Finish the Sides and Edges of an ArtResined Canvas

Finish the Sides and Edges of an ArtResined Canvas

one thing that a lot of people have to
figure out is what to do with the edges of their piece of work that they are resning so there’s a couple of different options you can do. I’m going to tell you and show you what I do which is
just the least amount of steps for the best results. So I have a photo here that I’ve resined and the extra resin just rolled over the side and it’s going to drip over the bottom, I have it raised up a bit so I just take gloved hand the
disposable gloves and I just wiped the resin right into the side and I just find that the easiest solution for the best results. The Art Resin still sits on top nice and thick… Great! So that’s it. But what I would do is come back in five minutes and do the same thing again
just rubbing along the side again wipe off bottom drops now..some new drops will also form but that’s fine when cured you can just a metal file and just file
those down that’s one way to finish your edges with
ArtResin epoxy resin as always we have a big FAQ on you can put comments below with more questions so our #ArtResin contest is always going
on we’re still giving away one gallon a month and we look forward to seeing what you

5 thoughts on “Finish the Sides and Edges of an ArtResined Canvas

  1. I poured the resin into a photo pendant last night and kept an eye on it for an hour. I went back several times with the torch but this morning there was a huge bubble in it, and lots of tiny bubbles. I popped the large one after it was hard, so of course there is a hole there now. Will a second pour help hide the bubble, and how can you prevent bubbles even when using a torch?

  2. Some of the edges of my resin canvas on top are thin and show painted canvas . Do you fix them by an overall pour or just leave it the way it is?

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