Flea Market Finds with Martyn Lawrence Bullard & Kathryn Ireland | Interior Design

(peaceful trendy music) [Kathryn] What’s that, darling, up a… [Martyn] That’s
(mumbles), the opera house. – I’m here at my favorite flea
market in Paris, Serpette. I want to ask my great
friend, Martyn, what he’s looking for today. Martyn, darling, what are you looking for? – I look for exciting, unusual things. I think that the flea market
offers you a choice that you will never find anywhere else. – This is the best,
probably in the whole world. – To me, it is because the
dealers are passionate about what they have. I’ve been searching for a
thing like that in LA for months and there it is. – I love that. – Rather than the dealer
just throw a bunch of stuff on the shelves, they take the
time to create a vignette. – They’re brilliant. I mean, I gotta say– – I mean, God knows they know
how to charge for it too. – Come with me. I want us to find some
things for “The Perfect Room.” – Let’s get inspired. This is something you only
really find in France, are these fantastic, quirky things. I mean, look at this. Isn’t it divine? – Divine. – All these carts and horses and things? Even though I’ve done these
collections all over the world, the most interesting thing
in Paris is these artisans are so passionate, and
yet they’re still working with their hands. Something like being in a
factory in China or Portugal or, you know, these various
places that do a lot of output today. You see these really
extraordinary craftsmen here, which special. Look at the chairs. The chairs are heaven. Those are everything. – Beautiful. – It’s the kind of thing I
think is exciting from your site because your site will
offer the design community, the general public, in general… – Access to these things. – …access to those things,
and to those things that curated by, you know, the best
designers that are out there in the marketplace. (phone camera shutters) So beautiful. – [Shop Owner] And it was the
heydays of the coastliner. – Yes, of course. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Martyn’s been buying up a storm. (phone camera shutters) – Isn’t that a nice– – And I love it. – Can I have your card? – I hope I’m not gonna have
to carry it all on as hand luggage tomorrow when we go to Marrakech. – Yeah, pretty
color that actually. – Really nice. – Alright, I’ll pay for
that and I’m gonna call in about the other. – He knows exactly what
to say at the close. (laughs) – It’s for export for Los Angeles. – [Shop Owner] Yes. – Is that your best price on that? – I can make something of course, yes. – And what can you make? (giggles) – Anything for a reduction in price. – The joy of the flea
market is, you never actually know what you’re looking for. Because, it just sort of happens. – I know. – You suddenly find
something extraordinary. It’s the kind of thing,
something you take home and you find a spot and it’s made the room. – Yes. – And that’s what the flea market is. – But that’s what you’re so good at. – I’ve known Kathryn, so, I
think it’s for 20 years now. From the second that I met
her, we became instant friends. She is mad, marvelous. She’s just somebody that
you just want to be around, and for me, that’s, that’s
the most important thing. Friendship is, is first. And the fun thing is, that we
also have business in common. And so, because of that,
we’ve created such a bond. The problem with coming
here, is that I leave with a desperate sense of misery,
because there’s so many things I actually want. – Look at that. Is it that’s nice? – Yeah, beautiful. – I love all the different colors. – It’s a nice set. It comes very well. – Yeah, it’s a really nice set. – Au revoir, the Marche Paulbert Serpette. – You did very well. You got the china. – I got the china. I got these beautiful
18th century paintings of poets and philosophers. I got a gorgeous tray. – Beautiful tray. – I’m in deep, deep thought
of that beautiful Romeo Rega table and chairs with the
brass in the back row. Here we are, at Maison & Objet. This is the heart of the
design world’s, sort of exhibit of the year, isn’t it? – It’s huge. By the way, it is huge. I think it is 15 football fields. I may be wrong. I know you’re shopping for clients. I am too. But, would you try and find
some fabulous pieces for “The Perfect Room”? – Absolutely. – “The Perfect Room” is a room
that one of the six A-List designers on the site have
created that inspire you. And not only are we going
to deliver it to your door, and I’ll have a field
designer there to make sure everything fits. That’s “The Perfect Room.” – Well, that was good. Found a few little treasures. – Yes. I am looking forward to
going to Marrakech with you. I bet we find a few different
kinds of bits and bobs. – Darling, if not, even a
little snake charmer or two.

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