FO4 – Building in Vanilla – Warwick Homestead

FO4 – Building in Vanilla – Warwick Homestead

and away the go hurry hurry for today’s
stream starting a little early today because I actually got a bit of
reasonable hour and I’m like you know what I’m just sitting around here
twiddling my thumbs I might as well just go ahead and start maybe you can go a
little longer today I don’t know let’s behind out it’s all exciting here that
chats too big okay still doing our our setup here get our
command center all in in position and hmm that’s still too big la dee da dee
dee okay that’ll work that should be fine go back over here oh boy alright
green lights flicker me to orange and yellow I’m not sure what’s going on with
that but hopefully it will stay the same and check okay alright let’s back up
here get situated in the comfort zone Nick Dalton still early sorry man well
the good thing is this will be back on the replay Jason what’s up welcome to
the stream guys how you guys doing today yeah start a little early today I’m just
like you know what I got up at a reasonable hour and I’m like I’m just
sitting here doing nothing I might as well just go ahead and start maybe I can
go a little more than three hours today I don’t know but I don’t know Wars gonna
even need it because I don’t know so jamming our pjax how you doing
welcome to the stream okay so today’s plan of course is to probably start
working on this area right out here in the front in El frente can we do much
with that right that thing’s outside the building order right hmm yeah oh no it isn’t look at this look at
this cheesy shit okay okay so this gate is it gonna line up why isn’t lining up
this is strange okay so the gate does not include the pole it’s this fence
that has the pole so if I pulled this down
okay so it does have the pull on either side so if I do pull the gate don’t have
to pull both of them down when I keep that chain link over there like a sort
of de Becque yeah it’s a the allergies were they hit hard but they go away in
about I don’t know four days or so I mean I feel like death for those four
days I thought I was getting the flu for sure but nope
so yeah I’m back to a quote-unquote normal I guess you could say and oh it’s
Roger looking like a normal set I was like what the Freak dude okay so I guess
what we can do is look around and see if I can get the creative juices flowin
such as it is he seems puzzled by his inability to get in there he walks
around it then can’t get in the front it’s like Roger dude Denise how you
doing welcome to stream had to work all right cool good to see ya
hopefully you can stop by a little bit later as i eyeball this shit and trying
to figure out what it is I will be doing okay so this part is I guess the foyer
here is pretty much done Mikey how you doing smoke welcome to the stream dude
just coming through here Silver Fox how’s it going welcome to the stream
just walking through here trying to refresh my memory on this place cuz I’ve
been I’ve been building with the FNG as of late and I hit a stumbling block I
can’t figure out what I want to do with the yellow house although yesterday I
did have an idea and so far it’s coming out right now okay yeah how you doing
welcome sorry man happy birthday in happy birthday welcome to the street and
you lo thanks man I hope you I hope you steal a lot of shit bro I get some ideas
man and makes your game more fun Rhonda how’s it going welcome to the stream so
yeah this thing here we need something here what does he need
in here there’s nothing up top right maybe just give him a desk me just stick
a desk right there all right here hmm this is a little blue
desk right here the blue desks in this one new ludus or mods oh there you go
man that’s what they’re for dude steal away steal as much as you like as often
as you like and go crazy that’s what they are
friggin for and then oh my god come here wow it okay so it’s not to move it over
this way a little bit more yeah blue desk is in tables oh it’s not a
container oh okay well then shit it’s in tables huh all right because that makes
perfect sense er there should be desks in both categories right because they’re
both tasks oh there it is oh these are little snappy ones huh we’ll give him a
little snappy one here ladx how’s it going to the stream it isn’t 12:00 yeah
I actually got up at a reasonable hour today so I’m sitting around you’re
waiting for 12 o’clock to come on like you know it fucking I’m just gonna go
and start it’s like why not what why you gotta be like this man okay let’s see if
I can get it out got here all this work to put a goddamn desk in here man just a
spot there okay now you’re starting to piss me off
dude let’s go outside and elevate it as I try to figure out oh look it’s raining
again joy joy okay so yeah today’s plan is to
oh I’m an idiot hi duh it snaps hey today of course it doesn’t rug it snaps
ie you can’t take me anywhere folks yeah hi I’m slow but I get there art be easy
Eric how you doing welcome to the stream sir I’m I’m fumbling about what stuff I
already know and forgotten and yeah I just tell you what man streaming
building Keisha humble America fuck it’s like dude you’re a moron and I’m like
yeah I know I mean thanks but no and yeah hmm now really feeling that hmm you
completed building on dread mode noise yeah builders one of the easier ones
because all I got to do just hold out you know and if you don’t care about
your other survivors it it goes pretty straightforward traitor traitor ladx
that is when they will test your patience try see how soft this place was
a Mahima isn’t as sts yeah if any mods that turn these into scrap herbal things
any scrap mod modifies your is gonna change the physics that’s just how they
do most the time it changes it for the better so it’s definitely worth using
them but it doesn’t have the same it won’t have the same it won’t have the
same abilities a straight vanilla just the
nature of the beast it’s a trade-off you know you you get you get you know you
get amazing amounts of the ability to get away with stuff but on the downside
you lose some of the functionality that the glitches that we’ve come to depend
on also themselves depend on so Bergy how you doing welcome to the stream it’s
Sunday how’s it going how you do all this work just to get a goddamn desk and
a chair in there man just struggle is a real the struggle is
real winter beard how’s it going welcome to the stream and Kelly how you doing
welcome to the stream okay let’s get this stupid desk in there see if I can’t
get this dumb desk in there and then we’ll I always like to do the little
fiddly things to warm up I guess to stretch my building legs as it were yeah
that’s a little bit better yeah and that rug doesn’t want to go
anywhere near okay look at this the rug doesn’t want to touch this concrete on
the left but just doesn’t want to cooperate there what’s a rug and just
put it there and just look at it mmm okay the death custom is a little
over to the left so let’s move the desk a little over – laughs that’s one of the
bad things about building inside like this but you got to go way the hell in
and out to get anything done cause you got no room to work inside the place okay all right
so today’s overall plan is to add a marketplace of sorts in the front and I
will be at I will be actively stealing Clinton’s Clinton’s marketplace and his
roadside eatery model form factor because I saw that I like oh my god I
love the hell out of this thing and the link to his tour is in the description
so you can see what it is credit where it’s due
credit where it’s due okay and dark back there so I guess what we can do is add a
light where’s that blue lamp this one here
yeah or just not lit up there’s no conduits back there so what we’re gonna
have to do then is take this opportunity to start wiring so here comes the boring
part right the boring part of wiring this place okay so this thing is again
the pole on the left and no pole on the right so if I take this down I’ll have
to take that down or sandy how’s it going welcome to the stream um
Yuliya how you going welcome to the stream so let’s go ahead and get this
wired and probably gonna use that at some point so let me just store it then
the other one there’s a pond top so we need to go grab that bad boy
we’re house stairs Jay pick if you are watching this later dude the reason I
used these ladders is up the wit ladders is so dig up really so don’t fall off
the sides from watching your stream the other night I’m like dude use the break
but I couldn’t say because I was like trying to figure out what the hell it is
you were gonna do and I couldn’t couldn’t process most of that shit
barbarian king how’s it going welcome to the street okay so now we need to do is
I want to build I want to build a little guard station
thing up here but I want to build something in here as well okay so this
is where it gets complicated right because I want to do like two or three
different things at once and I’m not sure how the whole thing’s going to turn
out so I’m like okay build order build order build order what has to go in
first cuz as you know I don’t really like
building from the top down because I run in a room at the bottom or I have some
kind of weird space at the bottom and I can’t figure out how to get it up there
and so we had to go bottom-up right and I want to build a little storage area
for this crap down here so what I can do is I can use a prefab yeah I can use you
know what let’s use a metal prefab let’s use this thing here right
cuz that looks like that looks like a decent that looks like a decent storage
coverage container dealy-bob err so I can get this thing on the bottom I get
myself a roof I can get myself a roof snapping edge that I can use to snap the
wall the floor thing to it and then ya see I can just do this right and that
way I can get other floors up on top of it god this is fucking stupid though I
mean look at this shit if I do this right got it you can do it straight
right make sure it’s straight so I’m looking at the girder strip on the
bottom on the underside of the roof to make sure it goes to the wall straight
right it’s okay it’s right about there right so now we got this little this
little and it’s just sort of reading again immediately yeah fuck you Warwick
piece of shit all right Alina how you doing welcome to the
stream so now I need to build up to the top so let’s start doing that so we’re
gonna do is we’re going to grab ourselves of the wood floor just
snapping edge booyah and now I can do some shenanigans up on
the top yay hooray yeah whoo baby okay so we got this yeah now I’ll have to
snap a know can i snap huh you know I should have been just do this
yeah look at that shit look at that oh yeah okay so I need a stairway okay it’s the
scaffolding okay guys remind me gaffing snaps well
how’s the order go you put the scaffolding floor down then
you put the regular floor and take the scaffolding floor out and put the
regular floor in bag right okay this is too frigging tall so we’re gonna use
this one because this one should go here and that way I can use what I can use
just a regular floor piece and Ozzfest how you doing Gregory how you doing
Grigory or is a gray-green Grigory so we’re Sullivan the game yeah I know
that’s well people voted on this one Grigory so I’m like I gotta do this one
dude this is what this is what the community demands ha ha ha
so that’s what I got to do okay so now we’re gonna build down we gotta build
down a little bit see if this works okay you got that we’re gonna get the no I
don’t need the fire I don’t think this work I’m correcting or okay perfect
thanks Mikey thank you thank you thank you okay so
we’re gonna do this no we’re gonna do this let’s grab this one and go to the
top and see where I can get away with over here cuz if I can go up from the
bottom with this on the overhang over the side looks like shit though okay so how am I gonna do this we got to
do it like this yeah okay we’re just gonna go for we’re just gonna go for
blunt-force trauma placement here right it’s gonna stick it in there and get the
scaffolding they like to make me work that is absolutely the case I am not
even going to try to deny that part of our of our thing there so if we do that
I don’t want to do this I want to go where house is large right so let’s get
rid of that little let’s get that little mesh piece right and then a scaffolding
ladder yeah where’s that little thin no real one this one here will you snap to
the floor you will not snap to the floor fascinating but I knew this instead are
you little shit come on so I put you there okay a little more okay so it turns red there I gotta say using a controller and the
PC is a little more precise than that sure in game sound effects a little too
high I haven’t changed the settings Ozzfest so it may be just you I I don’t
have a way to tell well is it gonna snap to this can I get it to snap to this
little snap to the wall okay are you kidding where the hell is it come on
you would just were just there I saw it and then I lost him give me I got it open the top God these things are so goddamn finicky
oh yeah it snaps to the wall you know what I’m gonna put it there as he looks
like inside just for the shits and giggles it’s not there Oh can’t see it at all okay hmm well hmm he said mealy damnit I hate when I see it snap and
then I just lose it when I’m moving around snap so we got and then he just
goes away come on okay so if I move like two
inches the other way it works fine I fucking sure whatever whatever that’s
fine it’s fine it’s fine it’s true flat stairs yeah I could I mean I got the
fire I could totally do it on top of this rooks it’s only one one section
here I’m voting the ball my mental stability
to be challenged to be challenged yeah I guess that implies that I have some to
begin to it though that’s it that’s a pretty that’s a pretty big ask as they
say let’s do that can you snap together the ground move up there one piece maybe
but the difficulty with that is it often does not want to cooperate so this will
suffice I mean this is this gets me up there yeah and I don’t really need
anything else here I can just snap a scaffold you really can call it good
which is what I probably should do let’s just do that and of course the
scaffolding really doesn’t want to snap here because why would it but if I go
down here maybe well come on baby and you go no no hmm
interesting Jim how’s it going welcome to the stream the walls and coadley yeah
it is I am learning that it is a lot thicker than I was anticipating okay so
we’re gonna scrap that and then we’re gonna put you know fit of scaffolding
railing there take this off put his cap on the railing there and then just snap
another snap another well not snap but foot oh you gonna be like that huh okay fine
I will group select you into place little shit BK how’s it going welcome to
the stream yeah dude that’s you’re gonna get lots of those today man because it’s
gonna be a up shit it’s gonna be a much thinking and pondering out loud
the whatnots sandy mrs. Jim and sea away on business he’s travelling or something
or is it or are you just goofing he’s like oh I miss you it’s been ten minutes
and you’re downstairs oh my god darling you’re just goofing and shit okay so see
look at that groups like he’ll solve a lot of problems yeah baby yeah that’ll
work sure okay oh I didn’t mean to store the
thing okay so now I don’t need this thing at all anymore do I
no sir and you’re not John what’s up welcome to the street okay all right the twss joke I think
right themselves yeah based it BK I don’t know if you’re here in the earlier
days but they used to keep the count there was a running total of how many
times I said shit like that and you got to the point where God just like yeah
I’m not even keep track anymore dude it’s fucking ridiculous so we get like
20 to 30 mystery jaebaek how’s it going baby welcome to
the stream you’re away in Washington State oh okay
well hope you’re having a good trip and I hope everything’s going well you check
the size on this thing maybe I can get a warehouse wall in there instead he
didn’t scrap the pose yeah I’ve got so much concrete I don’t mind scrapping him
I just I don’t like misplaced and I go where the fuck did I put it I know I had
one and if I don’t if the counts wrong
them’s like that that’s good enough good enough it’s good no I’m sorry it’s
already that I hope everyone’s doing well as well as can be expected in that
sort of situation okay Nick so how’s it going welcome to the street how are you
doing today Oh Halina I am still working on my my entry into your challenge I had
a sort of weird weird block the other what okay it has sort of a weird block
of the day but I think I have I think I’ve gotten past it not sure and I can’t
see the top of this which is not I need to the top where you to the bottom
let’s go through here so yeah there are little sted little sanctuary built on
the FNG is still coming along it’s um it’s it’s turning into an inn Wow sure okay that’s fine that’s fine lady
Helena’s got a challenge for like a small a small settlement a small
settlement she’s got my chicken Lincoln if you
don’t mind linking it Elina that’d be great but it’s opening it there’s no
time limit so that’s that suits me well because I’m having real difficulty with
getting into getting it done ain’t gonna snap there this would be a
cool thing to do you know what no the other one the other way yeah let’s do
that one more info more info on sorry be happy answer but I sort of hopping
around subjects here it’s just like I don’t know which one you’re referring to
I don’t know how long ago it was that I mentioned something and as noted I have
the attention span of a goldfish so okay so how is this gonna go okay this thing
does not like that touching that middle thing at all okay here wow that looks
pretty cool so there and that’s as good as it’s gonna get then yeah yeah that’s fine who did the challenge
oh it’s Elina it’s Helena’s challenge and there’s the
link with the rules it’s basically two shops ten sellers defense food water
self-supporting that I recall so you can do that oh you ain’t got a snap for me
huh don’t be like that that’s okay we’ll just leave it open it’s fine it’s Julie
how you doing welcome to the stream oh man you guys are already breaking my
balls today then I see how it goes okay I get it
no I linked it’s there hey Lina its if you’re on top chat you got to go to live
chat on the chat window but I can see it it’s there links don’t post in top chat
for some reason a lot of the time okay so we got this little under storage
place here god damn it’s dark here oh it’s five o’clock okay let’s go ahead
and put in rest and hopefully we get some more rain in the day 12 13 14 yeah
that’ll be fine put the ad up la dee dee dee da yeah that sanctuary build I
worked on with the F ng what about a week and a half ago hasn’t really
changed much since then I’m just I’m really having trouble figuring out what
to do with the inside of the house but I got an idea today when I was farting
around with farting around with farting around with Brotherhood radiance
like oh maybe I should do that so so I farted around they built a little bit on
the inside and it’s coming FNG a fucking new guy Rob how you doing
welcome to the street this is fucking new guy that’s whatever energy is so
yeah he’s what’s up dude okay sure alright so that’s there okay so now we need to build up on top
yeah we need to put something up here but the good thing is I don’t need to
put anything else up here because I’ve got mad now we’re gonna put something up
over the doors I can’t put this away because so we’re gonna go now it’s time
to do another one of those magic structures would like to do which is
basically build the entire goddamn thing over here and then just drop it on top
so we’re gonna go we’re gonna build a standard guard tower because I like you
know you know good new I’m about like yeah
it’s dude you just got to get lucky hit like I said in like in some and his
rival hit that bus that’s over there bye-bye conquered the one over there by
the little settler camp that little medkit responds very very frequently you
get lucky there sometimes I wonder okay I got to turn the light on this is
stupid I can’t get to stop Marini so we’re just
going to separate through the rain I would feel bad but y’all pick this so I
don’t I’ve never actually done this before
this would be a pretty good guard post right pretty good pretty good guard
thing especially we turned it around backwards yeah around backwards and push
this in well it doesn’t really push in there but if I slid it through there
with a rug / house it going welcome to the stream let’s see here let’s do this let me see how this looks
before I get before I get married I don’t have time so if I don’t like this
and I do it with the backwards in out right I do it like this and just drop
this right through here that it looks kind of cool
you’re really trying to do it like this before that’s what she said well that would be effective it was
facing forward dipshit what the side of it through there herp and error your
heritage here by by it seems awfully narrows like well yeah no shit dude you
got it in there sideways down a little bit yeah that looks pretty cool and the
guard will be looking like there now the trick is will this thing drop
when I take out the rug probably not because the guard posts don’t always
drop yeah okay so there’s that yeah and still
interesting that’s novel piece guy I know right well you know what I think
part of it is 2.jpg is that other things snap to it but it doesn’t snap to
anything itself I don’t know if that makes any damn difference but it’s the
only piece I know other than the trailer where things only snap to it it doesn’t
snap to other things if that makes any sense at all and this is probably gonna
work because my snap point is backwards my snap when it’s backwards
so I don’t know if this is even gonna work because all my Snapple edges are on
this half of the frame so I may need to put it around the other way yeah
God put it around the other way if it’ll place let’s do this again second verse
same as the first I hope y’all can see this okay I mean it’s it seems pretty
well lit I mean because I’m not really looking at things far away but it’s I
guess I’m just gonna rain all day today so we’re gonna do
Groucho welcome to the stream happy Sunday sir how you doing okay we’re
gonna have to do it this way unfortunately because I need the
snapping edge on the inside and ya see there looks pretty goddamn formidable
like that down a smidgen sure okay lift it drop it
take it out and it drops which is not terrible I can do I’m feeling better
yeah Groucho it’s it’s allergies man they come and go I just feel like warmed
over death for like four days five days whatever and I can’t groups like this
what okay your group select it on the frame but I can’t group selected on the
guard shack look at this I hold it nothing happens
interesante I’ve never moved CLO yeah no worries
about that Fergie I don’t do cold I don’t do rain around you overcast I
don’t get 200 days of Sunday year I start to I start cracking skulls I just
I can’t handle that I need we need so what what’s gonna
happen from here I mean I’ve got that okay good fine but what’s gonna go on
the sides cuz I snap these things they’re these little sign balls don’t
snap to the doorframe do they okay look here’s Roger okay let’s see he looks
like yeah that’s pretty cool that’s that’s pretty cool I can deal with that Adam how’s it going welcome to the
stream so what can I do with this and how is it going to work okay resolved I’ve got to put the raw
got to put the guard station in last yeah gotta turn the corner we’ll need a
floor or roof or snapping yeah it’s I’m gonna take that guard station back out
right yeah good take that back out so we’re gonna leave you there for now
Roger so now I know it’ll fit in there I wonder but can I do can I do it will
snap to the back of this ha so if I do that then this can go there well that’s an interesting
form factor well that shit’s got potential slacker
how’s it going baby walking to this dream you gotta go alright your Gauri thanks
for stopping by man good to see you hope you had a good time good luck with the
plan that’s weird hmm well so we go up there but put that up there
don’t fit I mean that’s that’s not that’s not – dag how’s it going baby
welcome to the stream see you’ve got that so I put what two more floors on the
outside here like here in here don’t do that come on that way maybe I could put
a railing on the side can I put a really on the side
will this thing go no see it snaps there to the left-hand side but it won’t snap
to this cuz the other thing what to do what to do so the guard station goes in
the middle I’ve got this here I guess I could leave the floor there don’t hurt
nothing hmmm that railing that would that rail
it bit uh this stupid wire fence is not wide enough right the double wide is too
wide or not wide enough for this too wide it’s to live okay this is one funky
looking structure yeah it’s it’s something I mean I like I said I’m just
kind of winging it right now trying to figure out I mean it because I know I
know kind of what I want it to look like sort of yeah but I don’t know how to get
there from here so what I do is I just throw things at
it until something looks cool makes sense you know it doesn’t suck whatever
and oh and by the way speaking of which that’s why my style is way it is I just
I throw things in I throw things the problems I’m like okay that doesn’t suck
and that way I have a lot more latitude in application and J pick I was gonna
tell you did the night I was watching you do I was watching you fart around
with Papa you know doing that stuff on your stream and I realized why I don’t
use place anywhere and why I can’t use place anywhere because it gives me too
many options I would have too many ways to solve problems and I think that would
just lead to analysis paralysis I would just lock the fuck up I’m like I have
too many ways to solve this problem I don’t know which one to pick with
vanilla my options are limited so my choices my choices are few so it’s like
okay I’ve only got a limited toolset to do this and I can use them in
combination sure but in the main I can’t do complicated involved you know stuff
like that yeah and playing around with it is a very time intensive process you
know it’s very fiddly it’s very whenever now people like you know you who are you
have creativity it works great because it lets you do exactly what you wanted
to do I never know what I want I’m just like okay this is I saw a little shit
come here there that’s what I wanted yes like that okay
so now we’ve got that thing there which is not terrible so I think if I if I
were to try and use place anymore dude I would just sit here playing with two
pieces for three hours I would just but I would not get anything done I would
just be able well I can do this I can do that I could fiddle this I can build
that oh I can move it are there two degrees this way blue yeah no you sit
there going okay he’s been fucking with the same piece of plywood for an hour
and a half what is happening here again no but just that’s not that’s not
something I can okay so I can see the pose so that’s that’s that’s what that’s
the that’s what gives me discomfort when it comes to place anywhere it’s just I
would just I would I would I would literally endlessly fiddle with one
goddamn piece and at the end of the day would make any damn difference because
nobody would notice that piece but I would know it was there about there yeah
something like that that looks about right yeah yeah is that the same height
yeah that’s close enough okay cool okay so now we got that so now we got that ah sorry you spent an hour exactly Adam
I mean even now these tools I spend too long but see this is coming together
this is coming together yeah I think you’re selling myself short once on the
word that can do the choices are easier I yeah I mean technically maybe jpg I
just like I said I don’t think that way I’ve been thinking in vanilla terms for
so goddamn long that it would just be strange to me to have to you’ll be very
strange to have that much have that many options yeah we just drive me bonkers
I’ve gone better okay there’s that got that funky ass
thing going if I put why this one over here sure and then
this one over here it’s just the thing about it I think is the sticking point
is that it takes a focused effort – it takes a focused effort what the hell am
I doing with this now let’s quick save okay let’s get a road
let’s get this out here yeah since the whole top of the roof is soft I don’t
really give a crap I can just sink this thing through anywhere it doesn’t really
matter just drop this thing right through the middle there yeah and that
and then we will get this ladder here I guess I should put it over here so I can
see better right yeah right there sure Roger I’ll just go oh my god the sun’s
coming out what is he been happening here okay that’s good I can see pretty good
there all right let’s quick save again to make
sure we get this going here it’s um okay so here’s our gigantic I’m gonna put the guard station in no no
uh-huh I guess I can do that later I’ll do that later okay so how much do we
have here oh yeah okay so it’s not liking something back there but I don’t
know what that’s fine there it is okay so it has to go there I can’t tell
if it’s straight from their ladder up here yeah there we
go now I can see okay all right here we go that’s impossible there’s no Sun no
work we’re seeing it for CNN RP it’s it’s happening it’s happening okay and
Dan you go this entire gigantic block of a friggin building goes right down on
top and we’re in here you kind of see what the floor is going through there so
that’s good yeah right over the entrance and up oh you don’t like touching that
railing that Bert that berm in the front do you what’s happening here why is it
not working maybe the maybe the pillars too though there’s so many moving parts
here I can’t tell what’s uh what’s even was it could be possibly hanging up on okay now we’re just gonna put you barely
inside there yeah yeah just barely maybe that’ll help I don’t know maybe that
front wall it will to the thing is last week or the week before I don’t remember
when we were testing it things would snap right through that little berm in
the front but I got a feeling it’s because I got this gigantic monstrosity
here with varying elevations on the bottom yeah see now it’s working so it
was the pillar it was absolutely the pillar it was the height of the pillar
inside so there we go problem solved it was hitting something underneath maybe
was hitting me it was hitting the doorframe in there that I put in there
okay so that looks pretty straight here put back two little bits no I want it there come on enough okay there’s the bottom
two door cream so right about there okay let’s see what we got let’s see
what we got yeah it might have a hit in the span he
might have been hitting this just doorway oh it was definitely in the
doorway see there it is right there so it was hitting the doorway it was ending
my inside doorway okay so what’s it look like when it starts riggan reading in
the gap how the cellar gonna go up we got a stairway on the side Jason here
let me show you right here I built a little a little storage compartment over
all these barrels that I had here and then just put scaffolding ladders out
this is the first thing I built so they can get up this way okay that’s got to
go a little bit lower hopefully it does not oh shit it’s gonna it’s gonna pick
up the whole settlement isn’t it no it’s gotta go down just a little bit yeah
okay there it is you got that we got this we got these Jesus this is really good
this is really good sight lines it should appear man telling you what okay
so we’re gonna take this out so this is this is the new guard station whoo yeah
now the tricky part is I have to be able to sync that have to be able to sync
that that guard post in here but it should be okay easy to run out the door
there okay let’s go get that rug back out how did that not grab the door um
maybe duh well here Watch let me show you take the
concrete pillar raise this thing all the way up right okay there’s the rug right
you see the rug the concrete pillar does not like to
grab top and bottom it’ll grab there but it won’t grab here we crabs they’re a
little bit lower but the top and bottom do not have right there so that’s what
about a 6 inch gap 3 inch gap so in the top and bottom the collision the grab
plane on the current the pillar is really small
Simo how you do and welcome to the stream you came with the background
noise with you now it’s funny you should say that sieve oh so you’re talking to
discarded John’s like I’m like okay get ready stream John’s like also get ready
take a nap and like don’t worry do my stream is notorious for putting people
to fucking sleep he’s like I know and then you come in today and say the same
damn thing nice so yeah the concrete pillar doesn’t like
to grab from top and bottom so that’s why I got a feeling it did it played
nice with the UH it played nice with the Roger fucking you going
Oh son you are in for a disappointment that’s what you’re banking on see so
today is nap time it’s nap time for everyone today actually you know what
let’s go up on that ladder place it place it likely have a brain let’s do
that let’s do that of course now the roofs gonna be in the way so let’s get
rid of the room okay that’s what you’re taking well I’m
glad my streams can provide a service that’s what we’re here for
okay back up look down and up the door
where’s the post there they are send them up and move it forward
yeah okay yeah work that’ll work Nikita how you doing
welcome to the stream welcome to the stream welcome to Sleepy stream 101
where everyone’s gonna be having to hone in the background while they nap oh look
at that shit oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah that’s what I’m talking about okay let’s
get that let’s get that let’s get that well you know what no I need to do this
first I need to put these poles in here where’s my pole now this is one thing
I’ve never really thought to try I don’t know if these will snap through I don’t
know if the middle the middle man why you gotta be like this man it should go right there though it
should go right there there’s this one gonna work maybe doesn’t work so look
into a hazy sky hooray work okay there was I saw a green flash right God Jesus
is finicky shit okay you go there come here you interesting when you pulled a
stick down it goes away when you pull the stick forward it goes back okay it’s
hitting something under there it’s got to be hitting something under there huh it goes there though I’m gonna go there what but I need it on
the inside it you know maybe says railing maybe it’s
the railing pot causing it to fuck off no well dad held it that’s good enough
that’s close enough okay now hold a metal roof go back on
let’s find out usually it plays nice but it might not
today because it’s being a persnickety bitch okay come on nope okay so we’re
gonna need you know what I’m gonna wall here to hold it it’s gonna put well you know why I can probably just
put let’s see if this snaps yeah wouldn’t be a balloon be cool if it did
but it doesn’t it doesn’t the middle one right though now the middle was looking to snap
either went okay that’s fine um mmm school crawler how you doing welcome to
the stream all right let’s go ahead and just grab let’s grab that weird this
wall here yeah that’ll be good and I put that metal roof back on okay so now the
inside of this looks like that which is it’s interesting I guess it’s
interesting I guess that’s whatever it’s fine don’t overthink it dude that looks
pretty goddamn formidable okay works works the barn floors yeah the barn
floor is definitely our but I wanted to I wanted the wall piece and overhang
there so I could put like a little storage cubby but it wasn’t gonna work
so Roger I swear to god I’m gonna murder you dude
the Institute’s dead you are no longer essential hmm all right Nick so sorry
about your stream direct connection hopefully the replay won’t be too boring
and okay so now that I’ve got that I can fall off the roof a couple of ways now
that’s pretty cool that’s pretty fucking sweet I really want something here can I snap
a concrete railing to that thing yeah okay good
you will snap good scalpel he won’t but that will I don’t like that though okay
so here we go what you do is I’ve got the scaffolding floor in there when I’ve
got the scaffolding floor in there I can snap through this thing – dad take this
out and then snap this I just saw it what did I do is down here right it was
this angle down here that it snapped come back out of there there is okay perfect that’s what I
needed yeah ever ever had to it now it looks
good yeah now it snaps there okay how you doing welcome to this dream how’s it
going you’re pretty new deaf before buildings I caught a stream oh yeah you
were in the right place if you want inspiration ideas tips tricks knowledge
man shit this is the place to be pretty much everybody with the blue name as a
moderator has her own channel with tons bills and shit you just you have hit the
mother lode of resources here without a doubt welcome welcome welcome welcome I
hope you’re enjoying the show and I hope that this is uh this is useful and
entertaining tons of built well in the end the aggregate John you’re gonna if
you’re gonna be like that in the aggregate oh my goodness okay cool okay
if you have any questions if you have any questions about what you’re seeing
or how something was done I am happy to stop and go over it really quick to show
you how it works because I mean I use the same techniques over and over
anyways and there’s really no really you’re gonna be like that okay so
there’s really no mysteries here I mean it’s like I said this is vanilla this is
why I built a Manilla because everybody can do everything you see on the stream
here in any game you don’t need any mods for this and gusta branch now he’s good he’s still
gonna archive JPEG so he’s good plus I stole his shit so I mean when I
steal your shit you automatically get the ranch like I’m gonna steal Clinton
shit today I’m gonna try to I’m gonna try to get down to that cuz it’s cuz
that little roadside eatery was just it was tits I was like oh my god I think
I’m so stealing as soon as I laid eyes on and I’m like oh I’m fucking ceiling
this man I don’t know how I don’t know where but I am totally totally going to
steal this without question without doubt in fact I put it on one of those
here ya know one of those there sure and then what time is it
five ten yeah I should probably just go ahead and leave you don’t be like that
man man this clean here today no he’s not
here today but J pick if you look in the description I linked it it’s he did it
for the he did it for the the three floor challenge and it was actually
three floors he did a really good job with it he used that corner snappy piece
to check likes that I can’t use but he uses an outdoor wall I was like oh my
god that’s fucking brilliant I’m totally stealing that too what’s gonna be
interesting is later on when I actually get around to doing and stop fucking
around this this roof here is we’re going to try and duplicate duplicate it
from memory which should be exciting and duplicate it from memory so I could and
then and then modify it I don’t like toys he actually threw well
I mean he stayed within he stayed within the boundaries
he stayed within the boundaries of the boundaries you know it might not like I
did with the awnings the awnings were not were not kosher I mean
jeepers liked the build I don’t just like you know but it was it was
technically not quite right which admittedly is fine I will but I’ve got
another one in the FNG he’s got the FNG has a build that I did I posted links I
post a couple screenshot of I’m in discord now just farting around with it
I’m like you know what let’s see what let’s say I could do inside those
borders and I wanna make it Scavo Jack and I gotta say it came out I’m not
quite sure how it came out to be honest with you
I’m not what oh it’s got to be higher but yeah
I’ll probably be feature I’ve already showing you guys that one make something
the FNG cuz check was like are you good at or it I’m like I don’t know I can
show you it’s not going anywhere but yeah let’s see well I know I had to decorate though and
I’m working on see the thing is J pick on the FNG I’m working on sanctuary for
hélène’s well it wasn’t really going to be hell
it wasn’t really intended to be Helena’s challenge but I’m like well I’ve got
this thing in progress anyways and it meets the criteria but when you saw that
if you saw that I’m building a little player home fledgling town like thing at
sanctuary and I what the hell is even happening with this and what happened
was what had happened was I I couldn’t figure out what to dye cup date you know
I got the the settlers houses up and I got the player houses up but I’m like
okay cool but then I got stuck with what am I gonna do with the inside of the
yellow house so I want to make a doctor’s office right I was thinking
about it but then that wasn’t working and I just I was like what we’re gonna
turn this into and then I had inspiration the other day and now it’s
turning to something completely different but I’ve got it I’ve got a
plan now so you may we may see more of that on Tuesday if I’m you know like I
said if I’m not dead from work and I’m actually up for doing whatever I’ll bust
out the FNG and will I’ll go for maybe decorate it you know
okay we got that now shit that’s too high isn’t it well let’s
go inside and look let’s see what we got inside okay so the fans on good is the
light inside here on yes I inside tears on good cuz light inside here on No
okay so we need to drag it around the side in the back our piece is a double
thread face for reading Oh boys for silent movies I got a voice for it I got
a perfect fit in a band my voice is perfect for the drums that’s the way I
put it it’s like yea yea I got a driver’s voice baby and not Phil Collins
but more more traditional so yeah we’ll see we’ll see some shit one we’re gonna
do here are each 2021 how’s it going welcome to stream just want to see your
lovely builds for some Kyle live stream well thanks for the kind words man I’m
glad this stuff is a useful I’m glad you’re enjoying the shoe so what is this
gonna be here I need to put this in the building somehow yeah you need to put
this in the building it’s got to go in the building so if I
do it what here that look pretty cool I do it there right I do it come on
go there are some scan put it there that’ll be better right sure
I’ll just put it there okay so now it is just about the first floor and it is
okay so it’s right here right so they go inside then you go to the right it’s
right behind this thing isn’t it that is not where I want it and want it
higher okay let’s put it higher let’s put it higher yeah we need it way up there at the top
okay up you go big fella wait yes now we go back inside and add
more nugget some elevation here okay so it’s it’s like right hmm shit I can’t
see you might stream Monday oh you Street Monday I can catch that dude so
maybe that’s me that’s a reason not to stream allende oh yeah I can’t do
Wednesdays unfortunately cuz that’s my that’s my socialization night but
Monday’s do this what am i doing I’m dumb go over here I can totally see if
this angle or not okay this is the difficulty with
building inside now I can’t see above this thing maybe I can just do this yeah
aha alright so now we got that and booty-call dude that’s right that’s
where I get my socialization my pop culture my pop culture catching up let’s do that this grab doesn’t see what
the wall here comes out of the wall let’s do that man this pipe I can’t get I can’t get okay come on let’s go hook that wire
wrap okay this is taking a lot longer than I thought it was going to you bugs
okay it looks like it’s going straight so now let’s go back up inside the
building and okay where was I posted doing here
who dis shit out of the way here yeah that looks pretty straight
that looks pretty straight so we’re gonna do that and then we’re gonna do be cool if I could string it to that can
we string it to that okay chats gone really fast so if you’re
asking me things or if I miss things feel free to hit me with the at Sardella
XO i see the orange thing and i can i can address your question and it totally
looks like I should be able to get something in there can I just drop it on
there no right well kinda it goes right
through there though which is convenient hmm and it almost goes over there – look
at that it almost goes over there yeah tell it it’s fine it’s close enough
man who’s gonna know the difference w couple
of wires coming out I don’t care I don’t care
Goodling around it too goddamn much okay so here goes to the roof a little bit
but I don’t care and then see if wiring is the most boring shit ever I mean it’s
got to be done you know it’s very useful can I get the choir yeah I can I can do
that there okay good so if we do that we do this oh is that
close I can’t believe it goes right through there though that is pretty
fascinating pretty fascinating that it will actually go through those little
those little things there so look at double wires go in sure why not yeah
whatever looks kind of nice I don’t like that
going to the ceiling though shit shit shit shit come on where’s some wire that one so I
can use this come on you can do it it’s almost there
come on right there okay now we’re gonna get back up to the outside yeah okay all
right we’re getting there we’re getting there we’re getting there
were getting there were getting there you’re on ps4 yeah a lot of builders
here on ps4 okay so you are absolutely not alone in fact the majority of them
are on ps4 I would I would wager right there’s only on xbox it’s me and Nikita
and John most of real some ps4 that’s why I had to learn that so I have to
learn the functions for the oh yeah that’s cute okay cool now I’m gonna
store you okay do I get light back here now is there enough oh I guess I gotta
pick it up don’t I oh no that’s right Nikki on PC – there it is there’s my
light all right so now he’s gonna light on this desk all that for one light see
I’m getting there Jay Vic I’m getting there I’m getting there so I’m getting the timing down nice okay
good good all right so I’m doing the time you down and then we’re gonna put
some light in here let’s just put one of those track lights in here just the hell
of it oh don’t do that don’t move the barrels I’m gonna move you over about here
that’s good yeah does that light it up oh yeah little storage closet it’s so
cute Xbox controller yeah no he’s he’s right
I use controller on PC so um I just I stream i like to stream on the xbox
because that’s what I started with but you don’t need to our controller John
you can use a Bluetooth controller you can use a wired controller for it
you just sync it to control panel and it works just fine I just prefer wired
because the response time is slightly better slightly better yeah shut the
lantern there got this there got the wires there okay
and then I’ve got light do the whole back of this place in fact like if I
just stick a light up on top of this thing yeah just put yeah there we go
totally random and totally random and funky but it does light up the inside
this place pretty nicely now good and then I could run wires back here if I
needed to well on the top but I couldn’t have light back here from the existing
shit so I don’t think I’m gonna need to do that because an older one yeah if
it’s the owner controller if it’s got that weird if it’s got that weird
plastic section around the Xbox button then yeah it won’t work with it’s gotta
be one of the new ones it’s got the smooth the smooth case okay got that we
got this we need turrets turrets turrets turrets I need now let’s just do this anything to do
the other ones consistency is the key yeah sure sure consistency is the key
and turrets there you go come on grab it thank you
up that’s centered enough there’s you then your front is where
where’s your front the guy punches there so your front is this way so the front
is pointing towards them yeah yeah let’s do that come on here we go uh-oh something’s happening well that
was quick whatever it was died really fast so booyah okay there’s one who
grabbed the other one Clinton how you doing welcome to the stream okay hold on
a second folks let me do this really quick oh boy all right let’s see here and
there okay got that done okay sorry I had a little do a little administrative
baton it’s there folks welcome to the stream claim how you do it how’s it
going today’s okay so now what it looks like from the bottom now that the Sun is
kind of out yeah that’s pretty formidable that’s
that’s that’s that’s doable let’s do it let’s do it now I wonder if that thing’s
sticks out of notes where I could put a screen of lights on the bottom of the
guard station because these stream lights are really aggressive about
throwing up on shit to me go down there but you won’t go up there he would look good up there though
wouldn’t they try to pad here that’s moved out of the way and what kind stick
them to the wall over here yeah it’s good enough you stay there what am i doing about these big stairs
this one right here these stairs here the whole markets could go out in front
of it Jamie and I’m gonna put another entrance on the side of it underneath
that is in theory in theory the plan that is in theory the plan but as we all
know plans don’t often survive contact with the enemy so we’re gonna see how it
goes we’re gonna see how it goes okay see oh yeah oh it’s hitting those Lightner what is
it hitting the inside of the oh it is under there isn’t it oh well we have a
solution for that too don’t we folks our pjax was I a soldier you mean like was
active in the military no no I’m curious why you’re asking actually you know what
think about the conduit is you have to decide you can do this thing where you
can see the angle of it better yeah and okay so that’s the bulb so it’s about
right there sure yeah okay let’s try it again
75th time pays for all yeah yeah you will do what I want bitch okay so I wanted to go on the bottom of
yeah right there must be on the bottom of the thing right like that look at
that shit they’re kind of sunk into the thing but whatever it’s fine you won’t
notice it from the front you won’t notice it from the front okay see we got ya actually we should probably get the
whole thing so now it looks like that then Rogers gonna walk underneath it and
not you know me little path to it for a really long time but that’s okay but
that’s okay you never heard of Murphy’s laws of
combat record by civilians I don’t understand that reference
but I’m going to assume it’s something I said no I pay attention to a lot of
things I incorporate a lot of things into my vocabulary but sometimes yeah
that’s really nice you can see almost the entire goddamn settlement up here I
can see my house then you can shoot up the sides here public the main Kate yeah
you’re totally silly would you better steal it it’s such a pain in the ass to
put together I really like these little backwards these little backwards covers
though because I didn’t really realize that it would snap onto the back of that
frame but shit that works pretty good so there’s the there’s another
fortification for you Dalton if you want to use this one for your for your builds
another double turret on the sides guard in the center oh yeah no plants must
contact with the enemy exactly yeah that’s pretty good lights it up inside
good it looks nice and solid underneath and auto-saving very good okay so that’s
what we’ve got that’s what we got for the initial build and I leave any pieces I got put that
rug back oversized carpet up there okay so it’s a day all we’ve got is all we’ve
got is this little raggedy-ass storage bin with the barrels in it did I grab
all the barrels from everywhere I guess I did didn’t I was throwing around a lot
last week oh come on I totally made that mr. forklift yeah piece of shit okay sit here I’m sitting here dumb oh I have
ladders dude let’s sit here and jump shit okay so it’s good one of those kind
of streams all right I’m gonna wander around wander around okay so these
barrels are scrapped only and that’s scrapped only these are scrapped only
nothing over there I grabbed those out of there there’s a baseball bat floating in the
water oh don’t drink it door ah damn it okay so they must have killed a Raider
over here there was a baseball bat cuz they were shooting earlier right
did they shoot something over here cuz they spawn back here sometimes very I
don’t think nobody back here hmm now is that cow no the cows gone when the
provisioner went to reset I Drive fast traveling intrusion er what let’s trade
some things sure thing well I thought you say you need to talk to me okay
well whatever okay I got some boxes over here I forgot about those okay what you
okay big I can kill somebody over here man there’s a baseball bat floating in
the water he must have fallen in the water is there a Raider in this water to stimpacks on a baseball club in the
water clearly I’ve never actually explored down here okay sure sure why
not that was your last stream okay I just
wasn’t paying attention that’s not that’s not an unknown
phenomenon my friend this is driving me nuts man they killed something back here
yeah whatever it don’t matter God is gonna friggin loot we won’t things are better now much
better we have more than we need I have nightmares too sometimes how you do baby
walking on the street I give you my word you and the kids you and the kids’ll never go hungry
again yeah don’t you worry dude I got you covered Roger you know we gonna
start okay so we’ve got that so now what we’re gonna do is try and start working
on this area here because I do want to make this a little care of Annie outpost
II you know what I don’t this I’m getting this fucking I just don’t want
that car in the way anymore I’m gonna put this seat away Oh somebody
open the door look at that maybe it was me okay put
this over here put you up there yeah we’re car seat get your ass up there
yeah there we go we’re not you know you can stay down the
floor too I guess okay that’s fine all right you got that
you know let me throw these boxes in here too while I’m thinking about it get
these out of the way so in the storage area and blue herons used to but not
anymore yep they don’t find anymore because your
dad’s not your dad just so you know that’s brother Jani your daddy’s dead
but he’s also alive it’s crazy in the Commonwealth but he’s not a ghoul either
he’s something else entirely he’s an entirely different thing
altogether okay just chuck these in there small inside
No because we’re had six I’ll watch the
stream later see Dad gets it Charlie do everything you know I want to say one of
these boxes I threw it and it fell inside one of those telling ty one of
them barrels I don’t think Jenny would complain about
that RP I think she’d be okay with not having I think she’d be okay with not
having a brother at all yes to be honest with you now they didn’t fall in there
maybe it fell through the building for something to kill you’re all right let’s
go on here and let’s scope out the next work here okay so what have we got to
work with here yeah we’ve got technically I’ve got that area in front
of the in front of the blast zone there but I think gonna leave that empty we
may put a fence over here the box maybe lost yeah it might and I
just gone to the building to him I just popped out when I reload who knows it’s
no big deal it’s just extra it’s just extra damn it I didn’t one leave that
door open because I get distracted by that fusion core generator oh there
isn’t it work alright yeah this is the kind of high-quality content did you
come here for me running around for getting things gray the absent-minded
bill okay so phase two is we need to put something out here this is what our next
area is gonna be hold on a second oh nice a scintillating personality yeah
Inferno clan Jake how’s it going welcome to the street okay
so this is what we’re gonna work with here this is our next stop this is the
next plan of action well I give her the cooking station because I know I’ve got
I’ve got a stove inside the house now so I’ve got that going for me and we have
this yeah I got just my headphones again hold on one second boat sliding down the
head today for some reason I don’t know so what in the hell is this going to be
I guess I could start because I could just make it I guess I
can just make a square right saladna caravan station with the traders yeah
maybe Jay pick maybe I’m kind of on the fence
on that one because I know they stopped here anyway and I know they stopped
around that fire you know as I pointed the screen like you can I chicken my
finger at the screen pointing to the campfires burned out like you can see it
because you know whatever so there are NPC sit spots around that
fire so if I put I could just put you know a couple of tents over that thing
you know and but I can make a square right just make the whole thing go all
on the back there and then along the side down here with the entrance kind of
just in the u-shape and that way I could block off those stairs a lot easier in
theory but what I want to do first is I want to do what I said I was going to in
the description I’m just gonna call head straight up and steel Clinton’s a
roadside eatery I’m gonna see if I could remember how it was built
that’s gonna be the fun thing let’s check our memories yeah check our
memories here right so it had it had okay this is gonna be rough don’t laugh
it had this and then it had I’m gonna guess a warehouse floor cuz there’s no
half floors that look quite like this so it had that and then it had this mental
prief this mental wall on the back my favorite right it had that and then it
had because the exit was here so it had it
had this wall or this wall that’s something like that yeah because that
was the counter cuz the counter no cuz I had to be on the back like that
ether so it’s a full floor underneath there so then you had the little you had
the little steps right for the other side you had these right and then you
had this so we’re gonna put this on here yeah we’re gonna see how close I get
with this thing probably fucking this up in a major way but but you had like the
stairs like this yeah they’re sort of like this let’s go ahead and Jack this
thing up a little bit up you go let’s get you over here away from the stairs I
don’t pick those up by mistake but then you had like this thing here was where
the boots were right she had this kind of thing going and then you basically
just put this because the stairs were like right here yeah you’re gonna put
the stairs come on this is probably not gonna be
like you know even close to being accurate but whatever cuz it was like
that yeah then he had to barn a warehouse walls there but I don’t want
to use that I’m gonna use I’m gonna use these yeah and then this oh come on you
piece of shit Oh with the stairs it’s the stairs not the groups like that in
there but it was like that I think yeah something like that then he had stairs
in the front I remember that he had probably these stairs here the little
short warehouse stairs that can do those in the middle yeah and
then he had what that one wall that I barely ever use that I used earlier
because I was too had it on the brain I had this one here yeah
then you’ve got what and I know for sure he had a shack Birds I don’t eat this
bad boy in the bags I saw I’m like oh yeah I recognize that so we’re gonna do
that yeah let’s grab that Chuck bridge here and you come and jam it under the
back here and see we can get hold on a second folks dog people sleeping it’s
coming on strong see I’m a soap errific baby look that up my stream so critics
I’m glad you stopped by John I hope you have a pleasant and a pleasant nap oh
man come on don’t be like this I gotta raise it even more shit where’s my let’s
raise it up even more up just pick it up a little bit more come on up you go
steal a little more hide in the back and do this okay I got a little itch in my
throat here so I may have to cop a little more no no what’s going on here
need some more water I guess too much talking too much talking come on man
don’t be like that there you go ah you bastard Lots okay I
went into build mode it dropped the idea then I went back into build mode and it
vanished it went back to where it was that’s weird that’s weird
those two puffs from contraptions yeah those are the marble tracks those are
these okay yes they’re from contraptions so the
ball track supports there are these you find them in the you find them in
the ball track tab I like him because they’re like they act like a concrete
pillar but they’re taller we’re slightly taller they have a more
they have a variety of uses that the concrete pillar cannot duplicate and yes
they’re absolutely the one with a wrench his contraptions yeah because waistline
workshops at deathclaw head and then the gear is involved tech do that then we’ll
stick another wall up on the side here publish to the pong ball first then in
the walls don’t like those bridges but whatever we’ll do that here yeah this
will work okay by missing anything please let me know again guys again
chats going to be fast and I’m concentrating on trying to remember
something I only saw briefly well I mean I did kind of give it attention the
second time through cuz I was like what the first time I was like fuck this
thing fucking cool I’m stealing this somehow someway I am taking this I don’t
care it’s friggin awesome probably not exact but it’s good enough
for my purposes cuz I just need the template for it so I can take it apart
and modify it for the needs that I need to put it to it that’s what we do here
was stealing okay this is why I call it stealing because I’m just basically
duplicating what I think he did or as close as possible to what I remember it
being because I know we used a lot of wood and I mean barn in warehouse walls
on this thing to get the height which is fine and then over here I was put on
their wall there just put that there for now cuz yeah he had he had a warehouse
you know our house wall across the middle here which makes an excellent
counter height by the way that was really freaking smart
where is it that’s here yeah you had this thing in the halfway mark yeah and
you can just place that Wow look at that oh did you sink it to the floor oh you
little shit you did huh this is things too tall so you actually fired that
thing to the floor nice nice yeah cuz it wasn’t that tall it was half height nice
you had now Burger King alright man thanks for stopping by
good to see you as always hope you enjoyed the shoe fire – you little shit
alright alright alright we can do that I can do that – we’ll do that and then
we’ll grab my pillar which is back here yeah let’s do that you did barn or
warehouse what you put them in regular wood wall okay so I’ve got the height
wrong that’s alright I’m getting close man that’s that’s what we’re doing good
enough for government work yeah I’m just trying to get close to
what iswhat I remember seeing you do see something like that’s that’s cute as
hell look at that I can get it to go there okay
right about there we go there it is there’s a cute I should probably put
this door counter in first look at the height but good enough
yes that no that can’t be at the right spot it’s gotta be further back it’s got
to be further shit that’s all right that’s all right this is what I mean by
stealing right I take what somebody else has done and I’m like okay I try to do
it from memory and then I build it adding my barn walls for floorboards
higher than words oh you mean like if you put four if you stack four floor
pieces on top of each other is that the thickness you’re talking about Clinton
is that the the measurement you’re referring to here I never was a fan of
the whole stacking the stack in the the floors thing yeah okay cool so I am
understanding that at least yay I’m slow man but I get there and then here that’s
about right I’m out there sure yeah it’s fun that is so cute though and the shelves
in the front with the stools I’m like yes that’s pretty sweet
okay so I got that and then it’s it’s gapping but I don’t care I’ll deal with
it later I’m just trying to get the trying to get the general feel for the
thing yeah you know just put any trader store here so I see the height uh are
you a piece of crap fill out the back yeah that’s that’s about right I mean
it’s a little bit low but it’ll do they have a different kind of roof that
I don’t remember what was on there and there was the barn roofs on this because
you had this height differential here Gayle how you doing welcome to the
street but anyway this is what this is the what this type of process is what I
hope you guys do with my shit you should take it your all
that’s a really cool idea what can I do with it and then as you build it right
as you go to the motions of building and reproducing it you get you’ll
automatically put your own style on because that’s what you do that’s how
you build right I mean at first you know you’re gonna be you’re gonna be
duplicating things as closely as possible because you don’t have a style
yet but once you have a style it all becomes second nature very very quickly
oh it’s hidden fire there so yeah that’s the basic form factor of this thing
yeah now if it was me I would probably put a wood roof on this instead so I
like that I like that for funky shops I like this
roof here because it lets a lot of natural light in there then on the front
of course he had what the barn wall on the right and then he had he had a
warehouse wall I think on the left I don’t remember
whatever we’re gonna see what I can get in there it was like this one on the
side here oh you know what you can do is I can take that piece I don’t have that
what piece of me more do I piece warehouse doors
yeah I didn’t scrap that in story come on you snap there then we’ll get the barn
piece out so I’m pretty sure it was the barn door frame piece on the right so
that it had that lintel thing across the top no it’s not that one it’s this one
yeah I won’t snap there will snap there now yeah it was like this the opening
was like that when you take your concrete pillar and this thing will
probably snap back so it’s moving out of the way and if it doesn’t I’ll just use
scaffolding I don’t really care build order build order builder yeah
it’s I just I don’t really use Barnett warehouse pieces that much you know so I
don’t instinctively have the knowledge of which goes with what where you know
let’s go inside and do this but I can’t at the top no I can because once it hits
the top it’ll turn red so go in here yeah
line you up in here so you go back there yeah yeah just like that
I don’t know okay it goes up a lot higher that I was
expecting yeah it’s not it’s not actually hitting
the roof is it well I got to guess shit I need to do it from the side okay what
I need to do more than SB move this over here so I can see the damn thing yeah
there we go there we go so you know slide it right
to the wall yeah line it up pull it down and forward No
yeah let’s do that lower it so I can see it when I drop in yeah and how’s that yeah that’s reasonable
now the question is will just snap back in the answer is no but that’s why we
have group select hey look I come I I defended ten finds blood
that’s how Ober I am I can defend ten Pines bluff without even Riggin be in
there yeah there we go okay it’s not straight let’s try it
again let’s try it again yeah so this is the
basic this is not an exact duplicate but it’s it’s close yeah yeah cuz he had a
Red Rocket thing on my head I wanna lose Rockets upon the top probably use a
different trying to catch some Z’s alright Yulia thanks for stopping by
hope you had a good time captain drastic welcome to the stream sir how you doing
so okay so this is in in the main in the most basic form
I mean it’s missing this whole section here with the booths and it’s missing
the little dress on the dress up on the side and it’s missing the little good
little wall piece which was like right over here
no one up lures walls cuz he had this thing in there they buried it on the
side to make a little like Corral thing I’m pretty sure that went over like this was it was it like this it was over here
what did that or was it here was around to back like this I don’t
remember I can visualize a side of the cafe but I can’t visualize what was here
I remember seeing maybe it was a different wall no no he had what was
that piece because I remember seeing a weapon rack on it and it was like a wall
piece sunk down yeah yeah the makeshift cookie station was back it was back
behind well it was behind here then wasn’t it was right here
he did it he just dropped it right here cuz the whole thing the whole yeah cuz
it was actually she was sticking on the side right okay so it’s kind of like
this something like that something like that why am i stressing applause
reproduction because I want to see the skeleton of it dag I want you to bones
of it I want to get it because the whole thing right when you get builds like
that yeah oh I defend a great garden too when it
comes to stealing things right this is what I used to do when I was building
with Bethesda shit when I was trying to learn their stuff right what where I get
the value is reproducing the actual thing as closely as possible that way I
get the bones of the structure I get a feel for I get a feel for an instinctive
feel for the builders method right and by having to put it together the way
they did it forces me sometimes to build things out of order or in different ways
that I did and also test your memory to see if you can actually remember how he
used a full sized ladder here but probably should have used a half-size
ladder because those things fit better on the sides those those things but
that’s just the style preference mainly building the entire structure as it
appears as best you can from memory will often teach you things about the
building process that you literally could not have learned any other way
because you’re trying to duplicate somebody else’s thinking somebody else’s
method somebody else’s style and you will learn
or about build order and you will learn about spacing gaps structures I swear to
god this is not right this is not right it’s got to go halfway there was
something else right here it was like the other half wall I swear to God there
was something else in there of course I could just be misremembering which is
very high likelihood as well but I want to say it was this wall here here but
anyway it’s it’s just part of the methods on it’s like if you’re an artist
if you’re a painter and you try to paint in pollock style Picasso style you tried
it other styles outright because that will teach you a lot about the building
process or the painting process that you could not have done any other way and it
might give you ideas on how to it’s not right either I’m I’m not remembering
yeah well whatever it’s fine but there was something here cuz I remember seeing
I remember seeing there was an ice machine out here and
there was this wall here I know it was this one they had to beat this wall um
so how you doing welcome to the stream so that’s why when I say steal my shit
I’m not kidding it it will help you with your bill style because you will try
things that you would not have otherwise done you will it’ll get you out of your
muscle-memory get you out of your groove and it’ll you’ll start to think look at
things approach things in a different way and so that’s that’s why I do it
this way that’s why I’m so hell-bent on getting this thing as close to original
in terms of how it was put together because he approaches things a different
way right when he put it together he built it his way so I’m trying to build
what he did but my way and it doesn’t work because it doesn’t go together like
that so I’m having to do things that I would not have otherwise done or trying
to figure things out that I would it would never recur like this structure
here right the barn and the warehouse the left bar on the right snapped
together the build order thing to jump David mentioned I don’t use these pieces
right so I already learned something saying when you snap these pieces
together you have to snap this doorframe in first yeah I was correct in that
corner piece okay correct which way was correct halfway in her all the way in
JPEG it was put it up it was it butted up against the back of the was it butted
up against the back of the other thing here like this and see I don’t remember
what he had here as a piece I don’t everybody had here’s a piece I
remember how he filled this gap back here I think okay so it goes all the way
out in the corner all right so yeah but anyway I guess this this is
a good this is a good little digression right on how to on how to on how to
increase your building pallet yeah add more colors styles methods techniques to
your building style yeah but see that it’s the details that kill me right like
this thing here I know it was like right here yeah and then it was like a nice
machine right here and then there was a little fire pit thing here with what I
would look like a bookcase and some some warehouse pillars right and then if you
know you just patched that up underneath here and I know I remember he patched
this wall with with the railing I remembered that I remember he stuff this
railing underneath there I recognized it cuz one of my favorite dodge just
because it’s like that piece really goes underneath there really well it’s a very
good piece to use and you can group slate some pretty good distance away I
remember seeing this piece on there going ah ha ah yeah sneaky little
bastard cuz it just goes like all right there and it fits real good it goes in
there real nice in case oh you got that supported there that’s supported there I
remember what he did under here probably pass that up
I don’t remember buh-buh-buh-buh-buh I doing old-timer joining that senior
discount not not not yet not yeah we’re a couple months out from that cut myself
now but anyway so this is the basic structure yeah I don’t know quite how he
did because I don’t do they snap to these they do okay so that’s how I did
it they do snap to these cuz he had this piece with this thing here no no he
didn’t it wasn’t that tall he had glass but he must have done he must have done
this piece and then sunk it because the other thing was too it was too tall I
think see now this is where my memory is really really shit in bed right cuz you
got that yeah this small service back for those small gap
I like like I said Rob I’m just I’m still trying to still trying to
duplicate the structure after that I’m gonna like tear down recreate it
whatever but yeah cuz the booths right you could see the booths could see over
the side of the wall so it looked like that kind of attending right either
am i miss remembering how tall that wall was I must be and see this also tests
your build though your building skill right cuz I remember the boosts were
there right in booster and furniture miscellaneous are there in chairs didn’t
get the height right see this is where you get this is where you get to the end
of the other you Judith this is where you get to the end of the the confusion
part because you’re like I remember this being XY and Z but I don’t remember the
other thing being and see normally what I would do is I
was really trying to seriously duplicate this at this point I would stop and go
back and look at the video again and say okay what am I missing
those things are wider than the and the walls there that’s some interesting no
way I’ve walls gonna snap on that though right
not without loosing the way no no it stairs the way there with the stairs
yeah the stairs can’t go in there cuz they snap yeah half walls so is this
right that’s okay I’m not gonna worry about it we’re not gonna deal with it
we’re gonna quicksave this yeah I’ll sit in the boot just sit in his boots right
here and get the daytime out my favorite wood wall on the right okay all right my
xbox I don’t don’t don’t do don’t judge no no judging my work dude I’m like I
said I’m duplicating just remembering my memories none that good but but yeah I
think I’ve got I think I’ve got about I’m gonna say about 75% of the bones of
the structure pretty much correct the details are a little bit wrong but this
is fundamentally almost what it is it ain’t perfect it’s not an exact
duplicate but it’s got the major teams right it’s got the stairway with the
barn stuff it took the half height counter it’s got this thing out to the
booths yeah and there was a little table here with a radio I members got that
little fancy table with the radio was right there and then it had the exit the
outside down here where this was cooking so okay so that’s the basic that’s the
basic stuff yeah so we’re gonna now we’re gonna take it we’re gonna make it
our own but first we’re going to go ahead and take a little break because
it’s misting and I need to fucking stretch and get some more water because
my throat is whole it’ll be ticklin so we’ll do the old three to five minutes
guys smoke em if you gottem briefly drinks and snacks and I will be
right back until we are back let’s go and sit back
down here and catch up a little bit on here
welcome to anybody that joined when I was afk and gotta go I from the Geek den
thanks for stopping by man awesome awesome
okay so if I miss anything if y’all want to know anything let me know okay so now
more conceptualising as we reconstruct whatever this thing is here okay so now
that I got the bones of it I’m gonna scrap these scrap this okay everything
about okay yeah it’s just a normal thing you know when I sit for a long period of
time I got to get up and walk around and stretch a little bit refill my water so
I don’t be hacking and wheezing another thing so on the topic of stealing other
people’s shit and teaching you other things and teaching you how to notice
things when you when you watch how bills put together because a lot of the times
the signature stuff is the details right is the detail stuff that builders almost
always reach for because that’s the way they like to build like when people see
my builds I’ve gotten comments like all the time as soon as I laid eyes on new
was yours because I have a certain way of approaching things yeah great here
game or how you do and welcome to the stream but studying under builder stuff
you’ll learn to recognize those signatures and they will become familiar
to you like for instance but des the structures right the
structures that came in again the Raider camps in the game yeah you can tell that
they’re all the same kind of scrappy style right everybody that the whole
game the Raiders have a certain signature that you look at you okay but
you know you know that there was more than one person building those things
right they probably had a team of maybe what 10 15 people doing nothing but
building right constructing these things in the CK and if you duplicate their
stuff after a while you will learn the signatures a certain oh there’s absurd
of their builders like the people the person that built the person who
probably built most of the gunner stuff right they do a thing that I see and
immediate seemingly recognizable and it’s it’s this let me show you here so
we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna make that thing I’m going to show you this
first once you start stealing Bethesda stuff and looking at their and looking
at how their stuffs put together and trying to duplicate it right you will
learn that there are certain things that are like trademarks of certain builders
one of which is of this let me show you here let’s just get this thing here
there’s one builder who builds the gunner things that likes to do this this
thing here is their signature they’ll put a half wall I’m duplicating I’m
simulating that right now because I don’t have a half wall but they’ll have
a half wall underneath this yeah and then what they’ll do is they’ll put a
stairway the wood stairs the wood stairs like this but they won’t snap the stairs
they won’t snap the stairs to the piece to put the stairs right about here
so that the whole unit when you look at the whole unit
the third step up is actually just going up into the unit right once you notice
this little flourish you see it everywhere you mean you see it
everywhere every time you see it you’re like okay the same person built this is
that last thing I liked right because they do this same sort of dodge over and
over and over because that’s what they like to do another one is that’s why I’m
almost I’m that’s why I’m fairly certain that a lot of the gunner stuff was built
by the same person same thing with same thing with wires using cables for
support once you see that because not all the Raiders use cables for support
only certain ones do and in only in certain places but once you learn to
spawn that you will learn you’ll take a look at Linwood right with the cables
and shit and then the free-floating bridges and shit like that and then you
go into Kendal hospital and you see the same goddamn thing you’re like okay the
same person built those two or the same team did because it’s the same sort of
overall feel but it’s the kind of thing that you don’t really notice unless
you’re trying to duplicate it yeah applause what’s up baby welcome to the
stream is it ironic the players build better shit than the people who made the
game no it’s not ironic in fact sigh it is expected
it is it is completely unsurprising it is completely unsurprising because the
players the players not only have access to the examples of the people who built
the game but they have the time to do nothing but build with a stable solid
unchanging simple interface method right it’s absolutely unsurprising morph
what’s up baby welcome to the stream so that’s why it is completely unsurprising
that players are able to build comparable if not in some cases quote
unquote superior stuff because we have more time we have more time no pressure
no deadlines and you know the the game doesn’t change for us
right now on the downside we don’t get to say I want these resources hey art
team can you make me some more wood walls because I want to do this XY and Z
with this thing so yeah we have we have the advantage of having a stable engine
an unchanging method a fairly simple interface because building the CK is
fucking horrifying and like that so we can apply we can practice better you
know we have a slew we have a more stable a more stable base to work from
if that makes sense okay so what am I gonna do with this what I want to make
out of this plus the devs have to build 20 times more than our little
settlements well they do RH but on the other side the coin they get to work on
at 8 hours a day and there’s like 30 of them yeah so I mean cuz you see me
building this thing right I can throw up a settlement like 20 hours so if I had a
full work week and they said hey we need something in Lynnwood shit no problem
dude but if I had to deal with the CKD if I had to do with ever changing art
assets if I had to deal with changing design specs engine limitations and shit
like that I I would lose my mind I wish I would just go berserk because of it ok
that’s great you you built this thing in 20 hours looks fantastic you need to
tear half of it down because it’s too many Polly’s or we changed the cell next
door to it now you can’t do this and shit so I bula so yeah no it’s it’s the
same but it’s a lot different it’s a little hot different man it’s the
difference between is that there’s been engineering a car and repairing a car in
your driveway maybe it’s the same skill set but ya
know it’s mad respect for the people who put this together that it works as well
as it does with as few as with as few relative errors that they have so what
am I gonna do with this all right so yeah thanks for coming to
my TED talk now but anyway that’s why that’s my building that’s why learning
to build that’s why still in front of people is
so useful because it gives you it gives you the ability to solve problems in
different ways that teaches you things about how to solve problems in different
ways as redundant as that sounds it’s actually a what how am I going to change
this what is this gonna be okay this has got to go that doesn’t work I do like
this entrance though I like this entrance a lot I like the little wings
on the sides I’m a huge fan of the wings and the sides that’s gonna go I’ll
figure something out with that later that’s that’s better okay so let’s go
ahead and get some snap action going here okay so dad snapped it there if I
snap just here okay now that snapped so first decide where oh I’m gonna put
this winter bird I know where this is gonna go already it’s gonna go this is
gonna be the back this is gonna go it’s gonna go against that chain-link fence
in the corner it’s gonna basically face this way and it’s gonna extend from that
back corner over there all the way down the ridge line here to over here to sort
of make a pseudo entrance from its other side yeah so that’s what that’s the
theoretical plan because if I build this thing here along the outside then I can
fill this in later and it’ll be easier to make this workshop right here
yeah use a bus I don’t like using those things inferno claim Jake I don’t like
buses I don’t like the big trailers and shit we’ve just never been a fan of them
I like this little little wing part of it though
the little wing part is coolest fog so maybe make it symmetrical I think that’ll work if I do this
together staring on it cuz I really like that little wing a little elevated wing
it was just cool as hell I love that look I just have to float the floor
underneath it later oh and another signature well I’m while I’m babbling on
about Bethesda shit another signature is one of their builders loves those
free-floating supports they don’t like to use the they don’t like to use the
shack foundation ones they don’t like to use this but they’ll use the ones with
it’s like I don’t describe it it’s it’s it’s three supports it’s three angled
supports that fits under a half wall yeah it’s three angled supports the
fender half wall they use that piece and the free-floating supports that look
like this wood at the top a lot you see it at you see it at the forge you see it
at Saugus ironworks that guard tower in front those free floating things there
have I built at Echo Lake yeah I tried building an echo leg shoe that one an
Egret tours were daunting daunting they were not gonna buy a higher level the
same height as the boots areas up down I don’t know I I kind of like the whole I
kind of like I’m kind of thinking symmetry on this but I might I might put that how do I want to do this what do I want
to do with this I mean really that’s that’s that’s the that’s the takeaway
here Egret may have been dogged yeah I just don’t even to this day Groucho I
still I’m like man it’s not I just was not feeling that build man at all
just at all I mean even thinking about it right now and is like yeah it’s like
huh whatever here’s what it is let’s go yes you know that floor snapped nice
nice now if I do that and I put a railing
well scaffolding snap here right now I’m just experimenting folks okay this is
this is I don’t know what I’m doing I don’t really know where I’m going with
it I’m just kind of playing around with stuff on the original form factor trying
to get it to work okay build order maybe that’ll snap
underneath once I get the other piece in maybe the piece won’t go in with that
wall there yeah and will go in there sucks they’d be cool if it did they were
looking for these tall these tits right there okayhow wedded a mind of having that
piece in there that’s really the question we have right now
how badly do I want this piece to go in there and in fact can I instead do it
the other way let’s try the other way maybe the way will work yeah no not
there what you down here come on come on go down shit yeah okay so if I do this
one on the outside I can do this one in here well would you look at that build
order shenanigans for them what can win take you out and then see a scaffolding
move back in there which it does okay so that’s kind of cool you get a little
storage area down here now that’s pretty special man what up
welcome to the street how Lydia we just did the intermission dude so we’re about
halfway done remember we go till 4:00 o’clock your
time that’s pretty nice that’s that’s kind of interesting
actually yeah not too shabby build order for the
win baby I can’t believe a snap Toria on the floor underneath but that’s all
right I’ll take it I can take it okay so if I do that I’m gonna need to do is use
that thing as groups later but building in vanilla no DLC for so long I see a
little ladder I’m like oh there’s my it that’s my that’s my that’s my dodge
right that’s what I use for my group selecting shit so whenever I see it I’m
like okay that’s my groups like these things I don’t have a pillar let’s do
this put you in there yeah okay pick it up oh man you’re not gonna be
you’re gonna be like that fine conduit your ass thing your get a little chuggy
here for some reason I don’t like that not a fan of that yeah you’re going in
there you’re shit I don’t freaking care up here like that so I can see that’s
the nice thing about the conduit right you could place it at an angle so you
could see straight ahead and you can still put it up underneath there so
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put this underneath here I got the wrong way
because of course I do because here okay let’s try that no no yes check what’s up
baby welcome to the stream Moore’s compact series of GE grits well link
that shit up morph link up your recent installment some people go check that
shit out that’s how we do it here yes you put that under there yeah do a
little bit depth a little bit of support and right there sure we’re starting to
tear all this thing down later but it’s fun to build right now I’ll just cut yeah I talked trash to my
I talked trash to my video games it’s it’s therapeutic it’s therapeutic Garvey
it’s therapeutic or so I tell myself that therapeutic is a lot better than
insane so I’ll take it okay so that parts done seeing a little side area there let’s
just go ahead and stick another yeah yeah I can’t put a corner on there
because troof lot was up baby welcome to this dream you look experimentation a
little bit of theorizing and a little bit of that that lovely crap that y’all
seem to enjoy so very much okay so there’s that backup is looking a little
sheisty but that’s okay that’s okay and then okay so now this side is all
staggered and looking like weird misses we can leave that yeah well okay fine
lunatic we can use a different term if you like whatever whatever floats your
boat sir whatever floats your boat okay would you miss uh I don’t know John
a lot of lot of talking about how to steal things from other people and how
to recognize Bill styles and why it’s valuable to try and duplicate other
people shed for the most part we did that before the break and then I took a
break and then now we’re back here where I’m going to try and make this something
more final yeah gillich oh how you doin welcome to stream oh and zo if you’re
lurking how you doing man welcome to the street Z is a fairly a long time viewer
who does not like to hang out in chat which is fine there’s nothing wrong with
that but I just remembered he must have been ready as we asked about my settings
I’m like so I wanted to give a shout out it’s up to you if you were watching this
how you doing there how’s it going you know no this is the right idea but the
wrong implication what I want to do is floor and then we’ll do ya see that’s
how we’ll do it that way I can get symmetrical while
being asymmetrical use the other yeah no I want this way yeah that looks kind
of funky that’s a little funky so yeah the counter goes here though if
the counter is gonna go here in the back out there okay now this doesn’t work this doesn’t
work on set that I made myself actually upload your boss Amjad do you uh can you
share with the class and okay I got a drop the I drop to drop the
counter so I can see what the hell is going on here
oh no you don’t know you do not know oh well it’s good we can just sleep that’s
fine we’re go 13 sure put the ad up yay hooray you that’s all right you know if you know if
you don’t have a link handy John no big deal but if you do man drop that bad boy
in the chat sharing is caring that way we can all steal your shit so I make this the storage room of sorts
we just put stuff in the back in the closet there should have been a machine
in there or something I don’t know we’ve got the bathroom okay Stuart oh all
right perfect thank you check thank you thank you so we’re gonna make this the
bar who didn’t drink all right we’re gonna use this one so if I do this and I
put it back like this yeah put the bartender back in the
corner like this no one puts Baby in the corner is there enough room to walk over here
yeah kinda huh kinda well you know why I just put a wall here
that’s will do put a sticky snap snap a wall make this a separate
patio side yeah you know you’re going in there I don’t
give a shit nice thing about Warwick has got this nice flat spot right here but I
can use for groups like thing as long as I don’t well I’m gonna remember not to
put anything else near it oh also a little uh a little note on
those who built vanilla no DLC or vanilla whatever the ashtray has a nice
little property when you group select it as a combo I’m gonna try and describe
this as best I can from memory for you also you can see the application that I
had it for so I was going to fix the I was gonna put a doorway a metal doorway
in the kitchen in the yellow house sanctuary okay the house of the workshop
you go in the house take a left there’s the kitchen in there right the original
kitchen stuff I wanted to put a metal doorway in there
right so I grabbed I grabbed my little ladder the little wood ladder and a
group selected it and I tried to slide it in there because I wanted to I want
to do just the height up and down right I want to just to hide up and down Jesus
Christ I wonder adjust the height sideways what
no Heights up and down dipshit Cindy who I I wonder with just the height of it so
I used the wood ladder to put it in place but it would not go it just would
not go turn red every time I touched it would not cooperate at all so then I got
the ashtray out and I used the azure ad groups liked it and it slid right in
there but it was too tall I didn’t want the lintel showing so what it did is a
group selected the ashtray and the door frame with the ladder and it worked so
so yeah basically it was like this let me show you let me show you the process
I went through right so I had the middle I had the middle door frame yeah I had
the middle door frame like this right I’m like okay cool cool I’ll just take
this yeah and I’ll just take my little ladder yeah
like this and I’ll just group select it I’ll stick it it I’ll just stick it
right in the door frame right could not do it you know what okay so we’re gonna do a little
intermission here folks more tangential work here because I just
remembered she hasn’t built sanctuary so maybe I can duplicate and show you what
I’m talking about there should be music on these cut on
these screens they should keep the pop they probably do right I got the music
turned off okay so got this yeah and you have oh Jesus
okay I got some stuff in the way here need to move some stuff oops that was interesting
okay so the thing that I solved here here’s here’s some more problem-solving
stuff that you guys might appreciate I don’t know anything in this desk no what
am I even doing in here I just had just left to stuff here huh actually you know
I can leave that there let’s move this Oh okay how is that even connected to the
desk uh what makes you know what let’s be smart
let’s just not let’s be smart let’s just quick save really fast and I don’t know
why the candles attached to that desk but I’ll take it so that way I can move
all this shit and then just reload just show you the problem so the people who
build would know you’ll see vanilla and appreciate this okay so I was trying to
fix this doorway yeah and I wanted to let’s just take this out of there so I
can get out I’m gonna I’m gonna load after this anyway so just don’t save
yeah actually you know what hang on a sec let me do a hard save just in case
it auto saves yeah okay so let’s just say make a new save you
what are all these old saves with this shit Wow that’s an old save that was still
when I was working on county crossing so was that look at that okay let’s just save over this one okay
Ronen how you doing welcome to stream Scott how’s it going
fuck the stream fun now okay so our heart saved here so let’s go ahead and
just destroy the chips I don’t even care not house back out there sure okay okay
so what I wanted to do originally was I wanted to put a metal doorway in in the
in the kitchen and I thought what I could do is I could just get the ladder
out because this is what I use in no DLC fadila to sink things to get it to go in
there right so if this works like no DLC this will not work it will not allow me
to sink this through the way I wanted it to but of course now it fucking does
okay whatever so okay definitely DLC changed the
functionality this wall because I had the worst time getting this thing in
here yeah but yeah here it just works fine kiss my whole ass this is some
bullshit anyway let’s pretend it didn’t work yeah so
what I did what I had to do is I went ahead and I got because I noticed that
if I put that I built an ashtray here right
I used the ashtray the ashtray would just slide right in yeah it would just
go right in here like this the ashtray just it doesn’t even turn red at all
ever it’s like whatever I don’t care right because the softening properties
of the ashtray so what I ended up doing was I did this I group selected the
ashtray I cursed like the history with the tour frame and it’s often the door
frame opened up and it allowed me to go up and down so if you are having
difficulty groups lightening things through existing structures in vanilla
no DLC this is one potential way to get around it is include the ashtray in the
group selecting chain and it’ll it’ll soften the frame up enough to where you
can sink it to the floor and get it into place so that’s it that’s what I wanted
to show you so now let’s go back to work Gail are you doing welcome to serine
bones or are you doing okay so yeah we have a lot of theorizing in shit today
and oh my thing is going yellow in red this is not good
I hope the stream is holding up hope y’all are not buffering too much and
hope it’s not getting all wonky on you now Warrick is down here so we got a gas
mask leather armor there are metal arm okay so here we are with this thing in
progress it’s really a great idea you’re welcome Nikita I’d say it it’s
it’s it’s a potential it’s just another tool to use just in case you get stuck
like if there’s you know like you have a knot won’t go cuz that things does that
thing is nothing is a straight in there I do like the idea of a side patio
though so but down this won’t snap back in because that that thing is in a weird
spot so we’re gonna take that out and I want to put a railing on the outside of
this so let’s put a railing on the outside of that yeah you when you come
here you can count on random random crap happening it’s but every now and then I remember
something that I wanted to share with y’all this is like that’s why I kind of
hate not I kind of hate building when I’m not streaming because it’s like I
think of things I’m like I wish I could have shown you guys that I can’t record
on the PC because the PC is not powerful enough to record and play at the same
time I mean technically I guess I could do is just streaming unlisted and then
pull it back down and edit it that way it’s something to think about I suppose yeah oh and actually never mind I’ll do
that I’ll cover that later okay let’s get this back in here to get this back
in here okay okay there’s our back there looking good but see that’s why even now
I still reach for the ashtray because the ashtray sits flat does wonderful
wonderful things with the undersides and I don’t like that big gap under so now
comes the fun part now we do some serious work on the bother because I
need to lift this thing the hell up way cameras miji for XP bill if you look at
you can leave a comment on this challenge video or you can him up in
discord John he’s got a discord channel if you go to my my entry I linked his
channel and the challenge video so you can get into data from there as well in
addition superfluously sure which I want this one let’s see if this
one will fit in there let’s see if that one okay let’s do a little surgery on
the bottom here okay so right there and over here ease it end it’s not quite
straight come on come on there you are coming down and then up and there me
cricket see the opposite spots right there no
she’s in my way yeah everything good now okay can we drop this thing back down cricket okay see now behind the stairs
you’ve got a little bit of uh-huh yeah baby oh my god crazy crazy crazy sure
your stuff channel you could do that you could do that I sent him I sent him a DM
myself but that’s because I had to beg him to use his logo because I needed a
bigger logo put thumbnail okay so there’s that yeah so now we’ve got you
go inside get your snack ins and you can go this way or you can go this way right and then bish bash Bosh how you doing
welcome to stream the bar here leaves a lot of room for them to walk here which
is good then we’ve got this room down I got so many flavors of mayhem for sale
so you’re not bothered by floors wow she’s still giving fuck does she where’s
the kitchen it could be out back here I am gonna duplicate his outdoor kitchen
idea as well once I get done with this because I did like that I’ll probably
end up fencing it off on the back of the chain-link fence here and I may take
this just busted gate down this busted fence down cuz I don’t like it
and I can just replace it with junk walls or whatever but that’s that’s that’s future plans I’m trying to figure
with this monstrosity of building this thing’s already get out of hand I’m like
oh I need to add more shit to it but okay so now we’re at the point where I
need to start really thinking about where I’m gonna put this thing in it for
its final in its final position Roger Rabbit how’s it going welcome to the
stream sir how are you doing today okay so now we need to do think about where
this thing’s gonna go and it’s gonna go up against the back wall yeah it’s gonna
go up against the back wall uh-oh I gotta fix that fence Rex if I don’t if I
don’t I’m not gonna be able to place it because the Billboard but if it do fix
it I won’t be able to group select it well shit what’s what are we gonna do I
got to replace the fence first I actually have to get rid of this first
but if I put junk fences in here it’s gonna it’s gonna give me too many firm
collision things that’s gonna be a pain in my ass but I gotta get rid of it you
gotta get rid of it and I’m gonna replace it with manager chain-link fences chuckle so
let’s talk like Maude we’re vanilla ogre come on now you know
you know how we’re doing it here yeah let’s just do a raggedy-ass wall
here adjustable wrench ruined I just lose my
provisioner line ha ha ha how did I know right how did I know I’m like wait a
minute I’m using up I’m using up materials ok so now we gotta wait for my
provisioner to not be dead what’s it getting killed by these bugs up here they usually run into trouble over here
about the Poseidon you know those guys are calm are you getting killed by
Raiders down here actually where is that blood bog how these geysers HD little
shit look at that dodge man that’s some fucking straight Skyrim arrow dodging
shit right there yep punk ass let’s get rid of you frag
mine ok it’s mine no mine it’s mine ha field help defend Summerville place
whatever I don’t care anybody else out here why is back today
you’re getting hung up did you get talking about these Raiders what are you
doing down here dude yeah getting salty you fall under them all
under the the world they’re stained nothing but a stain I’m gonna get shot
well it’s it’s not so much that JPEG it’s the fact that the physics of it are
completely relatively ridiculous the same it’s the same problem that the
Skyrim the Skyrim archery does where they just do this immediate 60 mile an
hour slip slide to the left or right it’s like dude really could you’ve made
it a little less obvious please thanks I mean donji when the arrows been launched
is one thing but dodgy when is almost there and then is Goju I’m just like
Batman usually a fat man as a blowfly seems a little bit excessive Dalton I’m
just gonna put that out there Jamaica Plain oh the producers come my
professors here come from 81 88 let’s go see where he is
I can’t build out resources and I don’t have any resources so ah yay chain-link
fence pieces yay chain-link fence pieces ok do we happen now no okay so this is
we might have to uh I should just get I should just stall aim anywhere right
give me a snap a mob that just it just goes to because my provisioner is down
somewhere and this is a problem this is a problem we clear Quincy mm-maybe
no he’s back now oh wait yeah okay six all right well he’s back so isn’t it
achievements game no there was an achievement for getting killed by it by
a by a mini-nuke which I got very early on in my first playthrough in Lexington
it’s called touchdown you carry the foot you got to put ball
right in the face it’s like yeah come on let’s see if we can’t get this wall in
there yeah yeah prisoners do that in Manila
dude I’ve got one on I think I got one on her ya see spans the gap just fine and up
yeah okay so it does span the gap okay so now we need to eyeball it from back
here by using the we got there and I need to be a little
bit forward dare we dare we that’s what I cricket
Jesus Christ girl personal space yeah and this one here I’ve got I’ve got this
crazy Langille and run across the middle of everything I don’t know what the fuck
is going on love that I don’t even know where that line came from but yeah it’s
just it just works it just works guys it just works bitches works 6:34 let’s
go for 13 and put the ad up la dee da dee dee dee da does the supply
chain break yeah when the provisionary when the provisioners injured enough to
go to a knee to take a needle a fall in there but it breaks the line because it
takes them out of it takes them out of active it takes them out of active I don’t know it just become an active
bar stepper what’s up welcome to Street okay well here’s the cow so clearly the
prisoners back let’s make sure let’s double check yeah I saw you’re good okay
so that’s where this thing is gonna go we need to shore this up for something let’s go ahead and grab let’s go ahead
and grab some wire fencing because that’s what I do since I don’t have
chain-link to fix it with which is tragic let’s see if this will work yeah maybe it will maybe it will maybe
it will maybe it will maybe are they gonna walk out the hall know they’re
gonna walk at the front gate okay good and we are definitely gonna need some we
are definitely gonna need some quick saving in here for show it doesn’t look too bad so there’s no so
there you go there’s your answer that’s how wide a wire fence is it is one and a
half walls high what almost wouldn’t have walls wide turbo teller what’s up
welcome to the stream and then this yeah I just stick that in there let’s just do
that well this thing chugs away cuz it’s raining okay let’s get that in there look at that look at that it’s like
butter I love these fences I mean I hate the
width of a man but they just they place so nice with everything go down a little
bit so doesn’t overlap oh okay that’s good okay so now we patched the hole in
the wall there wig boy how you doing welcome to the stream yeah that looks
that looks reasonable I mean it’s not overlapping too badly and it’s got
little supports in it and from the front it looks like shit which is pretty much
what I’m after so booyah just got this post kind of sticking down on the pits
like yep yep Stella what’s up welcome to the street got a head off all right Kate
thanks for stopping by I hope you had a good time today and be sure to check out
our brace channels here we got a lot of builders here on this street builders on
this tree you have plenty of material to to crib from so now I’ve got this which means this is
gonna have to go against the fence I’m gonna need a really weird ladder angle
on this man to put this in place cuz I can’t see the back corner of it I will
be able to the back corner and I do want to make sure it’s lined up on the fence
line here so let’s see we can do here yeah alright so here comes here comes
the major movement portion mmm I’m have to move this right now on time
okay let’s do in the bottom here while I’ve got this here so I’m not gonna be
able to touch it once it goes back in there cuz that not be able to touch it was that just
another wrong so let’s do this get this in here my size bars getting damn full
isn’t it how big is the grabbers on those campfires alright I just I thought
I just shot the thing to get the daylight out I guess it uh just fucking
hates me right we just like to ask him you know
does not like place anywhere in replace in red because I enjoy the challenge big
boy I like figuring out how things work and I like having videos or anybody who
watches this on any system any console any method to think anything can do this
anybody who’s watching this can do this what I’m doing right now so but mostly I
enjoyed the challenge I mean I cussed about it a lot if I bitched about it a
lot but I’d like to see what I can get away with with just knowing how the
pieces work knowing how the tools I have in Manilla work and that kind of stuff
this the the secondary answer the follow-up answer the thorough answer is
that by having too many options my head would explode I think it would take me
forever to make a build if I had place anywhere because I mean honestly if I’m
gonna use place anywhere dude I’m just gonna play I’m gonna build in the PC and
doing the creation kit I mean it’s the same thing you know different interface
but I mean if I’m gonna if I’m gonna go to that level of detail I’m I was just
building a friggin CK so that’s why it’s a choice it’s not the it’s not a it’s
it’s something that I get yelled at for a lot not naming names Dom so yeah and
you’re not the first person to ask believing but it’s just I just I just
prefer this it’s more fun to me this way because that way when I get Sun into
place where it shouldn’t be placed in vanilla I
dude the sense of the cows and I’m like you yeah dude I got that thing to go or
it shouldn’t god hell to the yes okay so we’re gonna do all right so we’ve got a nice open patio
on the right and we’re gonna enclose this on the left after that’s really
good no wonder youtubers do stuff like that it’s just I mean I just want my
stuff when I started the channel boy I started it with the methods technique
series to basically show people here you don’t think it can build but you totally
can and this is why and here’s how you know and that motif just kind of carried
over I just like knowing that my stuff is accessible to everybody you know
literally anyone who has this game any mod set any console any platform can do
exactly what I’m doing right now now with mods of course you can you have
different ways to do it different tools and you have different abilities but in
the main okay now how much do I want to build this out
it’s is this gonna touch the fence it’s gonna touch the fence right yeah I kind
of do need to do that Donna I need to build that it’s about the journey
yes that is a great way to sum it up yeah because I enjoyed the process more
than I do the actual finished product in fact most the build you see on my
streams most ability on my channel don’t exist anymore they’re gone
I tear them down and when I’m done I’m just like whatever I just want to build
I don’t really care about the finished product so I do the finished product and
I decorate it and take it do a tour and then I just tear the fucker down just
like I don’t care yeah you know what let’s just do let’s
just do this is not gonna snap here right because that’s stairway do not
store that this will not snap back because of this right yeah yeah it does
snap back okay so this one here won’t snap back in because I have to take the
whole thing apart because I want to get a wall in here
you know I’ll not get another wall in here cuz I just want to put the I just
want to do his little thing with No is that the same height though it is
right hey those walls the same height so if I put that little level a couple of
roof on here he used a different roofs on this but I’m gonna use a cute it is
the same height look at that that wall will snap now but yeah so we’ve wait
like you just hear me talking I wonder that’ll snap now I wonder if this’ll
work now what will happen if I do XY and Z that’s the type of shit that I like to
do that’s my favorite part of building because I mean sometimes it does stupid
shit like you know this and you look at this going well what the fuck but if you
wanted to display case well now you know you can make a display case right
because if you go inside it’s a little display case how cute is that
yeah so this is the type of shit that was why I don’t use mods because I
discovered things like this and everybody watching sees this and it may
give them an idea for their pill oh my god I could totally make a display
case of mannequins behind it now that is so cute oh my god and you totally could
yeah but it was a complete fucking accident I didn’t know what that I was
doing yeah it just went in snap I’m like alright so but I need the best tip is to
steal yes what he said the best tip actually is to duplicate other people’s
stuff and then take it apart and do it your way okay in order to get that wall
and I got safety stairs out you gotta take these stairs out now at
the scene I take the whole thing apart do I want to do that or can i all right
excuse me I had to sneeze wow that was uh so now the question is do how much
trouble don’t want to go through don’t try and just eyeball it yeah probably
design ball it I can probably get this thing to work that’s the fun part
good boy it’s like can I get this to work I don’t know let’s find out not just on you two gonna ready yes
what bitch badger yes steal forever you can man I mean you know give credit if
you know if people say oh my god your stuff is awesome go thanks but I totally
stole this from you know whatever like this thing I’m building here I basically
stole the framework from Clinton and I linked his video in the description
credit where it’s due man so it’s not really theft it’s just more like
aggressive aggressive appropriation because but like it gives me ideas for
things that I would not have had otherwise and that is fun okay so that
will go to there I can kind of get it to they’re not gonna be good enough let’s
go up and okay so I cannot get it oh there it is it’s not as far as it should be but damn
it if it don’t look good enough yeah good enough baby good enough exactly do
anyone’s apartment yeah Nick I’m gonna move it over here that’s
why I had to build this wall first basically this thing is gonna be the
back wall going along this row right here but I’m trying to finish up this
part of the build here because I know once I get it in place this corner right
here is gonna be up against this fence right here and I won’t be able to touch
it so I got to get that in place right now yeah all right now I see what you mean
Clint I see what you mean change plan it’s not working like I wanted it to so
do this and this move you out of the way please and thank you and this and then
we do some glass which is here the nice thing is I can bury it with the broken
ones and here we’ll put this thing on top yeah that’s what I want going a little
bit lower okay quick Sam no one’s how you doing welcome to the street steal a
change of post-it and they’ll let us steal it back that’s exactly how we all
learned man that is the currency of this channel that’s how we all get better as
builders that’s how we all figure out new things to do with our various styles
that is where the money is that’s where the fun is
just doing the same shit over and over it any fun if you get an idea from
somebody you’re like holy fuck that’s awesome I’m totally stealing that like
god it’s great and in the process in the process of stealing it you get some more
ideas you’re like oh this is awesome and then they’ll come to your channel
and share its other things with you that might be worthwhile and interesting and
fun okay this thing is probably gonna be a bitch and a half to get to go but
let’s see if we can anyway see the thing is I got too many adjacent
surfaces here I think so this might not work give me what’s up baby welcome to the
stream aha see in there I just discovered that the
placement of the marble checks matters okay so we are not gonna get much love
here I don’t think no cuz I need to sink this thing just a little bit below yeah I’m not going any purchase here
just right there is it because I need to put on its their sign maybe maybe it’s
hitting on some underneath now see the thing is there is probably a
very easy straightforward way to get this to go because I but but because I
don’t think like Clint does Clinton does it doesn’t occur to me that it doesn’t
occur to me that that’s an option so this is where it gets tricky right this
is why it’s so valuable to steal other people’s shit because it teaches you
different way of thinking fire attack yeah I get this yet I I figured I got it
I got it we’re doing it he just looked over eh and I’m like oh yeah oh shit
it’s very good I don’t know though we got a lot a lot a lot of services here
check yeah we got a lot of surface here and it doesn’t like those stairs at all
they didn’t like them stairs at all so the stairs are what’s going to be
changing because that is the piece that’s holding me up I’m doing all this
shit to try and get this one thing to work and I’m like you know how to move
two stairs and fire them in back in later yeah MLG how you doing welcome to
stream and of course the wind resistance the
stairs I should read chat before I try doing this stuff guys I really shouldn’t
think about doing that more often yeah the stairs are gone and man isn’t like
this at all it does not like this as soon as it
touches the floor man just it just goes red it could be hitting that well let’s see
it will it even snap to this ya see it snaps to dad and it snaps inside hmm it snaps there but I don’t want it
there that’s the problem I want it lower we think here we think here I’m gonna sometimes guys I am not the sharpest
knife in the drawer okay let’s just let’s just put it out there let’s just
let’s just be honest with us let’s just be honest with it okay let’s just be
honest with it yeah there we go I’m gonna go ahead and guess that is
that buyer is giving the problem okay now that we’re clear of that fire let’s
see if it goes problems you quick save some point can you pill her one bit and snap the
rest no I the snapping the not snapping is
why I have to kill her in the first place
the not snapping is why I’m having to color it but it’s like right there and
it should totally work but it doesn’t something about this compound structure
does not work but let’s try let’s just go ahead and do see it snaps there and
it snaps here could the root be hitting the other roof well it’s not well maybe
I mean we could try that I don’t think that’s the problem no because the thing
is if you look right when these pieces snap to the floor they snap inside not
outside like they do in the warehouse pieces so it’s got to snapping surfaces
to magnet surfaces on the inside of the floor piece but we’re gonna try it just
to make sure because this could just be the easiest solution I mean if it is
booyah let’s try no see it’s the floor it’s
absolutely the floor doing it because it snaps here
yeah it snaps inside the peas so as soon as it clears a piece it’s fine but it’s
another to get down doesn’t go so what does that mean
it means the roof can go back on so it’s definitely floor causing a problem the
patchwork floor you mean the let’s try that you mean the one with the
multi-layered one who helped apply one on it that the rug sink through this
thing here right you’re talking about this one okay and try it can’t hurt
let’s go ahead and snap this bad boy there okay it’s now it’s back yeah okay
okay let’s try the patch on the floor well it definitely snaps easier so that
that’s khat that’s got that going for it let’s see if let’s see if anything
changes here this if you need luck with this one no same thing it does that same
thing okay so that’s not but how about you choose you’re already a syncopal
service man it just fucking hates this look at
this Wow it literally does all working
anything Jesus this is hmm well we can try sync in a single piece
fire the floor back in after but it won’t have without a floor there won’t
be a service it’ll just be dirt right yeah see even a single piece wall okay
so we do a little bit outside oh well look at this okay let’s try this
hopefully this is not too low okay so there it is
we do about half height yeah about two there
oh god that’s not even close see place the wall roof the roof structure that’s
last resort because I would find out I think I’m gonna find it more difficult
get the floor back in then I would to get this thing on there where I want it
so we’re gonna go or I’m gonna stick with this for now and we’re gonna see if
I can’t get some snap action going ease it down till it just turns green which
is about there so have height a little bit lower there okay now we’re gonna get
any snap action here yes oh my god it sticks to the floor so
it’s not straight it’s definitely not straight but let’s just keep checking
the snap here so if I get the snap on this bad boy yeah
can get the snap on it so that’s kind of nice hmm we go inside can I see where it goes
yeah okay so if it’ll snap all the way around then in theory it should be
placeable all around oh and for the previous inquiry on why don’t you place
anywhere this right here is why most people oh my god this is such a pain in
the ass oh this is terrible little blah why are you fucking doing this but for
me dude this is the fun part because we’re all
trying to figure out why this much before and when it does work dude oh my
god the feeling of satisfaction cuz it will work we’ll get it to work I don’t
know how exactly yet but but man it doesn’t like to be grew slices as
okay so snapping hmm I guess I’m just I’m to eyeball it right at the eyeball I
hope I get it straight eventually that’s how we’re gonna to do it yeah code on
the inside okay I can do that I’ll definitely be able to see it better
oh you mean with the three potential you have to go jump it back we’re almost
done emoji I’m I’m pretty much reaching the end of my thing I’m just gonna get
this thing in place and I’m just gonna friggin I’m gonna get this in place and
call it so yeah look at that shit check for the win dude look at this perfect
okay that’s stupid awesome okay all this time chocolate and all we had to do is
put it the fucking dirt dude can you believe that shit
well I can because that’s how my life were usually goes but hey look at this
works like a charm works like a charm may just not he
doesn’t walk coding this thing there but yeah okay I need to sit the corner here
more yeah it’s like if I can get the corner done
yeah look at that shit alright so check once again shows us how it is supposed
to be done yeah that’s best reasonable height right there yeah nothing showing
fucking perfect fucking perfect to quote Stacey plays ball out that
looks fucking perfect yeah and the best part is now I can sink this thing back
and they’re really easily because I’ve already got the I’ve already got Daniel
how you doing welcome to strange our moon to lower walls and groups like oh I
see it’s like do to do the framework on top first
now that could have worked as well that’s also a possible solution may I
use get these bad boys you know what no snap the walls on first let’s make sure
the walls can snap on price are getting a little all dedicated and shit oh yeah that’s tall enough is that tall enough I’m gonna hit my
head and that’s on the thing aren’t I no I made it of course it looks goofy now well there’s a will there’s away and
I’ve got the way it’s gonna do that I’m gonna do warehouse walls right it’s because I
want the triangle yeah Oh ain’t gonna go is it or will it maybe a little look at that
it’ll snap right through the other thing when it won’t snap up just snap come on
Oh will you stop doing I can’t believe it snaps like that though okay I’m gonna
put it in their suit it looks like well or not no it’s stupid okay it’ll snap to that
wall but it won’t snap to itself yeah it won’t run it won’t snap to this
part here so well I know it’ll snap to another wall so let’s get the wall in
there let’s just put this wall in there what are you snapping – oh come on you
just did it right there okay so now the thing will snap to the top of that yeah
it should not turn one of those huh come on I saw you turn green but it was like
when I was holding a there it is and then this piece here and I can’t get in
ah I can’t get in cuz it’s a stairway okay cool
and then what I’ll do is I’ll just use the other roof am I on PC no my xbox Xbox one currently
I do play on PC but yeah yeah that looks kind of cozy nicely
there’s no holes in the roofs after this one but whatever yeah that’ll work it’s
not perfect it’s not exact but meaning it’s not supposed to be right if I were on PC what would I what would
you recommend because there are people who do play on PC and if there’s a PC
solution to this I mean other than just you know console commanding the shit out
of it which is modding but yeah here you are see look at the stairs them
go in there look how pretty that is that’s so pretty and wallah so I guess we’re gonna be
moving this thing next week because I am crapped out that ain’t modding can you doing a stock
ps4 then it’s morning council commands when your building is modding it makes
it not vanilla yeah that’s decent I guess okay so let’s go ahead and run
through what we built today such as it is I guess we move all my tools out of
the way so when I take the picture the screenshot later on it won’t be all
cluttered with my with my tool set here okay so what we got today what we got
today is we built well we got the wiring going right we got the wiring going into
the house up there we’ve got ourselves a little storage module under here where
the barrels were I just basically chunked in this chunked in this prefab
stuck some crap on it to make a little Hut yeah then we built this ladder up to
the top where we put some power and and we fall off because that’s what we do
and then we have a guard shack number three which is this backwards-ass
monstrosity which is basically a guard station stuck through a doorframe and
got some wings here with some wire for the the turret stands got a roof so he’s
all done there yeah and it looks like this from the bottom since I’ve got some
lights hanging up underneath there yeah so that’s a pretty formidable looking
little outpost the under lighting really makes it look ominous and then we then
for the rest of stream we basically tried to duplicate and
riff off of Clinton Siemens roadside eatery which links in the description go
check it out it’s really cool as I see more things
that I’m stealing from I will post those links as well but the framework is
basically here it’s definitely different than his application because he did
things slightly differently let me see chairs me see the Boost look
like shit I didn’t even check that I probably should have checked that at
some point but I did not because you know whatever oh yeah nothing they’re
pretty good I’ll probably have the group select him in to get him to go but yeah
oh that’s what he did he used to use these walls on the outside okay anyway
but yeah so you’ve got the entrance here you’ve got the bar here I’m gonna
duplicate the the backyard fire pit thing on this side when I move it back
in there and then I’m gonna bolt this on the outside for more seating and then I
don’t know maybe just leave that ramp like it is just leave that as a
secondary entrance I don’t know maybe yeah it works but no no DLC on Tuesday
if I stream on Tuesday it will be vanilla no DLC yes absolutely
it’ll be the FNG for sure cuz I got a show check the I got a show check though
the three by three that I did because I the one I did for g4 XP challenge was
not quite to spec so I was farting around with him the other day and I was
like you know what I’m gonna see what I can do sticking exactly to the 3×3
boundaries yeah and it came uh it came out a little
funky it definitely was different than anything I’ve done before so we’ll do
this here yeah do that there so we’ll do the signup I want to thank y’all for
stopping by sharing your Sunday with me for the up to three hours and change
that we did because we got we got the bit in our teeth we kept running if you
had a good time today I’d appreciate you click that like button down there let
let YouTube know that this stuff is actually popular and might be worth
watch further people and if you’re new to the
channel and this is the first thing you are seeing and you like this kind of
thing click subscribe there will be more of this kind of thing I stream Paulo for
vanilla building on Sunday starting at noon central which is this stream and
then I do streaming either Tuesday or Friday and or Friday during the week if
I’m not exhaust from work I’m also still you guys I’m still working on getting
polished finished tours up so as I get those done you’ll see those popping up
the next one is going to be Merck water I I’m almost done I’m pretty much got it
done so if you see a tour come up it’s gonna be the Merck water when it’ll be
billed on the stream I want to thank you all for watching and I will see you in
the next one take care y’all

2 thoughts on “FO4 – Building in Vanilla – Warwick Homestead

  1. Yours looks good too. I remember I raised everything up high, so I could use my trick of using the concrete curved floor, and 2 curved walls to lower the floor to snap a warehouse wall to get the roof on, then stored the warehouse wall. Snapped floor back up to wood wall base. Then the warehouse wall snapped onto front. Then lowered everything back down.
    I agree with why you don't like to use place anywhere, it's just fun making it work. It's amazing how different techniques could end up with very similar buildings. Fun stream from what I caught.

  2. Really enjoyed your explanation on why it's important to copy other people's builds verbatim (for the knowledge as well as the process), then make it your own. The signature detail was very good also. You know an Oxhorn or Norespawns build when you see it. Makes me look at my own builds and look for a signature. I don't have one yet, so I guess I still have alot more to learn.

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