Father’s Day Home Improvement Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Home Improvement Gift Ideas

Hi, I’m Mark Clement, and I’m Theresa Clement and
where from My Fix It Up Life. And you know, every homeowner has a project
that they’re trying to avoid doing around their house. A new survey just
came out that lists the 3 least favorite DIY projects and they
include painting interior walls, repairing drywall and installing weather stripping. One
big question that comes up when it comes to Father’s Day is, should I do it myself? or should I haven’t done for me? And thing I like to do is ask myself three
questions: Do I have the time? Do I have all the tools and do I know how to use them? And do I understand all the techniques for jobs big and small to get them done? You know, the
biggest thing for you to find your home improvement project is budget you wanna got to homeadvisor.com
because there are Cost Guides for more than 850 home improvement projects! You can
find out how much they cost on average, locally and nationally. If you’re
thinking about hiring a contractor homeadvisor.com has more than 80,000 contractors that are pre-screened, that have ratings and reviews you can check out what other people are saying about
contractor that you’re thinking about hiring. So get DIY information, watch videos to
get inspired and check out homeadvisor.com

One thought on “Father’s Day Home Improvement Gift Ideas

  1. It's not to late to get a present for Dad! 

    When 80%+ of Dad have a long to-do list, give them the day off and help make their list shorter. @MyFixitUpLife show has a few tips for helping out with Dad's LEAST favorite projects. Get started here: http://youtu.be/royVI8mj7hI

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