[Music] so welcome to my fall home tour bless you the doggies are gonna be joining us Tucker just sneezed but anyways this is when you walk in the door and I will go through the living room and show you everything but first behind me we have this little shelf here where we hang like backpacks and stuff and then we have our little shoe thing here and on top of it I just have this little three-tiered pumpkin and then this flower arrangement I’ve had that flower arrangement for probably Oh four or more years and I think I got it at kirklands and then this I believe I got at t.j.maxx okay so as we walk in to the living room I will show you this little table here so my husband actually made this table we got the plans off of Pinterest it’s an honor right X console table if you want to look that up but anyways I got this little pumpkin from I think t.j.maxx let’s see no I actually got this from Big Lots it was twelve dollars so actually that is what inspired this year’s more of the pinks and the Reds was from big watt so yes I got this from Big Lots I got a lot of really cute things from Big Lots so I got that there and then I got this little milk container from Hobby Lobby and then this little flower arrangement I believe is from Joanne’s and they had such a good deal on their fall decor and their reads like the one you saw on the front door they were buy one get two free so I got me two and then I got my sister one and I only paid for one so that’s pretty awesome but they had such pretty flower arrangements and let’s see Michaels the flower arrangements were buy one get one free and Joanne’s they were buy one get one half off I think or maybe it was the other way but anyways both of them have really good sales and then down here I just have some pumpkins in this little tray that I got from the target dollar spot several years ago and I Pro we got this from the Dollar Tree probably target dollar spot and Kirkland’s [Music] okay and now coming over here I got this from Big Lots [Music] okay so over on my desk I got this from Hobby Lobby I liked these because I can use them year-round I didn’t want to just buy stuff that I can only use for a couple of months so I loved that about these so I can put spring flowers and Christmas stuff in them but I got this flower arrangement and again I can’t remember if I got it at Michaels or Joanne’s but it’s one or the other and I love how it has the little pine cones and then the mobs in the dark Pink’s very pretty then over here I got this at Joanne’s and then this I got a long time ago probably kirklands yep I got this from Kirkland a couple of years ago but that’s all I have over here so for my fireplace I have it pretty neutral up here I got this thing full banner from Kirkland several years ago I’ve used it every year I love it because it’s very neutral it can kind of come along with me as I change my decor and then this is a I think target pumpkin from a long time ago kirklands flower arrangement from a long time ago I pretty much leave that up year-round and then that gather sign is from the target dollar spot several years ago and then over here this candle is from Big Lots this is from the target dollar spot this is from TJ Maxx and it lights up it’s really cute so at night you can turn on and it glows on the inside and then these flowers are also from Big Lots moving down here I got this pillow from Big Lots as well and I also got a really cute one that says morning pumpkin and it’s on our bed I showed that in re st. cleaning video but I got this pillow there as well and then I’ve had that pink blanket and then I’ve had this basket as well I don’t know where I got the basket but I thought it looked really cute just tossed in there like that now over here I have this cincy warmer that I’ve had for a few years it’s from Cincy I have melting in there some I think it’s like a laundry one and then I got this from big lot since I love fall most of all and then this flower arrangement came from Big Lots as well and this pumpkin is actually a Dollar Tree orange styrofoam pumpkin that I cut up the stem and then spray-painted and then stuck the flowers down in it so for my coffee table centerpiece I just have this tray that I got from the target dollar spot years ago and then I probably got this there as well let’s see if there’s still time now I probably got this from the target dollar spot I don’t remember this was from the target dollar spot it’s just like a little candy dish I don’t have anything in mine and then this flower arrangement I think I got this from Kirkland last year it doesn’t have the tag pretty sure I got this from Kirkland last year moving it over here to this little bar area I got this really cute little flower basket or whatever you call it it says thankful I got this from TJ Maxx and TJ Maxx has some really cute stuff and it’s really decently priced [Music] okay so this is one of my favorite areas to show you it’s kind of hard with the lighting but I’m going to show you everything over here okay so my favorite is my centerpiece here I get all of these little pedestals from boxwood and binkies I always have her linked in the description box of all of my videos so if you guys ever wonder where something is definitely check their first because it’s more than likely listed and if not of course you can ask me but these are always there so this is one of those from boxwood and binkies and then I have this little thankful cyanide believe I got at Kirkland the pumpkins are both dollar spot pumpkins from a couple of years ago and then again the little milk jug is from Hobby Lobby I use it year-round and then this little flower arrangement is from I believe this is from Michaels and on my mirror back here I have this thankful banner that I got from the target dollar spot a couple of years ago and then I have this pumpkin I believe I got this one from Joanne’s and it came stuffed with the flowers and everything and then this thankful sign is from Hobby Lobby and then my little pigs there but he’s not full and then over above the trashcan is another one of those reads that I got from Joanne’s with a buy one get two free so the one that’s on my front door that you saw I got that one I got this one in the my sister a beautiful one all for the price of one so is a pretty good deal I love this tobacco basket with the fall pumpkins and the pinecones I just think it’s so cute okay so as for my kitchen we will start right here I got this little pumpkin from TJ Max and I got these flowers from I believe Michaels and then over here in this corner I got this pumpkin from TJ Maxx that candy corn I got for my daughter because she loves candy corn let me know in the comments if you like candy corn or not I feel like it’s one of those things you either like it or you hate it but I got some of that for her today and I’m just sitting it there of it another one of my boxwood and being C boxwood and binky pedestals this one’s like a candle size I love it I think it’s adorable and then this is from Bath & Body Works my favorite candles ever and then this is from Joey Oz this pumpkin and it came that way filled with the flowers and here’s my little coffee bar set up I think it’s so cute it’s so untraditional with the pinks and the blues but I don’t care I love it so I got this little thing this little thankful pumpkin probably at kirklands I’ve had it for a while and then I got this at t.j.maxx they have so many little pumpkins in different colors and different textures I got this from Walmart last year I think t.j.maxx I love pink pumpkins it’s like they were made for me and then this is a flower arrangement that I got from Michaels last year and I just left it up and then I have a little green pumpkin back there too you can’t really see them but I love how my coffee bar turned out I think it’s super adorable [Music] and then above my sink I have this hello fall sign that I got from Big Lots as well see if we can see it a little bit better but it has the colors that I love and it’s just so pretty so I have that setting up in my windowsill and then on another one of my pedestals here I have a pink pumpkin that I love like a baby pink and then I got this at Hobby Lobby because again I can use that year-round that will look good with Christmas stuff that will look good in the summer the spring but I got this flower arrangement from probably Michaels and it just has like the little pine cones and the neutral colors but I thought it was really simple but cute [Music] all right so this is just an overview of my living area that’s it for my fall home tour it’s a lot different than last year I have a lot of pink this year which I am loving I think it’s so cute so I hope that you liked this I know that I don’t have a whole lot but I feel like less is more sometimes but anyways thank you so much for watching if you’re new to my channel I would love to have you subscribe and I will see you guys next time [Music]


  1. I love how you decorate. I like candy corn too, just not a lot at once. I love the look of them in a mason jar on my desk at work and on my kitchen counter at home 🎃🧡

  2. I got so flipping excited waiting for your video this morning I even shared the countdown in my story and on Instagram! It’s beautiful Jess I don’t know how to send you pics but Omy we have the same taste I have a lot of the same decor Big lots Michaels and JoAnns were on point and so much cute stuff out at TJ MAX too gosh I’m so glad I finally got to see this been waiting patiently 😂! Lots of love to ya Jess now I’m gonna share this home tour ❤️

  3. I’m not one to decorate for each season I guess because my mother never did. But I’m loving seeing all of the fall home tours on YouTube. I think you did an amazing job with your decor. Everything is so tastefully placed and it looks so pretty. Thank you for sharing your home with us. Your channel is definitely one of my favorites ❤️. Happy fall to you and your family!!

  4. I love every fall decor you have and how you decorate your house beautifully! I've been watching you every since I've got married! You also have a lovely home plus I love your dogs they are cute! And your daughters are beautiful!

  5. So excited to see your fall home tour. I love how you pulled in the pinks , and rusts colors throughout. I think you did a great job decorating as you always do. Your home is so pretty all the time. I like how you use the stands for different things. This was worth the wait. 😊👍🍂🍁🌾

  6. Yay! Been waiting for this!!! You have everything decorated so pretty! I love all your pedestals. The one for the candle is adorable! I’m going to have to check out the website! Can we just have a moment of silence for Bailey looking up at the camera!!! Just melted my heart ❤️

  7. Love the color combination!!! Also LOVE the little tree on the porch with the cotton! Where did you find it?

  8. Your puppies are seriously the CUTEST ever! I love all of your floral fall decor! I always think of you when I see floral fall stuff! 😂You have created a very beautiful, cozy, and welcoming home! 💜🎃

  9. I like candy corn but in small amounts! You did an beautiful job!! I LOVE muted tones without too too much color. To me it’s crazy and too busy! Yours is perfect! 🤗

  10. Love the 3 tier pumpkin by the door and the flowers!! Love that you have pinks, mauve and not a lot of orange! I dont like Orange unless its strictly Halloween decoration. Very beautiful! 💕 No candy corn for me! Makes me ill. 🤢

  11. I knew when you had your fall decor haul that your house was going to look beautiful!! You don't have to 'apologize' for not having much. You have a lot more than many of us do and all so beautifully arranged. Sometimes less truly is more. You have a knack for balance and texture in your little vingettes. Thank you for such a beautiful video!

  12. In every video I can always not only see how much you love your home but also feel how much you do!!! And you are right…. less is more 🥰
    For me I can eat maybe 5 pieces of candy corn and then it’s to much… so rich!! Happy Fall 😁

  13. Everything looks so nice. I put out some of my fall decor today but I really need to buy more. I need to check out Target dollar spot, they have some cute stuff

  14. Your fall decorations are pretty. Do you think you might ever paint your kitchen white? Alot of UTUBE mom's do. And what breed is your little white dog?

  15. I really enjoy these videos. I know it’s not beneficial to your channel. Maybe do a cleaning video and at the end surprise us with some other content. I don’t mind that your videos are longer. Your decor is so beautiful. I look forward to watching any video you make.

  16. Beautiful home tour! I saw you explain on your Instagram stories how these type of videos don't do as well on your channel, but for what it's worth, I absolutely love them! I also LOVE your vlogs and day in the life videos! Just wanted you to know. 🙂 Also, I love candy corn!

  17. Beautiful Jess! Looks great! And I don’t like candy corn that much.. if it’s there I may have a piece but I don’t love it 🤪

  18. Omgosh! Have you tried the new Mrs Meyers scent called snowdrop? It smells so good!! A Must try 🤩 i found it in target

  19. Love the initial pumpkin front , please let me know where you purchased it from.. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home tour.

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