Fitting a residential couch in a RV [RVlog #8]

Fitting a residential couch in a RV [RVlog #8]

Good morning from Kent, Washington! We are
here at Mor Furniture. And we’re about to pick up our new couch so…. This is the
open space for it! We’ve got it all cleaned up and ready!
Ben’s bringing in the centre console right now. Well that came apart! So that’s
going to be really easy now huh?… I hope so….
You can see the old couch sitting out here. And we found somebody to pick it up
for us and take it to Salvation Army. The salesman is actually doing it for 40
bucks! ….Yeah!…. It’s the price we have to pay! It’s worth it! You can see out here…. The
rest of the couch… I cannot wait to get it in here and make sure it fits. So
exciting!…. And the moment of truth here…. We are we’re gonna see if it will fit… Cross
your fingers for us guys! Let’s hope it fits! Let’s get the armrest in first…There we go…
Alright now straighten it out…. It’s in now! We now just have to do the other side!
Let me regroup…. Alright, let me know when to turn…. Oh my gosh, it’s in! Like a glove….
It fits guys! This is like a total game changer here…. Are you happy?… Oh, I’m very
happy! I’m very comfortable which is the most important thing!…. Since we work from
home, we spend a lot of time in here and ahh… I think it’s worth it to be comfortable!
So… Let’s button things up and put the slide in and all that not fun stuff!
Houston we have a problem but it’s too late now….
Oh well, there’s at least two people in the house that approve of the new couch!
They don’t mind the shortened walkway! Okay guys, we’re headed East on the I-90…
And the goal for today is to make it to the Spokane, Walmart and then….. So we can
continue our trek on towards Montana. It’s a beautiful day!
And Remmy and Shelby loved the couch… They haven’t moved in like an hour!….
This is actually my first time driving this stretch of the 90 Hey guys, do you see all these little
sets of three grooves and the slow lane here…. What is going on with those? I’ve
never seen them before! But they make the road ride so rough… You know why all
these little marks of three are in all the tire groups? Let me know. I’m curious!
Because…. It makes no sense to me aside from making the ride rough on a slow lane… It’s finally soaked in and we are now
on another epic road trip… Now that we’re
on the open highway in the lower 48…. Heading towards Montana. I’m feeling it!…
Thank You Washington! This rest area has a free dump station and free drinking
water!…. Gotta love that! We’re all settled in here at a Walmart
in Spokane. We’re done for the night! We covered ahhh… Enough ground!…. Dinner is
going here! We have a stir-fry with some caribou broths and some rice!

21 thoughts on “Fitting a residential couch in a RV [RVlog #8]

  1. I could be wrong, I think they do that to the road for Expansion. It really Washboards the road. Nice Recliners, Looks very Comfy ! Safe Travels

  2. Could you please give me the model and make of the couch ,we are getting ready to do the same thing to our class c having a hard time making a choice from two recliners or a couch it looks like what you have might be a good fit ,would appreciate the info,I thank you very much also is it structurally strong

  3. There is a big steel rod in each one of the slots, it is to reinforce the road. When I was driving semi I watch them putting them in as I was driving around.

  4. that new couch is AWESOME, stir fry with caribou brats, i'm so jealous, be safe and htty, lookin forward to the journey. metal bars in the road for expansion, i don't get it, stay in the left lane, why didn't they do both lanes?

  5. that's funny those things in the road on I 90 are supposed to make it smoother they're supposed to lock the sections of the concrete together…each of those sections have a metal bar in it and concrete poured over it…safe travels..

  6. It's important to be comfortable. Even in my Class B I removed two of the rear passenger (behind the driver area) captain chairs and replaced with a comfortable living room chair … plus the added floor area which is already at a premium in a Class B. It has worked well for me and I have a place to sit and work on my computer or iPad. Plus, I can look out the side sliding door on nice days. Glad the new couch worked out for you.

  7. Those slots hold epoxy coated rebar to transfer the load from one slab to the next. Sometimes the slabs have to be milled because they wrapped during the curing process or sometimes they begin to rock and pump independent of one another. This is unusually a temporary repair to extend the life of the concrete before overlaying it with asphalt or replacing it. The other poster is correct the slow lane gets more truck traffic and that's the reason for the slab failure. Sorry. I'm a civil engineer. Ask me what time it is and I'll tell you how to build a watch….. 😉

  8. so you might have covered this in another vlog, but do you have a water filtration system on your rig or do you drink bottled water?

  9. I know it has been a while and we are a new subscriber. Can you tell us who makes the couch, model? Looks like we may want to replace ours like yours. Thanks.

  10. how wide is your door? mine is 24" I don't really want recliners , and most couches need a 34" doorway….any ideas out there what I can get to fit?

  11. Hey do y'all think y'all could get back with me. On my couch, I haven't bought it yet. The measurements on the couch are 94 long 40 depth and 40 tall. I have a Avenger primitive would yall know.

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