Fallout 76 Building – How to get Metal Walls and Door (Fallout 76 Vendors)

Fallout 76 Building – How to get Metal Walls and Door (Fallout 76 Vendors)

hey guys welcome back to another fallout
76 video no today I’m going to take you through how to get the metal walls the
metal door and the metal switch they’re the sweats allows you to use electric
doors ie the garage door open and close it safely without having to unhook your
generator now as you can see I have a full metal base this was obtained by
plans from a vendor and a lot of people ask where I get this constantly even
though I’ve told them and the actual videos themself know the best friend as
I find we took a supermarket which is down here and Harpers Ferry vendor which
is just north of here now these vendors seem to have a hell of a lot of building
blueprints Harpers Ferry being here I’ll try and centralize about more so Jesus
to see if you’re watching a mobile device these are the best two that I
find that now I will go to we took a shopping center no finally guys in desk
or two pointing this out to me a couple days ago these are the best vandals that
they’ve been able to find as well know when you get to the supermarket you will
spawn right next to the vendor know when you get here you may not get the metal
walls or metal door straight away you may have to several whole by several
hope I mean disconnect from the server you’re on jump back into a game going to
new server and there you go you’ll be able to find them now as you can see he
has a metal doors here is your array of plans sometimes you’ll come to one and
it’s mainly armor or it’s a mixture of building plans and armor by seem to find
he has the best bellman plans no better mind that these roughly cost with 520
caps if you’re looking to go and sale each vendor only has a maximum of 200
cups so bear that in mind you have to really have the carts for you get there
there’s plenty of videos out there I hope to get cap star shoes and
everything else very quickly very easily it’s a little party too much about that
haven’t been very honest because you can get them quite easily at the moment I’m
sure that will be patched in the coming weeks
or 476 thought because it’s something that’s shown up quite a lot at the
moment now when you get to Harpers Ferry it’s a bit of a different story then
this can be quite an aggressive area and what a change of supermutants as well
just be about in mind folder it than taking no ignore any e.i if you just
want to get the Bell plans go for the suede or always closer behind make a
scotch to shisha through here up this alley you will find the vendor know at
this vendor you can get bundles the sweat the metal walls as well knowing
again and and I read if Ellen plans he has a lot of the NZ plans as well
hopefully pull tables lights decorations everything that a lot of people were
asking for know for exterior walls etc I would say the supermarket is a better
place but for interiors this is definitely the best vendors to use by a
longshot these are the two vendors that I always
use for my plans now they make me better vendors out there I do know that Grimm
the wandering vendor the supermutant does have some very good
bps on him as well but he can be quite difficult to find at times so guys it’s
just a quick video to explain where you get the metal walls the metal doors the
sweat cheese and an array of different building plans cuz I know a lot of
people have been asking where exactly you get these plans and message is a
short claps trees out where to get them to see if you’re hunting around or
waiting for me to reply in comments as well because I can take a lot away all
known again Jo to walk and real life things that have going on at the minute
so guys thanks for something by I’ll catch you in the next one

53 thoughts on “Fallout 76 Building – How to get Metal Walls and Door (Fallout 76 Vendors)

  1. Every time I farm these shops I get jack shit. As soon as get bored and go do something else I bump into Grahm within minutes and he has what I'm looking for! Never see him otherwise lol.

  2. Hey man I saw you were confused about how artillery worked in one of your recent videos so I’d just thought I’d mention that it isn’t an auto turret like the rocket and laser turrets. You take a flare from the box and throw it down where you want to artillery to hit, if it is in range you receive a pop up message telling you a strike is in coming , if you are out of range you will also receive a pop up message telling you no artillery is in range. Hope that clears things up for you if you hadn’t already figured it out.

  3. When looking at a vendors inventory is there anyway to know if you have as already purchased a blue print/plan/recipe? There are hundreds of these and a lot that are useful. I can't keep track of every one and would hate to waste CAPS on a duplicate. Also on the topic of duplicates I have got pack rat perk card MAXED out 3/3 rank but I received a 4th pack rat card in a perk pack. Is there anything at all to do with it or is it just useless?

  4. I noticed some plans are level locked meaning you have to be a certain level for them to show. The crossbow plans would not appear till I hit 15 and the brick plans wouldn’t appear till I hit 30. What level is required for the metal walls?

  5. If you are looking for grahm then I know one of his stops, he stops at the converted munitions factory every so often…

  6. Anyone know what the metal security doors is? bought it.. never had it before.. cant learn it. and dont see anyone to build Metal Security doors. Also with Metal industrial doors. Is this only a workshop build or something??

  7. I am wondering if Bethesda may have changed where & how these apear?
    I have been trying to find the metal building set in Watoga, with 2 of my charracters recently, to no avail.
    Server hopped a lot & seen a lot of different kit.
    This Metal building set seems very elusive!
    Obviously the strongest walls you can get.
    I have wondered if they get cleared out early in the day by other players though?
    Thanks for the info!

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