Fiona Xie Channel 5 Renovation Singapore – 3D Innovations Interior Design (Series 2)

Hello!HI! So what was your first impression upon walking in? It looks so beautiful. I can’t imagine! Yea? Oh my God, you look like you’re gonna cry! Yea.. 🙁 The layout of Madam Zaniza’s living room opens up with ample space for Shafiq’s wheelchair access. The bench that were chosen for you can actually be well withdrawn out when you are having meals. And after your meals you can just push it back in! We have also chosen a recliner for Shafiq that comes with an arm rest. So you do not have to worry about him toppling over and injuring himself. This is where you always have to cook and do most of your stuff so this is so important to you. The Rundown Kitchen is no more What Madame Zaniza has is a modern functional kitchen tailored to her specific needs. As Madam Zaniza hopes to get some income through home baking or small-scale catering, Denn has created more storage and preparation areas in her kitchen. What a professional renovation? Renovate with 3D Innovations easily at

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