1. Yay I am getting all the fall feels in this video! 🤗 I really want to start using wax melts, do you recommend where I can get a really good warmer?

  2. Your home looks beautiful!!!! I love a Ruby just chilling on the couch looking at you like mom are you done yet lol. I dont have a favorite season. Every season I love because I get board easy so when the next season is starting I'm so ready for a change.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! You have such an amazing ability to decorate with elegance and style!! I'm such a glitter & sparkle girl and I think that all of the pops of glitter and sparkle are gorgeous!! Ruby is so completely precious!! I love her so much!! AWESOME JOB!!

  4. Very Beautiful, I’m like you I use my decor over each year. Add a few new pieces. Most of my decor comes from thirst stores.

  5. I wonder where you got your scentsy from! 🤣🥰😍 love the decor friend 🥰🥰 need to see your sweet face again

  6. I love that gather sign you made! You are so creative Lynn! I’m a sucker for the light up pumpkins this year, I really need to go get one. You were the first one to introduce me to “shopping your home” for decor. Such great advice! Your table set up looks amazing! I always enjoy your home decor tours ❤️

  7. Firstly, you are insanely beautiful! Secondly, this was my favorite video you’ve ever done. Loved every second of it! I’m so proud of the person you are and I’m beyond blessed to call you a friend! 😘

  8. I can’t stop commenting🤪 I need to marco you as I watch this!🙈 I LOVE the pumpkins below the mirror! It’s like your own little pumpkin patch! I would totally name it that if I had that at our house♥️

  9. I love the look, clean and simple! It says I am ready for fall and not in your face. Love the colors you used! The hutch you have the tv on, the space below looks like a faux fireplace to me! Love it!

  10. Love the wreath on the front door and your dining table is fabulous! Autumn is my favourite season but decorating the house for each season is not a tradition here in Ireland. Enjoyed your video x

  11. Lynn! It’s beautiful! So, so pretty. I do like the mostly neutral with pops of color in your house. It really works. The plate wall was a nice addition. The table is my favorite. It’s also try favorite thing I decorated for fall this year at my house. It just makes everything feel so inviting.

  12. Such a lovely video! Your home looks like fall but it is not overwhelming. There are some life principles, like moderation and balance, that can extend even to our home decor. Thank you!

  13. Can you tell me where you got your mirror above your lamp table in your living room?. Could not find it on the link.

  14. So love your decor and your home showcases your love of family. You did an amazing job. Thanks for sharing 💕🙏💕

  15. I love all of your seasonal home tours…. you really have an eye Lynn….Such an inspiration. Love the pizza pan decor… too cool.🥰💕💖

  16. Everything is so beautiful Lynn!! You did an amazing job 😍 I also love that you’re a wax melter too haha 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  17. I love all the pillows. The kitchen looks fantastic with the white cupboards. Your house looks beautiful all the time❤️

  18. I would have never thought to use cuties as decor but they are the perfect color for fall! Your dining room setup is beautiful! 💕 Love love love the decor on your table in the hall. Sooo basically I love it all! 🤣

  19. Love the plate wall! Did you hang those with command hooks? Your bedroom looks cozy. My favorite season to decorate is Autumn.

  20. It's just lovely, Lynn! Thank you for such an inspirational video! You are beautiful and so is your home! You have true talent as a decorator, and you have a great propensity for hospitality. God bless you, sweet girl!

  21. I love decorating for fall, but Christmas definitely has my heart. Especially now that I have kids, I love making my house feel "magical" at Christmas time for them !! ♥️

  22. I am absolutely in LOVE with your table and how that bench is built in. I really wish I had a similar set up. We are a family of 6 so I get why it’s so important to have ALL the space when it comes to meal time. Great video Lynn!

  23. So beautiful! I love all your different little pumpkins!! What a great idea with the white plates! Love you! ❤️🐾

  24. Very nice fall home tour. Just a thought – when you cut the V in the top of the deco fall pillows (ones with the designs) you are cutting off the design. Originally feather pillows were displayed with the V to be sure your guests knew you could "afford" feather pillows. But I think today's beautiful designs on pillows need to be shown off. Just my opinion – you have some really pretty pillows.

  25. Ahhh Lynn this is so beautiful!!! I love how you incorporated the blues and orange with the pops of white and green were so pretty! All fresh and bright- I loved the hello pumpkin mat from Joann’s too!! They were lit this year 🔥🧡✨🍂🎃

  26. Love the orange and blue theme! That’s what I am going with this year, they just look so good together and compliment each other well. I can’t say which area was my favorite, I loved it all, it just looked great! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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