FALL HOME TOUR 2019 || Simple House Decor

FALL HOME TOUR 2019 || Simple House Decor

Welcome LANDing crew to our full house
tour of 2019. I cannot believe it’s October already. Like what first off guys?
I’m so sorry this video was late. Your girl was really tired this morning and I
did not get started working when I should so I’m so sorry, but I hope you
guys like this nonetheless. We are a very simple family. We are a large family, but
we aren’t ones that have a bunch of stuff. Everything we have here means
something to us. Since ‘mentally or we just love how it looks we’ve recently
moved this summer from a house that was like almost 800 square feet smaller than
this house so we’re still kind of adjusting still getting furniture but I
still wanted to put all of our stuff up now you will get to see a montage of
everything near the end of the video so after I show and talk to you guys about
each item like I do I will do a cute little montage thing find some cute too
full music for you guys but let’s get going but we have this little doorknob
thing that I got at the Dollar Tree super adorable and I also like to know
if one of the kids are messing with the doorknob we really don’t have any
outside to court because we are renting this home so I didn’t want to get
anything that might not fit well with our next house that we buy so over here
is probably my favorite or one of my favorite areas of the house and it is
the shelf we kind of have a rustic look going on so I figured I wanted our
decorations to look a little rustic too I got these pumpkins last year at Target
for like three bucks each very light but I love them and then
these candles I got at the Dollar Tree this one is warm maple syrup and then
this one is pumpkin spice this just looks kind of like old fashioned II it
has the little little metal pumpkin and then the pinecones the little pumpkins
there because we have two doors one two I couldn’t use my resale side without
them being the exact same wreath so I decided to hang them indoors I decided
this one would look the absolute best I just like it I like all the fall colors
and then I absolutely love the ribbon that is on it it’s pumpkin and super
fall-like festive I didn’t want to put anything the kids could easily get to
and break so I have this little wooden spooky
Mickey Mouse thing we got it on CBS for clearance years and years ago I think I
paid a buck for this I just thought it was cute we are Disney lovers if you
don’t know so this kind of fits perfect and I figure it goes perfectly on my
filing cabinet I don’t know what I was thinking when I was at the dollar store
and I chose green for fall cuz none of my other decor is green
I should have chose like a brown and orange but I still love it so much so it
just kind of gives a little bit of color to this whoa this is my absolute
favorite this does not stay on the table this mainly during the day comes off the
table because it is in fact very breakable but it’s also very heavy as
well then we just have these nice leaves to kind of go around it this is my
second favorite place of my house this is the wreath we used last year I love
this wreath so much because it has all of the fruits and don’t mind that’s just
my baby in the background but I love how full and just how I don’t know how
old-timey it looks I love it so much what is on these shelves are not my
favorite but it was really hard to fit things because they have to be like a
perfect width right there and a lot of the things I had was not so I did put
these here just a little Halloween candle holders I’ve had this forever I
don’t even know where I got this from but I’ve had it for such a long time I
love it so so much and then this is a regular decor so we have taken a lot of
our regular decor down to fit in the fall and then Christmas decor these are
probably my least favorite in the living room but this is like my Halloween area
pumpkin a little witch shoe I’ve had these for a long time
loved them so much and then we have some black salt in there and a little pumpkin
hanging down and a little couch now you’ll see this in a little bit on our
bar but this is the potpourri we use I still put it up because it still has the
colors and I still think it looks really nice especially with that little ribbon
these actually light up these are candles that light up automatically but
they need a new battery and I can’t even believe this but I got these pumpkins at
the Dollar Tree so cute this is another candle from the Dollar Tree weave
this for a while too and then on the back it has the candle but I think it’s
nice some of these things I’ll probably be retiring after this year in the
corner we have some witchy books they actually light up as well but again
we’re out of the battery so they’re not lighting up but they look really cool
when they’re lit up this is just a little pumpkin thing you can put little
candles inside of it so I absolutely love these because they look like
Thanksgiving but Halloween like at the same time and then we have these leaf
shaped candle holders if you can’t tell I love the tea candles and we have the
other tea candle over here and then the other Halloween but Thanksgiving guy we
have my favorite this was a jar I thought it target for three dollars that
you’ll see in a vlog in a few days and then this is just the potpourri I just
liked so much how it looks like this and then I love using these little leaves
right here I don’t know where I got these from but these are little pumpkin
salt pepper shakers I don’t use them for that I use them just for decoration but
here are some little pumpkins that go with the other ones it was kind of hard
to decorate because I’m used to everything having a place at our old
house so this is my small kitchen area this is a spoon holder that is in fact a
leaf I think it’s really cute and then this is a little pumpkin candle holder
then we have these little towels I got at the Dollar Tree if I could hear my father’s voice he
would tell me to move you will say our biggest yeah he would tell me we have time time
to laugh and time to eat a favorite song is Rp drinking wine
until the door no so we’ll be back home well guys that is it thank you so much
for watching our full Halloween house tour I hope you enjoyed it please leave
a like if you want to see a Christmas tour as well we really go crazy with
Christmas and I’m already like trying to find furniture so our house can look
more full for Christmas I love Christmas so much and also comment below and let
me know what holiday videos do you want to see whether it’s Halloween fall
Thanksgiving Christmas will lead them all below I’m making a list now but fall
is here christmas is in here we have to go through the holidays like we have to
go through them although truth be told I really want to put my Christmas stuff
out yes I do but if you are new here definitely hit that red subscribe button
we would love for you to become a part of our family we are daily posting now
which is a bit crazy but I also love it, at the same time. I love you guys and we
are gonna see you tomorrow.

52 thoughts on “FALL HOME TOUR 2019 || Simple House Decor

  1. Sorry it's late #LANDingCrew and I am sorry it's a little bit shaky. I am going to work to make our other holiday-type videos better! But comment below on what holiday type videos you'd love to see!!!

  2. I do suggest for Christmas get some garland to hang off the bar I think that would look really cute. Also girl your makeup was on point in this video. I wish I had energy to decorate for fall this year but I’m gonna go crazy at Christmas 😁

  3. What I love about your stuff is that it is subtle. The witches stuff on the little shelf I just love. I love when you find little details all about

  4. I moved out of my parents house this summer and I can’t afford to decorate yet but this November you bet I’ll get fall/winter stuff

  5. You never have to be sorry, love your channel and your decorations!! Thank you for sharing your life and your children!!

  6. Hi Stephanie
    Happy Vlogtober πŸ‘»πŸŽƒπŸ•Έ
    Everything looks really pretty!
    I love all your videos but shop with me are one of my faves plus grocery hauls and whatever else you guys put out…it’s al fun!!
    Running off to You Now stream…
    See you there πŸ’•πŸ‘»πŸŽƒπŸ•Έ

  7. Stephany I love your videos and your family , I was very sad when you where moving to Boston since I live in Florida and wanted to meet you guys some day , I finally started my YouTube channel thanks to your motivating videos !!!!!!! Love your fall decor !!!!!!!

  8. Your house looks adorable and I always enjoy the music you choose for videos! I’m so gonna go to the Dollar Tree tomorrow, lol. Definitely check out Home Goods if you have one near you guys – love that place! πŸ₯°

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    Mood now! I’m going to get my fall stuff out this weekend. Looks gorgeous!

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  19. Fall/ HALLOWEEN is my favorite– but I would love to see how you decorate for all the seasons– especially Christmas!

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