Fallout 76 Base Building – Metal Wall Plan Vs Brick Wall Plan (Testing Wall Durability)

hey guys welcome back to another fallout
76 video if you haven’t already please make sure you to join the discord the
link is below we have a quite a strong for a same-sex community and then
already of over 1,500 members now today’s video comes from a comment
on one of my last videos on which walls are the strongest so we thought we test
us as you can see we have all five types of wolves the wood bomb sheet metal
breath and steel walls know all we’re gonna do is fall for frag grenades
against each wall it’s a very simple test just to show exactly how much
should drops from a frag grenade obviously will change if we were to use
many nukes everything here was just to give a quick example after that we’re
gonna use a high level melee weapon to show how much it takes to actually
destroy those structures as well so it’s quite a jump and we’ll get through it
one by one now first up we have the standard wooden wall which everyone
starts with and the bomb said no the bomb say can be purchased by vendors
i’ve here that you can actually find it as well you can see already the grenades
of mashing through these quite quickly and you’ll be surprised when the male
Americans not later as well no it’s not gonna take a lot to you fooled us at all
no people probably wondering what what’s the point in this no is he actually
smash a base up if you need a super mutant camp or federal Gil camp and
you’re using grenades they throw out your base trust me it’s happened to me
plenty of times the place where I build up with both sets who roam this area and
I’ve come back from a base in quite a bad shape
so you see from the four grenades there the walls are quite bad now we move on
to the sheet metal and the brac now theoretically these should last a lot
longer than the wood so will fire four of these as well we are finding a
problem where it creates a collection a little better so you’ll see more than
four being thrown but only four hours and they blow up so bail out and main on
your watching now it’s key to know that the brac set is also postures by vendors
I haven’t found it anywhere yet I may be wrong if you know what to find the
actual blueprint for itself or the plan courtesy let me know in the comments
below however so far I’ve not managed to find it a new waistline itself
I haven’t finished every mission so there’s quite possible you build
together so you can see already these aren’t taking as much damage as a
wooden walls so the fede is there but they’re taking quite a lot of damage for
what I would say a grenade you do so you can see the very much probably felt
higher now moving onto the steel wall no that should really hold up against the
grenades but surprisingly it takes quite a bite damage in my opinion for a
grenade anyway for me a grenade should even really touched us it should be a
non-existent for me it should be more money acting missiles they should use
for metal steel walls but again these are just pummeling through they aren’t
take as much damage as the wooden walls granted and the tick is slightly less
damage than the brick is well so yes the steel walls are stronger but the still
taking considerable damage from our grenade in my opinion anyway now what we
do we take a melee weapon when you take a super sledge this is a high level
super sledge and when you take out the wooden wall to see how much it takes no
so for group frag grenades and two hats with that teacup wooden wall away
they’re mirror to the bomb set let’s give it two heads again so they’re not
very strong so if you’re in an area which is highly popular for AI I would
not recommend using them now moving on to the myth the sheet metal walls and
the brick walls these are wood for grenades as well so it’s no taking more
as two hats were for melee weapon three politics x45 yes sex hats no mirror to
the brick wall at the for billions as well yes and all this particularly
doesn’t great but it’s a very simple experience as I was walking you can see
the melee weapon as taking quite a bit of damage offer but it’s taking longer
to do so this is obviously a lot stronger then shemale wall no and feed
it the steel wall should hold up to melee weapon very well but as you can
see it’s just cutting through it as well no don’t get me wrong this is a high
level weapon from le but a lot of people that
live will know as well so guys this was a quick experiment just to show you
exactly the durability of all the walls and the game at the Manor no as I said
this is so when you are building and a heavy populated AI area you know exactly
what you’re going to come against a scotch beast as I’ve proven melts
through steel walls as well so as I mentioned before if you haven’t already
joining us cord the link is below we do a daily giveaways for steam games and
they also do meetups and playthroughs for any quests anything else it’s very
very active at the moment we’ve also got a trading room in there as well so guys
fine stopping by and I will catch you in the next one

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