from home goods as well then I got this grouping of hydrangeas they were had a really long stem and I cut him off to fit I thought this blue bit perfect I’ve had this for quite some time and I got these hydrangeas from Marshalls [Music] here is the dining room I hate em in love with what I did this year let me know in the comments below what you think so this year I tried to go a little more simple and I am gonna have in the cards above last year’s home tours that you’ll be able to see how it varied how it’s different this year so I had these water high stances I think that’s how you say I’m Chargers underneath these are from the dollar store these are from the Dollar General then I took these magnolias from the tree outside these are real and then I took some little cuties little halos and put them right here I was gonna put pumpkins but since we’re in Florida I thought the little citrus would be really cute and it was the perfect tone of orange then I had the blue glasses here this just kind of offsets it a little bit and does the colors that I’m going for I’ve got my neutral pumpkins right there that pumpkin was from Joanne’s another little pumpkin there and then I made this whole set up here I’ve had this for quite some time I got it from home goods and these are pumpkins I had in my decor last fall and I just repurposed them and put a couple of little cuties in here to have some pops of orange I love the way it all came out then I have these antique milk glass candle holders with some beautiful candles lit up we do not have Thanksgiving dinner here but I love to just set them play settings up and it just puts me in the fall mood let me know what you guys think so here’s the entire view we added this wall of plates up here I got these from thrift stores somewhere give it to me no more than 60 something cents each and we hung them up I had to have them up a little higher because I do have boys and you guys know that they will break them but I think they are so they have all kinds of different shapes some are really ornate it’s summer plain I love them I was never the one to write up a song for just anyone I was always the one to find myself lost and no conversations are cuz I’ve always been told that things will involve if you keep away but then you came along to prove me wrong with some mistake again cuz you blew other pieces back together yeah you you take a mug on to make them better coming into the kitchen you guys saw this if you saw my clean and decorate with me I made this a little more simple I took the other cutting board and I put the pumpkins on that in the entryway as I showed you guys I got this gather sign from Joanne’s just the other day for 60% off so I was really excited about that deal and kept it pretty simple in here you know how I am I do not do well with a lot of clutter so I just wanted to get some nice statement pieces and then just let them speak for themselves without too much this was given to me it lights up but it doesn’t work right now I’ve kept the kitchen super simple [Music] then over here I have a matching pumpkin and then I got this from home goods on the clearance rack this is from Ikea I’ve had it for a really long time and I’ve got one of my favorite fall since season here that’s a cider meal it is amazing if you guys need a Scentsy distributor let me know my best friend does it and they always keep me in stock it they always have the latest sense out so definitely let me know if you guys are interested I am loving this view I think it’s so pretty and so clean and I’m just so thrilled with how everything came out [Music] and I think to myself thinking uh I got this from at home it was on clearance I have an amazing candle in there it’s from the cozy candle company I featured them in my video last year they have all soy natural soy hand pork candles and they are amazing you can find them on Instagram the pumpkins I had a lot of these from last year this was from Michaels this one was home goods this was Michaels and the rest were just ones that I’ve had then I took the cutting board that I recently got from home goods put it here at the platform and lined it with eucalyptus and some of these flowers all of these were fall florals that were 50% off so it was super affordable this lamp is from Target I got that some time ago I’ve had it kind of bouncing all around the house but this is from Target and they still have it in stock down here I got this gold glitter turkey from Joanne’s and then over here I got this tray from home goods I talked about this on my Instagram I painted this goal and I took the jute off the handles I put some contact paper on here and then just painted the edges with a little white chalk paint then I got this from home goods as well and this was from home goods around summer time I when I had my summer home tour I showed this this blast I was from last year and I got this from Marshalls [Music] in the beginning it was like we were glued to each other yes [Music] starting right here this used to be gray you might remember if you’ve been with me for a while I spray painted it white and put the marbled contact paper on the bottom I got this orchid from Marshalls I got this a gold pumpkin from home goods and this is from Walmart and I love the way it’s just a little bit of glam with pops of green I love adding a little bit of color to my neutral fall decor I’ve got this pillow from Big Lots last year I get pillow covers from Amazon and it’s in my Amazon favorites these are from TJ Maxx this year this was purchased from Etsy and if you guys are interested I can put her little shop down below she makes all kinds of really cool pillow covers this pheasant was from Target this year I thought they’re so pretty with all the colors and went with my blue and my little pops of rust and then coming over here this pillow was from HomeGoods just to incorporate some of the burlap feeling and then the warmth of the sweater light material on the back you know I have to have a little bit of bling this is my living room I took the pumpkins out of the sconces up there and just put some little Dollar Tree candles [Music] then over here I took the blue blanket and draped it over this chair and added this pillow that I had in the front room I felt like it went better in here with the blues and the little gold embellishments and I just love this pillow this was from home goods and they got it they still have it this year and they also have one in a different color [Applause] this year I tried to focus on pieces that would be timeless and that I would be able to use year after year I felt like it was really important to not just get things that were just a fad but things that really spoke to me and made me feel a lot of joy and so everything I’ve purchased this year is something that I plan on keeping for a very long time I have actually never really purchased a lot of a holiday decor it’s always been hand-me-downs and this is the first year I finally went and got the pieces that really just sparked joy and made me happy but I made sure to do it on a budget the best thing you can do for pillows is just get pillow covers and amazon has some mini you can choose from and that really keeps the cost down this pumpkin here was from Joanne’s I think it’s just so cute I love all the little mirrors on it for my mantel I kept it very simple because my boys are up here all the time playing with their video games so I got these topiaries from at home they originally had a black bottom and I spray painted it white just to make it look a little more neutral up here I like it very clean and then I took this pumpkin I had purchased two years ago from Hobby Lobby they still have it and I spray painted it white I wanted this area to stay really clean and minimal because the boys are always up here and I do not want a lot of clutter when there’s already so much going on there [Music] [Applause] [Music] so in our room I did not do much but I just added you guys know I love my leopard print this is from Marshalls added some books my Georgia Peach candle from Bath & Body Works and then some pumpkins I had from last year I made this pumpkin here and this is a Dollar Tree pumpkin that I’ve painted gold here and this was originally yeah this one was already white nothing fancy just you know little touches here and there [Music] I’ve been praying through the I’ve been praying through the night [Music] asking every high-power for me for a sign to let the and I think Ruby is all poured out she’s subject okay guys I hope you enjoyed this year’s fall Home Tour I am so pleased with how everything came out and I hope you enjoyed this home tour I hope it motivated you and inspires you to make your house a home but just doing some things that you love I personally love to decorate especially for the seasons what is your favorite season to decorate mine is fall by far I just love the richness of the colors I love the pumpkins it’s just a transition from summer into a really warm and cozy time and I love it as you can tell so this homes board was really really important to me really near and dear to my heart and I wanted it to be special to you and I hope that I showed you guys some good ways of decorating your home for the season if you are new here I would love for you to consider subscribing I do a lot of decorating on this channel as well as weekly clean with Me’s and cooking recipes and all kinds of fun mommy stuff as I am a mom of five is pretty busy it’s pretty crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way so thank you guys so much for watching and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up subscribe if you are new and I cannot wait to see you in the next video bye guys [Music] you


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