Fluid Art – Alcohol Ink Process Video – Skillshare Tutorial

Fluid Art – Alcohol Ink Process Video – Skillshare Tutorial

hey everyone it’s sarah from sarahtypes.com today i have a video showing you how i use alcohol inks, this is to
celebrate my new course on Skillshare which shows you in more detail how I use
alcohol inks and it’s definitely a beginner class just to get you into all
the tools and different applications so take a look at this video and see if it’s
something you’re interested in and if you are I will leave a link in the
description box of how you can go and check out that class also feel free to
check out my instagram at sarah types or my hashtag sarahtypesink to see more of
the alcohol ink pieces i’ve done if you haven’t seen this type of artwork before
that should give you a good idea of what to expect I’ll link that hashtag down
below in the description box as well

14 thoughts on “Fluid Art – Alcohol Ink Process Video – Skillshare Tutorial

  1. The clear thing you're working on is alcohol right? And just regular watercolor paper? It looks wonderfull

  2. If that's all they teach you at Skillshare, that's really very poor, you can learn more and I've seen wonderful works from experienced people who show it here in YouTube. Sorry!

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