What’s up everyone? And welcome to FAQ number 88 Last week’s FAQ was a live FAQ and I think it went pretty well So I’ll probably do that occasionally You know when I’m running out of time… and I thought it was a good hang Like 55 minutes of FAQ for you, that’s a little overload maybe, but there you go. I thought it was good, now we’re back. This is a regular FAQ right here, and let’s just start. First of all, I’d like to mention that there’s finally a wahmen merch option in my Ola Englund merch store and it looks like this Beautiful. I’ll post the link somewhere, you can buy one, I probably have to buy one and wear it, but it’s a girly shirt so… Just remember that. Also, if you are a YouTube member on my channel I’m really excited to announce that I’ve just started a Discord server and if you have no idea what a Discord server is, it’s basically like a community server where you can voicechat or send messages and whatnot And I’m there, we can do like member hangouts and whatnot, so… Go check out the YouTube community section for links on how to go there and when you get the Discord app, make sure to sync it with your YouTube account Otherwise Discord won’t be able to identify you as a YouTube member I tried it yesterday for the first time and it was awesome I had never tried that platform before but I was hanging there with a bunch of people We just hung out, talked, it was nice. At the beginning when I started my YouTube membership thing I thought that YouTube would start a platform like this for all the YouTube membership things, but… They haven’t apparently, so… but Discord is helping me out right now. So this is a really good option, so come hang, it’s awesome. Okay, so first question. 0xBACA: “Hi Ola, what about coffee with Devin Townsend? Did it happen?” Okay, so Devin Townsend rolled through town, he did like this acoustic talking performance gig and we scheduled to make a coffee with Ola session But it was just as I was going out on tour and travel so it just didn’t happen. I wanted to be with my family before I traveled Like, the scheduling would be weird I would make the interview and then basically go to the airport to fly for tour You know, I just wanted to spend that Sunday with my family rather than doing the interview, so… Also, Devin didn’t really respond to my my texts until two weeks after So it’s gonna happen, it’s just gonna be later this year. He already confirmed he’s gonna make it happen so I can also say that it’s gonna happen. So I’m looking forward to it. So there you go, at the end of the year you’ll get a Coffee with Devin, okay? Good. Josh Castle: “Greetings Lord Ola. What film do you hate that the majority of people love/highly rate? “Also, your solo album was awesome. Ciao.” Thank you so much. Okay, a very unpopular opinion right here I’m not saying I hate this movie, but it’s just like I don’t understand why people praise it so much But it’s the movie Rogue One, the Star Wars movie Rogue One. I see a lot of people, they love that movie But no, it’s not a good movie. The only thing that saves that movie is the fact that it’s been placed in the Star Wars universe and And… You know, I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I love the Star Wars movies But if this movie would be played outside the Star Wars universe, would it be a good movie? Fuck no. I mean, the kind of save of it all is that Darth Vader is showing up in the end. Other than it’s… I don’t hate the movie, but it’s not good movie Okay? Oola bashing Star Wars. I’m gonna get a lot of shit for this. Adam D: “Curse of the Ancients. Continues to inspire me. Thank you.” #RiffOfTheDay Riff of the day. Curse of the Ancients, thank you so much. That’s one of the songs I wrote for Six Feet Under. And… there’s audio, fuck me man, that’s awesome. Okay, so I think and I remem- ouch I remember that the song was probably in C but this guitar is in standard D And… Can you see? It’s pretty easy, it goes like this. So, very simple just… Thank you. Oscar H Suarez “Hi Ola, great Channel, I’ve been watching your content for 10+ years and I finally subscribed today.” Okay. “Lol” “Love the guitars you are making, but my main instrument is a 9. “Any chance of a Solar 9 string coming or custom shop guitars?” I think it’s very unlikely that we will make a 9 string guitar. And even though your main instrument is a 9 string I probably think that it’s only you and this one other guy… … on Instagram that plays 9-strings. Yeah, I’m not seeing that happening anytime soon, I would say so… sorry. Sorry Mr. Oscar H Suarez but no, I don’t think I will ever release a 9-string Is that even a guitar anymore? It’s like… Ugh. Oh, the old argument… Oh, but if you have so many low strings you’re competing with the bass guitar, oh… Who gives a shit? 9-strings… Whatever you fancy, it’s just not for me, okay? Adrianna Haines “Hi Ola, who is your favorite wamon metal group? Tell your wife I say hi. “Thank you and have a wonderful day.” Louise Hi Favourite wahmen metal group… Yes, I know the band, I’m a new fan actually Bandmaid This Japanese all-wahmen metal band They’re absolutely amazing, I mean go listen to their songs, they’re catchy… They’re… They make you happy. Like the songs make you happy, so I totally love Bandmaid And… what was that? Oh, that’s Discord. Wha- Okay, I’m new to Discord so I have no idea what’s happening right now but I’m getting some messages and shit Alan Woodward: “Hi Ola, what are you going to have in your new studio that’s not in your current one?” I think the main thing that I will have in my new studio when it’s built is space. Because right now space is something I lack in this room. I mean, maybe you’ve seen my videos, I record a bunch of videos in this room, well… All of them actually. And it’s not really that big of a room, I’m using, you know a… Fisheye lens camera, so it makes everything look a little bit bigger but it’s pretty small, I think it’s like 4 meters by… what’s this? Like 3 meters right there… and I’m just doing the best of my ability to make this room as… …awesome as I can for video. So over here I have like this nice little porn curtain and behind it I have a green screen if I want to record something green screen And then you have this wooden wall where you see the Coffee with Ola and all the amp tests and whatnot So I have a couple of different settings in this very small room, but… In my new studio I will have so much more space You know, to just have all my amplifiers set up there and you know, all my guitars up… And that’s what I’m really looking forward, to just having everything available So I don’t have to go to the storage to pick up an amplifier and whatnot The studio building ball has started to roll with emailing at least, so it’s getting there So, it’s getting there, I’m gonna document the process of that whole attic being made into a studio, so I’m really looking forward to it. Thank you. Aaron Bukrell: “Hi Ola, Wwat Diablo 2 character did you spend the most time on building?” Okay, so my main character was definitely like the Necromancer… Careful… There it is. I had a really bad burp just before I started videotaping which contained the stomach acid, so that’s why I’m little careful right here. Necromancer, yes And… You know, when you got the corpse explosion upgrade to maximum there was nothing stopping you So in that sense I thought that the Necromancer was kind of like… you got a little overpowered when you got to certain points, which… yeah. But it was fun still I have really fond memories of Diablo 2, it made me not play guitar for a lot of years LifelessSatellite: “Tool are supposedly playing new stuff tonight. Fairly excited.” Alright, so Tool… Maybe when this FAQ is being aired, maybe they will have released a couple songs But there’s a couple of live clips of Tool’s new songs, 2 of them, and for what I heard… Nothing mind-blowing, it sounds like Tool, which I like but nothing that’s surprising in that sense. It sounded like Tool songs, but I have to listen to it when they’ll release the album And I’m looking forward to it, I still think to this day that… 10,000 Days the last album they released in 2006 and fuck me man, it’s been 14 years… Oh, 13 years, I can’t count, Ola… 13 years since that album and I still think that that album, to this day, has one of the best productions I’ve ever heard. It’s such a organic-sounding album, I love that album. So I’m really looking forward to this new one actually, but… Hearing these live songs… A little bit of a ‘meh’, okay? But yeah, it’s just from listening to live clips, it’ll probably sound a lot more kick-ass on the album. Great, looking forward to it. Sergey Yershov: “What’s up Ola? Hello from Ukraine. “How do you like your EXMix tones yourself? “I used the Epic Lead tone very often and it sounds very similar to your real tone “but the others not so much.” Thank you so much. Yes the EZMix, I did like a Guitar Gods package back in a day for Toontrack And I’m gonna be completely honest I’m using my Epic Lead patch a lot it’s actually… I think it was the main sound on the Masters of the Universe album actually So, let me load that up here And I agree, it’s a fucking killer lead sound That is a great lead sound, thank you so much. Oh I can pat myself on the back for that one, that’s fine it’s okay to appreciate yourself to a certain extent. Grim Hell “Hi Ola, what do you think about your former bandmate Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under “calling CJ and Thy Art Is Murder hacks and posers over Thy Art Is Murder’s new song Human Target?” Okay, you’re trying to start a controversy here, but it’s not gonna happen It’s not gonna happen, I mean people are entitled to their own opinions and… Chris Barnes has his opinion about Thy Art Is Murder and the song Human Target because there’s a Six Feet Under song called human target, which I mean… Come on There’s a bunch of songs that are named the same, who the fuck cares, like… How many songs are called ‘Time Will Not Heal’? Probably like 150 of them. I don’t really understand, you’re trying to kind of like, you know, make some drama happening It’s not gonna happen, not on my watch. Careful… Gortpap “This is the age of demonetization” “- Arch Enemy” This is fun, this is a fun question but it’s actually also kind of sad, because… Since the Article 13 was approved by EU I’ve seen a huge increase of demonetizations on my videos and my videos being claimed. I mean, a lot of my content is original But you know, a lot of the content is not like the videos that I make for artists’ gear and tone videos that I have which I really enjoy which is basically me trying to… you know, mimic or hunt down the gear that was used for an album you know, I play songs and whatnot and I just recently got… you know a strike… not a strike, because the video is still there but all the advertisement fees for that videos goes to the artist instead And this was for the Metallica gear and tone video that I just did and it kind of sucks, you know, it’s still original content, it’s just that I play a riff or two… …you know, in the song, that’s kind of like just a segment of the video So that means that I’m not making any money at all from that video, from advertisement And I mean that’s a huge part of my income right there And it sucks that just because of me playing a couple of seconds of a riff in a whole video The whole video revenue goes to that artist I would love it to see if YouTube could make an algorithm that says like ‘Okay…’ ‘if you play a certain part of the song in a full video…’ that they would only get the revenue for that part of the video where I’m playing their riff and then the rest of the video would be revenue towards me. I mean, that’s only fair. Just if I use like 2 seconds of audio, which I think is fair use by the way It shouldn’t demonetize my video, but that’s just how it is today I understand YouTube because they have to… …put a stranglehold on all their creators now after this article 13 And it’s kind of sad In the future, when I’m doing videos I’m definitely gonna think twice about using other people’s songs or riffs you know it’s… or even like use the front cover of an album or even like talking about something can make your video demonetized It sucks, but I’m not as exposed to this as many other cover channels and whatnot, you know, so… It’ll be fine, I’ll be fine. Okay. But you can still become a member, that supports me way more than you know, just watching a video. And now you can actually interact with me using Discord which is an excellent platform by the way, I just have no idea how to use it But it’s gonna be good It’s gonna be good. I feel a burp coming, but… I’m cautious, because I don’t want that stomach acid. Okay, good. Daniele: “Ola, you should adopt a cat and you already said the Guvnor is for Carcass.” I should adopt a cat… Yes, I’m actually both cat and dog person I had a cat from when I was like 1 year old until I was 18 or 19 years old Same cat by the way, it became really old and I’m actually watching my brother’s cat right now. Let me see if I can get the cat Alright, so here’s the cat There’s a cat in here Unfortunately, it seems that I’ve kind of developed an allergy for cats now that I’m a little bit older Do something. Mr. Cat You can sit here, that’s fine Look I’m having a good time, how about you Mr. Cat? Yeah, so I cannot have a cat anymore You’re probably seeing in a couple of my other videos that I did, that were recorded yesterday My eyes were red And I’m feeling it right now It’s not good for me to have this cat here But it’s only until Friday until my brother comes home. And yeah, there you go. It’s a little cat for you right there Already said the Guvnor is for Carcass. Yes, I’m preparing a tone and gear video for Carcass, okay? Heartwork. Patsy: “Hello Ola, what’s your opinion on the upcoming rerecording of ‘Matcheen’ Head’s…” Oh. You’re making fun of me… Machine Head, ok. “…Burn My Eyes album? Two studio videos are on their YouTube channel. Holy shit, I’m excited.” And you know what? I’m actually excited too, I watched those videos and they’re amazing They sound great and I don’t know what it is about Machine Head but they’ve always had really good production and really good guitar sounds and just hearing Chris Kontos back on the drums and just like… It’s just a way groovier Machine Head right now than it was… I liked the previous drummer, but… Chris Kontos is the guy for Machine Head It just sounds way better now and I wish and I hope that they will continue with this lineup I don’t think they will Machine Head was kind of like… had a rough last year when everyone quit the band and whatnot This is definitely like the best thing that could have happened Where are you going? This is the best thing that could have happened to Machine Head Okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Oh, I’m using this cat to gain views Alright, okay. There you go, uhm… Yeah. That was the last question, ‘Matcheen’ Head, great. Remember, if you’re a member… Remember, if you’re a member If you’re a member, go to the community section, join that Discord server I urge you to install the app for your phone or for your computer or whatever and it’s just a really good way to converse with me and the other members of the channel and I… From what I’ve seen yesterday, the community you and I built is an excellent community Com- communiny… It’s an excellent community for… You know, people are just being overly nice and non-hostile It’s a really non-hostile environment and I really love that Makes me really proud about my members because they’re top top people right there. Thank you so much for watching, if you haven’t subscribed to my channel, please do. Bye.


  1. WAZZAAAAA! The Discord server can be found here: https://discord.gg/GQPXuzK
    Remember you have to connect to YouTube and be a member of my channel to join the voice chats. If you want to become a member click the JOIN button above.


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