Fixer Upper – The Kitchen Cabinetry Dilemma – HGTV

Fixer Upper – The Kitchen Cabinetry Dilemma – HGTV

[music playing] The dilemma in the kitchen is
really, do you do open cabinets or do you closed cabinets? To me, if you have the
open glass cabinets, it creates a more open feel,
light and airy in the kitchen. But I think the biggest concern
is, well, what in the world do we put behind it? And I always like to tell
people keep it simple. It can be your everyday dishes. It doesn’t have to be anything
fancy or anything elaborate. Now in other areas where
we’ve incorporated more glass, like you see here with this old
pantry door that we installed, I don’t necessarily want to
see what’s behind the pantry. I know with four kids,
a lot of the times there’s a bunch of stuff we
just hide and like to tuck away. So in this case, I suggest
doing frosted glass so you can hide what’s behind here. So I think it’s really if you
want to go with that open feel, just determine what’s
best for the space. If it’s a pantry, go
with frosted glass. But if it’s on the cabinets
and it’s your everyday dishes, why not go for that
open glass concept?

4 thoughts on “Fixer Upper – The Kitchen Cabinetry Dilemma – HGTV

  1. Boy i sure do miss you two…but then your show ended probably just at the right time for me cause I'm back at not having tv now anyway….and except for your show and a couple others i don't really miss it much anyway. We introverts are happy with just being in our own thoughts most of the time anyway.

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