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Hi everyone. Welcome to my channel Richira décor. Today I’m going to show you some tips how to make foam flowers. We are making beautiful calla lily flower for home or party. Tools and materials. I am pouring water and paint into the lid and adding semolina. I’m coloring semolina For yellow pistil in the middle of calla lily flower. I am tracing the template on foam sheet and cutting from the Foam for flowers handmade thickness 1 mm. I’m coloring the foam petals with oil pastel I’m shaping petals. Foam petals heat on the iron and curl away from you gluing the petal and attach the petal to the stem Foam flowers are great idea for any decoration. You can decorate your home or Party. You can make foam flowers in different sizes or colors for your own Original idea. Thanks for your comments, go thumbs up. Do not forget to subscribe my channel

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