Feng Shui Home Decorating Tips : Adding Plants for Feng Shui Decorating

Feng Shui Home Decorating Tips : Adding Plants for Feng Shui Decorating

All plants within the house are always really,
really good to have and again you’ll want to take care of them. Most of the times if
you have it say by your bed or the living area you want it to be full forage round soft
plants you really don’t want cactus’s in like your living area or bedroom because
they’re prickly you don’t want pointed end of plants like this one as it is pointed,
but this one there’s an exception because it’s soft it drapes but if it was sticking
out in all directions say if it was firm then I would recommend you moving it into another
area that you don’t spend a lot of time in. Dry plants are okay it’s because if
you have a plant in the pot and that it’s dying then that is not good, but if you intend
for it to be dried out for decoration purposes then that’s fine. Like potpourri? Yeah,
that’s fine, yes! It’s basically what you intend it to be. Like okay what about
other decorating choices like this isn’t real ivory but you know it games out and bulks
and stuff. Any type of decoration they’re so small it doesn’t matter really also when
people think of wood furniture people think okay I have a lot of wood in the house that
means I have a lot of wood element, but you want to remember wood is only an element that
helps you if it’s a living. When you cut down wood it’ll turn into furniture it’s
dead so there’s no energy giving out so wood you can have a whole bunch of wood in
your environment it wouldn’t do anything to you, it’s neutral. So on the topic of
wood where’s the good place to keep our real wood fire wood? Again, the real wood
fire wood you can keep anywhere it’s dead energy there’s no energy what so ever it’s
not going to hurt you or it’s not going to help you. Oh okay! Because it’s already
been chopped down. So what would be an issue? Wood is plants large plants based on the space
so you have this big room you have that plant there and this plant here, umm if we needed
wood in this space you would have to add more in terms of plants. I see…because the proportion
of the wood to the space is less right now. Great so I got it, it’s living plant wood
not dead furniture. Yes exactly…okay great! Alright I’m going to go outside and take
my compass reading and then after that we’ll come back and give you the results.

8 thoughts on “Feng Shui Home Decorating Tips : Adding Plants for Feng Shui Decorating

  1. I have done a lot of research on Feng Shui and I question this consultants VERY views than other published Feng Shui Masters. My understanding is if there is wood furniture in your space it does qualify as wood. If you do have dried plants, it must be disposed of as it is a dead and negative force. The only thing I percieve as right was her comment about the plant.

  2. Have you ever walked into a house that has a big dried bouquet of dried flowers? How has that worked for you? I have read that newly dried vegetation can still be ok for 6 months.
    One thing that I do agree with Western Feng Shui is that if something realy makes you happy, it can defy the "rules" of Feng Shui.

    Sometimes when one is imbalanced, sometimes we gravitate towards something bad for us. I would see how the most common Feng Shui suggestions feel to you and go from there.

  3. Yeah Im the same way, I only go to India for yoga teachers, even if they grew up in America and live in India now.

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