Faux Mirror | The BEST Dollar Tree DIY Mirror You Don’t Want To Know About

Faux Mirror | The BEST Dollar Tree DIY Mirror You Don’t Want To Know About

(light music) – Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. It’s Tresha and I have
a wonderful DIY idea, how to make faux mirror wall art. And this is exactly what it looks like. Guys, if you don’t have
anything on your wall, this is the perfect
project for you to try. This is the quickest
and the cheapest project I have done yet. You have to watch this. OK, guys, the secret is I use
these silver plastic plates from the Dollar Tree. And what we’re gonna do is arrange them. I started with three going vertically. And then I make sure that
they are one inch apart. Next, I’m going to have
three going across. Horizontally. Next, we’re going to
glue the plates together. I’m just going to use my hot glue gun and going to disperse
hot glue along the base of the plate. We’re going to place the
plate on top of each corner of the center plate that’s at the base. Just take your time. Once you do that, just
press down a little bit and then we are going to flip it over. After you do that, we’re
going to add a little bit of hot glue on the corners of the plate. This is to secure the art. I know it looks messy,
but only you will see it. Finally, we’re going to hang the art. And I’m going to use
Command strips for this. All you need is just to
take one out and place it in the center. Just hang it on the wall and you are done. Guys, two dollars makes two pieces of art. It looks like mirror, but it’s not. And it’s absolutely beautiful. What do you guys think? Thanks, guys for watching. Let’s connect on Instagram. I’m @DesignsbyTresha. I would love to see your DIY projects, so make sure you tag me. Also, check out my other videos. I think you’ll like it.

100 thoughts on “Faux Mirror | The BEST Dollar Tree DIY Mirror You Don’t Want To Know About

  1. Love your idea!!! I should have purchased more of these plates. I did make two small and a large one for my bedroom walls.
    I went to purchase more of the plates and couldn't find them at any of the dollar tree stores in my area. 5 different stores.

  2. Thanks for your timely response. The item is no longer in inventory at the dollar tree. Do you know of any place these dessert plates can be purchased? Thank you

  3. OMG I would have never guessed that you used plastic plates for that!!!! I totally thought it was a real mirrored wallart. Great job! You deserve way more subscribers than you have, and I bet you hear that all the time, because you're awesome!


  5. This is on my list to make. Having trouble finding the plates. Gone to different Dollar Trees. As far as 14miles, 45 minute rides and that's because I had places to go so I would stop by the store. Is it a seasonal item?

  6. This was awesome and on a budget. Gonna keep watching you girl cause i looking for projects to use recycle items at home into new. Wow this project is amazing. Bless up

  7. I love this DIY project it's so elegant looking but barely costs a thing! I looked all over the place and cannot find these plates either 😭 I wonder about the command strips those things are super strong! Have you had any issues trying to remove them or if it takes the paint with it?

  8. I been trying to find these plates for a up coming wedding, and all the dollar trees I been to as well as the site don't have any. I'm sad I wish I could find them. If you know where I can get them. Can you please tell me Thank You in advanced!

  9. this is one of the best diy's ive seen !!! Thanks tresha.. am totally DIYing this once i get hold of these plates.

  10. My dollar tree store does not Carrie the square mirror plates I really want to recreate this idea any ideas as of where else can I find them

  11. That is so creative. I wish you would stand back some so we could get a good view of how it looks on the wall. Close up it looks fabulous.

  12. Wow….great job , I have got to use dollar tree for more than just cooking utensils! Sj

  13. I love this idea but upset that I cannot find these at any dollar Tree or their online site

  14. Tresaja God gave u so much extra talent even I don't have words for your admiring so plz continue excellent job

  15. I have been searching for these plates everywhere and still no luck. This was a beautiful DIY and Im hoping I can find them somewhere so I can create a bigger piece of art for my fireplace. New Subbie though!!

  16. I have been trying to find these plates at several Dollar Tree locations and not one has them in store or on line. Can you get me 10 packs from your store & I will send you the money for them and shipping? I'm serious! I've spent $20 in gas hunting these down but they are nowhere to be found.

  17. Hi Tresha,
    This is gorgeous, I really could use double in length. Do you think spacing 1in apart and repeating the pattern would work, or should they be spaced further apart?
    Thank you in advance……. and keep up that genius mind working!

  18. Simle, easy, quick, & the most beautiful wall project that I have seen thus far. 🙋🏿😘💖💃🏾👏🏿 Thanks for the idea. 🙋🏿😘💖💃🏾💯

  19. I was looking for a way to add some faux mirror art, to my dinning room… Your video, was just what I was looking for. elegant, and easy to create. Thank you for sharing. Happy, safe and prosperous new years, to you and yours.

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