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Fantastic Provence with L’Occitane Presents Architecture and interior design in Provence with Alexandre Lafourcade My father founded this company thirty years ago. I’m a self-taught architect. I started working for the family business 22 years ago. Our studio is specialized in 18th Century architecture. We manage restorations and renovations of old houses. We settled in this town house fifteen years ago and transformed it while respecting the original atmosphere. The interior decoration is designed in a contemporary way and 1930’s style. We imagined the garden like a small village garden with a Zen feeling. It’s a place for relaxation. When my clients bought this estate, it was an agricultural property with a small housing space and several outbuildings. Our goal was to convert all sapces into housing and forget about the farming history in the main house. In these projects, we tend to find unities of colors between the rooms in order to widen the space. We always use pastel and warm colors even in a contemporary design direction. We especially worked on volumes, light and perspective to enhance communication between the different spaces. Filmed in Saint-Rémy de Provence in April 2012 This housing project symbolises what we do in our studio. I try to imagine a soft contemporary decoration by working with fine materials it’s important for me to respect the 18th Century spirit of these places. Special thanks to Alexandre Lafourcade as well as everyone at Bruno and Alexandre Lafourcade’s studio, especially Laure Jakobiak.

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