Farmhouse Decor Walmart Shop With Me & Haul 2019

hi everybody its Christina from pretty
distressed welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to be doing a
shop with me at Walmart to be on the hunt for all things farmhouse alright so
we’re gonna go into Walmart and see what we can find
let’s go if you are new to my channel I am usually painting furniture or doing
DIYs around my house but I always need decor and items for staging like you
guys really liked my last one that I did so maybe this will become a thing where
we go shopping and try to find deals on some farmhouse decor do you guys like
the shop with me type of video leave a comment down below of a store that you’d
like to see me hit up so I’m doing Walmart today because I know it’s a lot
more accessible to people and if it’s not you can actually buy a lot of these
items online make sure you guys stick around to the end because I will show
you all the items that I actually purchased today and then I’ll show you
how I’m gonna use them and style them in my house if you haven’t been to my
website before or you haven’t been there in a while you should go check it out
pretty distressed calm you can see all my work and my different projects there
is a link to my merch shop on there if you guys want to buy any pretty
distressed t-shirts I have hoodies for the season I also
just added a shot my feed link on my blog so if you’re following me on
Instagram and you want to know sources as to where I got stuff that I’m
decorating with in my pictures that will all be linked in my shop my feet as I
kind of build that up so it’s just easier to find stuff if you’re wanting
to purchase something that I have showcased before okay I think that’s all
the news and updates let’s get to what you guys really want to talk about I’m
gonna grab you and take you shopping and Walmart for some farmhouse finds so the
first item that I came across was this really awesome wooden cake plate this
would be great for a kitchen to just display things on or even put baked
goods on and the price was 1994 I also liked these porcelain plates these
serving platters they had in this section I love the white rectangular one
and it was only 697 which is an amazing price for a piece of porcelain
dinnerware I also really like this one with handles
for you know parties hors d’oeuvres it is the season and this one was 1488 and
all three of these items are their Better Homes and garden brand these
lanterns I found in the same section with all the tablescape stuff I just
showed you this was actually at the front of the store I think this is a
seasonal decor section that they change out it looks like they’re getting ready
to flip it for Christmas but I think these lanterns are new they have a black
one and the galvanized metal one and these are by mainstays a black one is
986 and the metal one is 1386 and onna and cap over here I found this really
soft throw and kind of like that black and white Buffalo check which I love
that I think’s really farmhouse looking for four dollars and ninety six cents
next I hopped over to the kitchen and cookware section and I really loved
these wooden spoons and I think they called it a cowboy turner these are by
the Pioneer Woman brand and they were both 597 apiece I thought these would be
really cute to put like in a mason jar or a white container by the stove and
then back in the dishware section I just love this butter tin I normally don’t
put use like stick butter but this is so cute I would just you know put it out in
my kitchen somewhere as decor but you definitely could use it as a butter
storage thing I also really liked these wooden bowls they kind of go along with
the cake plate that I showed you earlier I like the idea of using this to put
like my salt in because I use kosher salt or it would just look cute sitting
out on the counter and it’s a 988 I’m such a sucker for a black and white
Buffalo check right now I really loved these seat cushions I think they’re new
because I couldn’t they weren’t stocked yet and I couldn’t find a price for him
and I can’t find him online so you could definitely find him in store right now
and I’m sure they’ll pop up in mind pretty soon I think they’re probably
about ten dollars each and are the mainstays brand if you want to
search for him okay back in the furniture section I really like these
storage bins I like the stripe ticking they have very
farmhouse and in the pool like that looks like a rope and these are really
good for you know putting on shelves or throwing pillows in or story and
blankets in by the fireplace and speaking of pillows I just absolutely
love this better home and garden sweater texturing pillow for winter $12.87 super
good tool for pillow and I also really like these Buffalo check ones they’re
reversible so on one side it has the big check and on the side it has the smaller
check I think I like the smaller check better but they have two colors they
have gray and navy I really wish they would have had black I would have
totally got him if they did and it looks like they used to have those online but
they don’t have them anymore but these are both great neutral colors and with
the price of 1287 I think they’re a really good deal over in the bathroom
section I found this shower curtain I just love the texture and color on this
its Better Homes and Gardens and it is 1588 okay this next idea is a little bit
random and you might not like it but for 568 I think it would be really cute to
get a bundle of this firewood and put it in a little galvanized tub to go right
by the fireplace I have gas logs so I wouldn’t actually use them but I think
it would be really cute okay next up in the storage bathroom aisle I found some
really cute baskets I love these ones with the white rope
and kind of the faux suede bottom these would be great to hide toys in or just
hold little odds and ends by the couch or by the fireplace or you could even
place them on a shelf and they were both a great deal I also like this one that
looks a lot like sea grass very natural very neutral for a $14.97
okay over in the floral craft section they had this really cool chicken wire
basket again a great price under six bucks this is something you can put it
on a shelf maybe put some moss balls in year I also really really like this
little chicken wire tray with the three glass bottles this would be really cool
to put some green Aryan as well again for under $12 really good deal
they had this pack of six mothballs which you know I love Moss balls they’re
super easy to decorate with for under four bucks that’s a super great deal I
really liked these boxwoods sprays that they had and they are under a dollar
they’re pretty natural-looking to me I also found this box would already in a
pot that would be great just have a little pop of color around your kitchen
or on a mantle or something this is a great price for a box so it looked
pretty realistic but then I also found these little tins that were only like
they were under four bucks and these are perfect to stick those little bucks
would sprays in so I wanted to show you what I did so here you go you have a
little topper eight for under five bucks I also saw this little sign on my way
out in the Thanksgiving section I think it’s really cute it looks handmade and
it’s only 424 such a great deal and I think you could display this all year
long I don’t think it’s just a Thanksgiving thing and here are all the
items that actually made it into my cart of the pillow the super soft throw some
of the boxwood sprays the moss balls and a wooden spoon so I’m gonna show you how
I style these in my home so here is my living room I just added that pillow for
some texture and then the cozy throw to add a little drama for winter and then I
have my pop of color with my greenery sprays in that little aluminum tin that
I bought I love this little guy that I made and I think it looks really natural
and cute and then moving into the kitchen I paired some items that I got
at Walmart today with some items that I already had so I took this little white
container and stuck those little wooden spoons in there which I think are really
cute by the stove and would come in handy for cooking and then I took that
little galvanized tin and put the moss balls in there for a little color and
paired it with this cutting that I already had so I think a cute
little vignette for the kitchen thanks for shopping with me today at Walmart I
hope you guys had fun I’m gonna link everything below in the description box
so check that out if you want to find any of these items at your local Walmart
and I will see you guys next time

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