February Mail Haul & #BAE Putty | RainyDayDreamers CC

February Mail Haul & #BAE Putty | RainyDayDreamers CC

– Hi! – We’re Rainy Day Dreamers. – And we’re back, with
the February mail haul and to choose one of these lovely pictures from the wall of hearts. ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers ♫ – One piece of mail that we got today, just in time to add this
to our wall of hearts, is from Hannah in Massachusetts. Let me show you what she sent. Thank you very much, Hannah! This is the only Valentine
we received by regular mail, and it got here just in time that we will add this
to the wall of hearts. This will be heart number 141. And the rest of the mail! From around the country here. Okay, Ximena, you want to start us off? Which one is this? – Abigail from California. – Okay. This one we had a little trouble with, inside the envelope, it actually got glued to the envelope so there’s a little hole in it. Can you work around it? – Alright, “Dear Epic Review guys, “I love your videos so much. “I love seeing recent ones. “I love knowing that you guys are active. “My favorite video was the Wubble Bubble.” – Mmmmm. – “It was very cute how Ximena, “I hope I spelled this correctly, “had so much fun. “I made the snowman charm for Ximena “Glow in the dark.” – Ohh. – “Snow man charm.” – But it melted in the
envelope on the way here! No, go ahead. – “The long arms are for big hugs”– – That’s nice. – “From me to you. “And the pink. “The long arms are big
hugs from me to you and “the pink smile face charm for Roxanna. “Or you can trade. “Thanks for being awesome. “Read back side. “I have a few questions that I’d like you “to answer in one of the mail haul”– – Videos, I think that’s
what it said there. – “Mail haul videos.” – “Wha…” – What grade. – “What grade are you two in?” Well, I’m in fifth and Roxanna… – I’m in eighth. – And what did she write? – “I’m 12 and in seventh grade. “Lots of people are 12 or 13 “in the middle school seventh grade. “I’m a shorty, I’m four foot five.” – Well, you have a big heart. You wrote us a very nice letter! – “Number two, what do you do with “all of those toys you receive? “Do you have all that room?” – And the last line. – “I thought I had lots of stuff, ha ha!” – You can’t see what’s off camera here. Piles of stuff, mountains of stuff! We do try to give the toys away, we gave a bunch away at Christmastime. But until we have an opportunity, they just sorta pile up. Some of them we like to keep, they keep some of the toys themselves. Ooh, long arms! Oh, we gotta show you these. Here are the very nice loom
band items that she made. We’ve got the snowman with the long arms, a bracelet, and– – [Roxanna] A smiley face! – Yay! Thank you so much
for writing a letter – Thank you very much. – Thanks for the, hug back to you. – Yah, that’s so cute, very nice. Okay, Roxanna, you’re up next. This is definitely a Monster High fan from the stickers on this envelope. Whoa, on the back too! Wow! – “Dear Rainy Day Dreamers, “Hello, my name is Gabriella, “but you may call me Gabby. “Once I get stuff to send
you, I will or might. “Thanks for being awesome! “Yours”– – Just read her first name. – “Gabriella” – Pick up right here. – “PS, please do more blind bag openings. “I love your show very much. “From Gabby.” – Thank you so much! Blind bag stuff. You know, I’ve been looking for them. Went to the store today,
couldn’t find any. Those and the Shopkins, I guess are getting so popular but we will keep looking and
we will do some of those. Thank you so much for the letter. – [Roxanna and Ximena] Thank you! – I’m opening up the
next one from Toronto. Not quite sure of the name yet, I don’t want to read the last name. I see bracelets! Oh, bracelets, oh, and origami… – Bird? – Bird. It got kind of flattened out. We’ll see if we can reconstitute that. You’re the origami expert, you take a look at that. Okay, I’m gonna have to re-read this because after reading it the first time, it said see the back and on the back there’s an email address that said don’t show this on the camera and I’m holding it up here. So, let’s start over. “Dear Rainy Day Dreamers,
I love your channel. “You guys slash girls are amazing. “All your reviews are so cool. “I have a daily calendar and on it, “there’s usually a note that says, ‘Watch the new Rainy Day Dreamers video!'” – Thank you! – That’s nice! “I love Orbeez and hope for lots more. “Will you guys do the Orbeez Fun Park?” Now, I think that one is
like an amusement park ride thing for Orbeez that they go around or else there’s some that you put them into little things. Anyway, you want to do
all the Orbeez stuff so we’ll probably do all the Orbeez stuff, just give us a little time. We’ve got to finish our
Spa experience first. – Mmmhmm. – Okay. “I put a rainbow loom,” yes, thank you, “rainbow loom and then “origami structure in this envelope.” So that’s this one and what animal or creature is it? – I think it’s a butterfly. – Looks like a butterfly. Very nice, thank you. “I hope you like it. “Roxanna, you are funny,
nice, and so cool.” – Thank you. – “Ximena, if I spelled it correctly, “I like how you like
even the grossest things. “Like, the blood barrel.” – That was fun. – She’s proud to like the gross things. “I hope you like this letter, “and please if you can,
try to write back to me. “Thank you. “PS, my name is… “Moosara”, I’m guessing, “and I live in Canada.” I’m guessing that’s a French name. Thank you so much for the letter and thank you for putting
it on word processor so I could read it. We are back to Ximena. Who’s this from and where are they at? – Hailey from Maryland. – From Maryland. You know some folks up
in Maryland, don’t you? – Yup. – Isn’t that where they’re
having the BronyCon in August? – Mm hmm. – We may be up there. A letter and oh, some different kinds of bracelets. Cool. – I think sand. – Wow. – Okay, letter first. – Okay, looks like a letter and a banner. – PS, I heart Dr. Who. I’ve only seen season
seven but I heart it. Love. – Roxanna is glad to know that. Okay. – “Dear Rainy Day Dreamers, “I’m Hailey and I wrote to you a letter, “I think in November. “I was super excited when you opened it. “I decided to write you another.” – Thank you. – “I love the Christmas card. “It was adorable. “I want to know if you could
do more Japanese candy kits. “I know that it is Rainy Day Dreamers but “could you do these reviews
for your other channel?” – Oh, to put the Japanese
candy kits over there? Yeah, it’s complicated but, uh, the kid’s stuff mostly
is staying over here. That’s why the kids have been here. But Roxanna wants to do some more videos on Epic Review Guys. But it won’t be kid stuff,
it’ll be as seen on TV and other things and we’ll
try to make it funny. That’s what we’re thinking now. Sorry, it’s confusing, we’re
sorting stuff out still. Thank you though. Go ahead. – “I would like to see
Graphic Skin Designer “and Make Your Case. “These sound really fun. “Also, please do more craft kits. “I am a crafter.” I am, too. – Yeah, we like those also. Hold on a second, I think I’ve got something
you want to see here. Look what I picked up just today! – Ta da! – We’ll be reviewing this soon, not right away, but soon. – “Also, could you say hi
to my best friend, Jenna.” Hi Jenna. – [Parris and Roxanna] Hi, Jenna! – “She would like it if you did. “Well, I might write again. “I love your guys’ channel. “Love, Hailey.” – Thank you so much, Hailey. – [Ximena and Roxanna] Thank you. – Nice letter and good
suggestions for videos. And the poster! Very nice, we had to cover
up the last name here. But, Rainy Day Dreamers! With the rainbow, it’s so cute! Thank you. And then there are two bracelets. These are not rubber band bracelets, what’s this, do you think? – I think these are sand bracelets. You can see the sand mixing together. – Oh, that’s cool. So it makes an interesting
color pattern with the sand. Thank you very much, that’s very nice. – [Ximena and Roxanna] Thank you. – And a week ago, we said we would pick one of these lovely pictures behind us that was sent to us to put on the wall and send out this Crazy
Aaron’s Thinking Putty hashtag bae, for Valentine’s Day. We’re going to do that now, so we thought, how are we going to
pick from all of those? We decided we’re going to try this. We have our Zoomer dinosaur, with the laser thing
from the Laser Maze game strapped to his head. We’re going to strap that down so he’s shooting out a red laser. And then we’re going to
put him in Angry mode where he spins around and then stops and if the laser is pointing to one of the pictures on the wall, that’s the one we’re
going to send this to. See guys, I told you having a robot dinosaur would come in handy. That’s why we kept it. Okay. Oh, he’s waking up. C’mon. (dinosaur toy barks) – Okay, we better put this over, whoa! Okay, you guys, you cover that side, you cover that side. We’re going to get him in Angry mode here. Now, we’ll get out of the way and see where the laser’s pointing. – Gah! (dinosaur toy roars) – Oh! (dinosaur toy roars) – Gaw. Oh my gosh! – That may be the end of dino. – [Ximena] No, it isn’t. – Whoa! (talking over each other) – What happened? What happened? I saw something flying! – Where’s everything? Every remote control is gone. (dinosaur toy roars) – Okay, we got our laser pointing. Let’s see what it’s pointing at. I’m going to turn the light off and get the camera and zoom in on it. – [Roxanna] That one, right there. – I don’t know if you can see it. The kids found it. Let’s turn the light on and show me which one it’s on. And if you are a kid, if you will please ask your parents first to
make sure it’s okay with them and then get us an address
that we can send this Crazy Aaron’s Thinking
Putty hashtag bae to, we will get it on its way to you. And here’s a closer view of the wonderful
collection of Valentine’s, the other 140 that we were sent. Very original, unique, creative. We loved receiving them and
seeing what people thought up! And we will leave these
up through Valentine’s Day so that there will be a
couple more opportunities for you to see your
picture in the background of one of our videos. Now, we did have to cover up some people who included their faces in there because we didn’t know
for sure they wanted the world to see exactly
who they were, so. From a distance, it’s
okay but as a close-up, we thought we’d just cover them up. And the last row. Last two rows. So, thank you so much
to everyone who sent us a heart for the wall. We love it, it’s wonderful decoration, and we’ll leave these up
through Valentine’s Day. Thank you also to everyone
who sent us some mail. We love getting mail. They’re always very excited when we go to our mailbox and
there’s something there! So, if you’re interested
in dropping us a line, we’ll put the address right
down below this video. For our future videos,
you can keep checking back or you can click that
Subscribe button down below. You’ll get notified when our videos go up and you will–
– [All] Join the dream team! ♫ It’s raining at our house ♫ Is it raining where you are ♫ The kind of day to stay in and play ♫ Or eat a big chocolate bar ♫ Hang out with friends
til the weather ends ♫ And you don’t have to go too far ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers, we’re
always where you are ♫

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  1. Hey guys, I live in England, and don't know how much I would need to send a letter to Texas. And I don't mean to spam or anything, but I was very inspired by your MunchPack, and decided to show people around the world what kind of snacks and treats we eat.

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  3. That's funny the one you picked wasn't really an edit it was just a wallpaper thing lol can you get the kids to chose with ones they really like I would like to know if they like mine

  4. It would be cool to donate some of your extra toys to a shelter, mission or children's hospital.

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